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House of Burgesses

The House of Burgesses was the governing body of the Virginia Colony. After the Magna Charta in 1215, English landowners expected to meet with their leaders and be consulted on laws and taxation. Virginia expected the same thing and the House of Burgesses was modeled after the English Parliament. Representatives would meet with the Royal Governor to determine local taxes and local laws.

The House of Burgesses was set up by the Virginia Company, to encourage settlement and land ownership, rather than sharecropping. Initially, the Colony was governed by a small council, with the Governor being chosen by the Company. When King James I revoked the Charter in 1624, Virginia became a Royal Colony. Although all of this information is included with the House of Burgesses, the House of Burgesses was not officially formed until 1619, when it met in a Church in Jamestown. The main task before the House was to set the price of tobacco. However, the assembly was cut short by an outbreak of malaria. For a list of the Governors/Presidents, please see Governors. For a list of Attorney Generals, please see Attorney Generals.

Speakers of the House of Burgesses:

BurgessRepresentedBornTook OfficeLeft OfficeDied
Stegg, ThomasCharles City County164316431652
Hill, Edward SrCharles City County164416451663
Scarborough, EdmundNorthampton County1617164516461671
Harmer, AmbroseJames City County164616461647
Harwood, ThomasWarwick County164716491652
Major, EdwardNansemond County1615165216521655
Dew, ThomasNansemond County165216521681
Chiles, WalterJames City County165316531653
Whitby, WilliamWarwick County165316531655
Hill, Edward SrCharles City County165416551663
Moryson, FrancisJames City Countybef 1628165616561680/81
Smith, JohnWarwick County1620165816581663
Hill, Edward SrCharles City County165916591663
Bland, TheodorickCharles City County1629166016601671/72
Soane, HenryJames City County166116611661
Wynne, RobertCharles City County1622166216741675
Warner, Augustine JrGloucester County1642/43167616761681
Godwin, ThomasNansemond County167616761677/78
Warner, Augustine JrGloucester County1642/43167716771681
Travers, WilliamRappahannock County167716771679
Kemp, MathewGloucester County167916791682
Ballard, ThomasJames City County1630168016821690
Hill, Edward JrCharles City County1637168416841700
Kendall, WilliamNorthampton County168516851686
Allen, ArthurSurry County168616881710
Milner, ThomasNansemond County169116931694
Ludwell, PhilipJames City County1637/38169516961716
Carter, RobertLancaster County1662/63169616971732
Randolph, WilliamHenrico County1650169816981711
Carter, RobertLancaster County1662/63169916991732
Beverley, PeterGloucester County1668170017051728
Harrison, Benjamin IIICharles City County16731705
Beverley, PeterGloucester County1668171017141728
McCarty, DanielWestmoreland County16791715
Holloway, JohnYork County
York County
Randolph, Sir JohnWilliamsburg16931734
Robinson, John JrKing and Queen County1705173817651766
Randolph, PeytonWilliamsburg1721176617751775

Secretary of State

Archer, Gabriel (Recorder)1607 - 1609
Strachey, William1610 - 1611
Hamor, Ralph Jr1611 - 1614
Rolfe, John1614 - 1619
Pory. John1619 - 1621
Davison, Christopher1621 - 1623
Claiborne, William1625 - 1635
1652 - 1660
Kemp, Richard1635 - 1649
Lee, Richard1649 - 1652
Ludwell, Thomas1661 - 1678
Ludwell, Philip1678 -
Parke, Daniel1678 - 1679
Spencer, Nicholas1679 - 1689
Cole, William1689 - 1692
Robinson, Christopher1692 - 1693
Wormeley, Ralph1693 - 1701
Jenings, Edmund1702 - 1712
1720 - 1722
Cocke, William1712 - 1720
Carter, John1722 - 1743
Nelson, Thomas1743 - 1776

Auditor General

Stegg, Thomas1664 - 1670
Digges, Edward1670 - 1675
Bacon, Nathaniel1675 - 1687
Byrd, William1687 - 1704
Digges, Dudley1705 - 1710
Ludwell, Philip1711 - 1716
Beverley, Peter1716 -
Grymes, John1718 -
Harrison, Nathaniel1724 - 1728
Blair, John1732 - 1771

Receivor General

Digges, Edward1672 - 1675
Byrd, William1687 - 1704
Byrd, William1705 - 1716
Roscow, James1716 - 1723
Grymes, John1723 - 1748
Grymes, Philip1749 - 1754
Corbin, Richard1754 - 1776


There is no one person indicated as Treasurer between 1607 and 1620. However, Thomas Studley, Daniel Tucker and Abraham Persey or Piersey, under the titles of "keeper of the store," or "cape merchant," performed functions similar to those of a treasurer.

