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  • Found this tidbit in the Fayetteville Gazette, 9 Oct 1792

    Norfolk (Virg) Sept 12
    On Friday last a murder was committed, near Moore's Bridge, Princess Anne county, of which the following are the particulars: -- A negro man belonging to Thomas Lawson, Esq had stolen something out of the black-smith shop in which he worked, for which Mr Irons (the master of the shop) had told him as soon as he finished a ploughshare, which he was then about, he would give him a flogging. While Mr Irons was stooping to finish some work at the bench, the negro took the ploughshare and struck him a violent blow on the back of the head, and he expered within ten minutes after. The negro did not attempt to make his escape, and was committed to gaol.

    [spelling is as it appears in the newspaper]