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Settlers in "The Teritory of Tappahanna" across from James City, May 1625 - by Pattent

John Dodds 150 Acres
John Burrows 150 planted
Richard Pace 200 planted
Francis Chapman 100
Thomas Gates 100 acres
Mr. John Rolfe 400 planted
Capt. Wm. Powell 200 planted
Capt. Samuell Mathews Divident planted
Capt. John Hurlestons Divident planted
John Baynham 200 planted
Mr. Georg Sandys 300 planted
Wm Ewins 1000 planted
Edward Grindon 150 planted
Capt. Wm. Powell 550 planted
Ensigne Jo: Utie 100
Robert Evers 100

Note: this information is taken from The Records of The Virginia Company of London , ed. Susan Myra Kingsbury, A.M., Ph.D., vol. IV (Washington, 1935) 555.

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