Sandys, George1621 - 1625
Hawley, Jerome1636 - 1639
Wingate, Roger1639 - 1641
Claiborne, William1642 - 1660
Norwood, Henry1660 - 1677
Whiting1692 - 1693
Hill, Edward1693 - 1699
Carter, Robert1699 - 1705
Harrison, Benjamin1705 - 1710
Beverley, Peter1710 - 1723
Holloway, John1723 - 1734
Randolph, Sir John1734 - 1736
Randolph, Richard1736 - 1738
Robinson, John1738 - 1766
Nicholas, Robert Carter1766 - 1776

Surveyor General

Claiborne, William1621 - 1625
Evelyn, Robert1637 -
Loving, Thomas - 1665
Scarborough, Edmund1665 - 1671
Culpeper, Alexander1672 - 1692
Cary, Miles1692 - 1708
William Buckner1708 - 1716
Beverley, Peter1716 - 1728

Other Members of the House of Burgesses:

Adams, Thomas
Allerton, Isaac JrWestmoreland CountyBorn 1630 Massachusetts
Died 1702 in Virginia
Archer, GabrielBorn in England
Died 1609/10 in Virginia
Argall, Sir SamuelBorn before 1585 in England
Died 24 Jan 1625
Armistead, JohnGloucester CountyBorn in England
Died after 1697 Virginia
Aston, Lt Col Walter
Bacon, Nathaniel
of "Queen's Creek"
York CountyBorn abt 1620 in England
Died 16 Mar 1692 in Virginia
Bacon, Nathaniel
of "Curles"
Henrico CountyBorn in England
Died 1676 in Virginia
Ballard, ThomasJames City CountyBorn 1630 England
Died 1689 Virginia
Barbour, Thomas
Basse, Nathaniel Born in England
Bassett, William
of "Eltham"
New Kent CountyBorn 1670 Virginia
Died 11 Oct 1723 Virginia
Beale, ThomasYork CountyBorn in England
Died after 1676 Virginia
Bennett, RichardNansemond CountyBorn in England
Died 1675 in Virginia
Berkeley, Edmund
of "Barn Elms"
Middlesex CountyBorn bef 1674 Virginia
Died 1718 Virginia
Berkeley, JohnBorn in England
Killed 22 Mar 1622 in Indian Massacre
Bernard, WilliamNansemond CountyBorn in England
Died 31 Mar 1665 Virginia
Beverley, PeterGloucester CountyBorn 1668 Virginia
Died 1728 Virginia
Beverley, RobertMiddlesex CountyBorn in Yorkshire, England
Died 15 Mar 1686 Virginia
Beverley, William
of "Blandfield"
Essex CountyBorn abt 1698 Virginia
Died 1 Mar 1756 Virginia
Blair, JamesJames City CountyBorn 1656 Scotland
Died 18 Apr 1743 Virginia
Blair, JohnWilliamsburgBorn 1686 Virginia
Died 7 Nov 1771 Virginia
Bland, Peregrine
Bland, Richard
Bland, Theodorick
of "Westover"
Charles City CountyBorn Jan 1629 England
Died 23 Apr 1671 Virginia
Blaney, EdwardBorn in England
Blewitt, MrBorn in England
Bohun, Lawrence MDKilled Mar 1623 in sea fight in West Indies
Bolling, John
Bolling, Robert Col
Bowler, THomasRappahannock CountyBorn in England
Died 1679 Virginia
Bray, DavidJames City CountyBorn 1699 Virginia
Died 5 Oct 1731 Virginia
Bray, JamesJames City County
Braxton, Carter
Brewer, JohnWarwick CountyBorn in England
Died 1635 Virginia
Bridger, Joseph
of "Whitemarsh"
Isle of Wight CountyBorn 1628
Died 15 Apr 1686 Virginia
Brocas, WilliamYork County
Lancaster County
Born in England
Died 1655 Virginia
Brown, WilliamJames City CountyBorn in England
Browne, HenryJames City CountyBorn in England
Died abt 1652 Virginia
Bullock, HughYork CountyBorn in England
Died after 1637 in England
Burwell, Lewis
of "Carter's Creek"
of "King's Creek"
Gloucester County

