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Tidewater Genealogical Society

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Please bring your donations for our library.  
Do you have any office supplies that you are not using?  We can use them.

The library is open Tuesday & Thursday 10-3 and Saturday 10-4.
We depend on volunteers, unexpected closings can occur but are very rare.  
If you are coming through town and can't stop by during our normal hours, 
e-mail, and we'll make arrangements to meet you at the library.




 General Meeting

Saturday, September 13, 2014


Our Guest Speaker (and interpreter) will be Vanessa Cole.
 who will present a program called
"The Yankees Are Coming! - the Civil War in Williamsburg"


She is so  good at this - dressed in period clothing,
she introduces herself at the beginning (as herself),
but then vanished briefly, coming  back as a woman  living in the Civil War era. 
Her accent changes, as does her choice of words. 
She usually prepares some "question cards" that are distributed
to the audience (people in her "parlor"). During her presentation,
she will  ask for those questions, which tie into her discussion. 
Then, at the end, she reverts to her present-day self
and fields more questions.


 Visit the TGS Library on Tues, Thurs from 10-3, and Sat 10-4. 

  The Tidewater Genealogical Society Library (TGS)
is located in the restored 

1884 Warwick Courthouse 

 14415 Old Courthouse Way
 Newport News, VA

For more information about TGS, see the web site at
Phone:  (757) 988-1055          E-Mail:  




Bus Trips - Schedule for 2014


Thursday, March 6 to Washington, DC
Wednesday, June 11 to Washington, DC
Thursday, August 21 to Washington, DC
Wednesday, October 22 to Washington, DC

Click here for more bus trip information




2014 Tidewater Genealogical Society
Katherine Nice
Last updated:  12/16/2013