York County
Born in Virginia
Died 19 Dec 1710 Virginia
Burwell, Lewis
of "Carter's Creek"
Gloucester CountyBorn 1710 Virginia
Died 1752 Virginia
Burwell, Robert CarterIsle of Wight CountyBorn in Virginia
Died 1777 Virginia
Byrd, William
of "Belvidere"
of "Westover"
Henrico County

Charles City County
Born in England 1653
Died 4 Dec 1704 Virginia
Byrd, William
of "Westover"
Charles City CountyBorn 28 Mar 1674 Virginia
Died 26 Aug 1744 Virginia
Byrd, William
of "Westover"
Charles City CountyBorn in Virginia
Died 1 Jan 1777 Virginia
Callaway, Richard
Camm, John RevWilliamsburgBorn 1718 England
Died 1779 Virginia
Capps, WilliamBorn in England
Died after 1630
Carter, EdwardNansemond CountyBorn in England
Died 1682 England
Carter, John
of "Corotoman"
Nansemond County
Lancaster County
Born in England Died 10 Jun 1669 Virginia
Carter, John
of "Shirley"
Charles City CountyBorn in Virginia
Died 31 Jul 1742 Virginia
Carter, Robert
of "Corotoman"
Lancaster CountyBorn 1663 Virginia
Died 4 Aug 1732 Virginia
Carter, Robert
of "Nominy Hall"
Westmoreland CountyBorn in Virginia 1728
Died in Baltimore MD 1804
Cary, Archibald
Cary, MilesWarwick CountyBorn abt 1620 England
Died 10 Jun 1667 Virginia
Cheesman, JohnYork CountyBorn 1595 England
Died bef 1678 England
Chicheley, Sir Henry
of "Rosegill"
Lancaster CountyBorn 1632 England
Died 5 Feb 1682 Virginia
Chiles, WalterJames City CountyBorn in England
Churchill, William
of "Wilton" & "Bushy Park"
Middlesex CountyBorn 1650 England
Died Nov 1710 Virginia
Claiborne, WilliamNew Kent CountyBptm abt 1587 England
Died abt 1677 Virginia
Cocke, William MDWilliamsburgBorn 1671 England
Died 20 Oct 1720 Virginia
Cole, William
of "Baldrop"
Warwick CountyBorn 1638 Virginia
Died 4 Mar 1694 Virginia
Corbin, GawinBorn in Virginia
Died in Virginia
Corbin, HenryLancaster CountyBorn in England
Died 8 Jan 1676 Virginia
Corbin, Richard
of "Laneville"
King and Queen CountyBorn in Virginia
Died abt 1787 Virginia
Cowlinge, ChristopherBorn in England
Crawford, David Col
Custis, John
of "Arlington"
Northampton CountyBorn 1630 Virginia
Died 29 Jan 1696 Virginia
Custis, John
of "Arlington"
Northampton CountyBorn 1653 Virginia
Died 26 Jan 1713 Virginia
Custis, John
of "Arlington"
Born 1678 Virginia
Died Nov 1749 in Virginia
Dale, Sir ThomasBorn in England
Died 9 Aug 1619 Masulipatam, East Indies
Dandridge, WilliamKing William CountyBorn in England
Died 1743 Virginia
Davenant, William SirBorn in England
Died 7 Dec 1668 England
Poet Laureate of England
Davison, ChristopherBorn in England
Died 1623 Virginia
Dawson, Thomas RevBorn in England
Died Dec 1761 Virginia
Dawson, William RevWilliamsburgBorn 1704 England
Died 24 Jul 1752 Virginia
Denson, WilliamNansemond County
Dew, ThomasNansemond CountyBorn in England
Died Aft 1660 Virginia
Digges, Cole
of "Bellfield"
York CountyBorn 1692 Virginia
Died 1744 Virginia
Digges, Dudley
of "Bellfield"
York CountyBorn 1665 Virginia
Died 18 Jan 1710/11 Virginia
Digges, Edward
of "Bellfield"
York CountyBorn abt 1621 England
Died 15 Mar 1675 Virginia
Dinwiddie, RobertBorn 1690 Scotland
Died 27 Jul 1770 England
Donne, GeorgeBorn abt 1605 England
Died aft 1641 Virginia
Duke, HenryJames City CountyDied 1713 Virginia
Elliot, AnthonyElizabeth City County
Lancaster County
Born in England
Died abt 1666 Virginia
Ellyson, Robert Capt
Epes, FrancisCharles City CountyBorn in England
Died bef 1655 Virginia
Evelyn, RobertBorn in England
Died aft 1642
Fairfax, George WilliamFairfax CountyBorn 1724 Bahamas
Died 3 Apr 1787 England
Fairfax, William
of "Belvoir"
Fairfax CountyBorn 1691 England
Died 3 Sep 1757 Virginia
Farrar, WilliamHenrico CountyBorn England
Died in/bef 163.7 Virginia
Finch, HenryBorn England
Died aft 1633
Fitzhugh, William
of "Eagle's Nest"
Stafford CountyBorn in Virginia
Died abt Jan 1714 Virginia
Fitzwilliam, RichardDied or moved to England 1732
Fleming, John
Freeman, BridgesJames City CountyBorn in England
Died aft 1651
Gates, Thomas SirBorn in England
Died Sep 1622 Holland
Gibbs, John Lt
Gooch, WilliamYork CountyBorn 1626 England
Died 29 Oct 1655 Virginia
Gosnold, BartholomewBorn in England
Died 22 Aug 1607 Virginia
Gray, Edwin
Grymes, John
of "Brandon"
Middlesex CountyBorn 1692 Virginia
Died 2 Nov 1748 Virginia
Grymes, Philip
of "Brandon"
Middlesex CountyBorn in Virginia
Died 1762 Virginia
Hammond, MainwaringBorn in England
Died aft 1670 Ireland
Hamor, RalphBorn in England
Died abt Mar 1627/28 Virginia
Harmer, AmbroseJames City CountyBorn in England
Harrison, Benjamin
of "Wakefield"
Surry CountyBorn 20 Sep 1645 Virginia
Died 30 Jan 1712/13 Virginia
Harrison, HenrySurry CountyBorn 1692 Virginia
Died 24 Sep 1732 Virginia
Harrison, Nathaniel
of "Wakefield"
Surry CountyBorn 8 Aug 1677 Virginia
Died 30 Nov 1727 Virginia
Hartwell, HenryBorn in England
Died 1699 England
Harvey, John SirBorn in England
Probably Died in Virginia
Harwood, ThomasWarwick CountyBorn in England
Died in Virginia
Hawley, JeromeBorn in England
Died Aug 1638 Maryland
Henry, Patrick
Higginson, HumphreyJames City CountyBorn in England
Died 1665 England
Hill, Edward
of "Shirley"
Charles City CountyBorn in England
Died 1663 Virginia
Hill, Edward
of "Shirley"
Charles City CountyBorn 1637 Virginia
Died 30 Nov 1700 Virginia
Hinton, ThomasBorn in England
Hobson, JohnBorn in England
Holloway, John
Hooke, FrancisElizabeth City CountyBorn in England
Died 1637 Virginia
Horrocks, James RevBorn in England
Died 20 Mar 1772 Atoporto, Portugal
Horsmanden, WarhamCharles City CountyBorn in England
Died aft 1683 England
Jefferson, Thomas
Jenings, Edmund
of "Ripon Hall"
York CountyBorn 1659 England
Died 5 Dec 1727 Virginia
Jenings, PeterBorn in England
Died abt 1671 Virginia
Johnson, RichardKing and Queen CountyBorn in England
Died abt 1698 Virginia
Kemp, MatthewGloucester CountyBorn in Virginia
Died 1683 Virginia
Kemp, RichardJames City CountyBorn in England
Died 1656 Virginia
Kendall, GeorgeBorn in England
Shot for Mutiny in Virginia 1607
Lapworth, MichaelBorn in England
Lear, JohnNansemond CountyBorn in England
Died 1695 Virginia
Lee, Francis Lightfoot
Lee, Philip Ludwell
of "Stratford"
Westmoreland CountyBorn 24 Feb 1726/27
Died 23 Feb 1775
Lee, RichardNorthumberland County
Westmoreland County
Born in England
Died abt 1664 Virginia
Lee, Richard
of "Mt Pleasant"
Westmoreland CountyBorn 1647 Virginia
Died 12 Mar 1714 Virginia
Lee, Thomas
of "Stratford"
Westmoreland CountyBorn 1690 Virginia
Died 14 Nov 1750 Virginia
Leech, MrBorn in England
Leigh, FrancisBorn in England
Died aft 1680 Virginia
Lewis, John
of "Warner Hall"
Gloucester CountyBorn 30 Nov 1669 Virginia
Died 14 Nov 1725 Virginia
Lewis, John
of "Warner Hall"
Gloucester CountyBorn 1694 Virginia
Lightfoot, JohnNew Kent CountyBorn in England
Died 28 May 1707 Virginia
Lightfoot, Philip
of "Sandy Point"
Charles City CountyBorn 1689 Virginia
Died 30 May 1748 Virginia
Ludlow, GeorgeYork CountyBorn Sep 1596 England
Died 1656 Virginia
Ludwell, Philip
of "Rich Neck
of "Green Spring
James City CountyBorn in England
Died aft 1704 England
Ludwell, Philip
of "Green Spring"
James City CountyBorn 4 Feb 1672 Virginia
Died 11 Jan 1726/27 Virginia
Ludwell, Philip
of "Green Spring"
James City CountyBorn 28 Dec 1716 Virginia
Died 25 Mar 1767 Virginia
Ludwell, ThomasJames City CountyBorn in England
Died 1678 Virginia
Lunsford, Thomas SirRappahannock CountyBorn abt 1610 England
Died abt 1653 Virginia
Lynch, Charles
Macock, Samuel RevBorn in England
Killed 22 Mar 1622 Indian Massacre
Macon, Gideon
Madison, IsaacBorn in England
Died 1624 Virginia
Major, Edward
Martin, JohnBorn in England
Died aft 8 Mar 1626/27 Virginia
Mason, David
Matthews, Samuel
of "Matthews Mount"
Warwick CountyBorn in England
Died 1659 Virginia
Matthews, SamuelWarwick CountyBorn in Virginia
Died 1670 Virginia
Meese, HenryBorn in England
Died aft Dec 1681 England
Menifie, GeorgeJames City County
Charles City County
Born in England
Died abt 1645 Virginia
Mercer, George
Mercer, James
Middleton, David&Nbsp;Born in England
Morrison, RichardElizabeth City CountyBorn in England
Died bef 1656
Moryson, FrancisBorn in England
Died aft 1678
Nelson, ThomasYorktownBorn 1716 Virginia
Died 1782 Virginia
Nelson, WilliamYorktownBorn 1711 Virginia
Died 19 Nov 1772 Virginia
Newce, ThomasBorn in England
Died abt 1 Apr 1623 Virginia
Newce, Sir WilliamBorn in England
Died Dec 1621 Virginia
Newport, ChristopherBorn in England
Died 1617 East Indies
Nicholson, Sir FrancisBorn in England
Died 5 Mar 1728 England
Ouldsworth, MrBerkeley HundredBorn in England
Died bef 16 Jul 1621
Page, JohnYork CountyBorn 1627 England
Died 23 Jan 1691/92 Virginia
Page, John
of "North End"
Gloucester CountyBorn abt 1720 Virginia
Died Oct 1774 Virginia
Page, John
of "Rosewell"
Gloucester CountyBorn 17 Apr 1744 Virginia
Died 11 Oct 1808 Virginia
Page, Mann
of "Rosewell"
Gloucester CountyBorn 1691 Virginia
Died 24 Jan 1730 Virginia
Page, Matthew
of "Timber Neck"
Gloucester CountyBorn 1659 Virginia
Died 9 Jan 2703 Virginia
Parke, DanielYork CountyBorn in England
Died 6 Mar 1679 Virginia
Parke, DanielYork CountyBorn 1669 Virginia
Killed 7 Dec 1710 Antigua, Leeward Islands
Pate, JohnGloucester CountyBorn in England
Died in Virginia
Paulett, RobertBorn in England
Died bef 1623 Virginia
Pawlett, Thomas
of "Westover"
Charles City CountyBorn in England
Died Jan 1643/44 Virginia
Percy, GeorgeBorn 4 Sep 1580 England
Died 1632 England
Perry, HenryJames City CountyBorn in Virginia
Died aft 1661 Virginia
Perry, WilliamCharles City CountyBorn in England
Died 6 Aug 1637 Virginia
Pettus, Thomas
of "Littleton"
James City CountyBorn in England
Died aft 1660 Virginia
Phenny, GeorgeBorn in 1732
Pierce, WilliamJames City CountyBorn in England
Died in Virginia
Piercey, AbrahamBorn in England
Died Oct 1628 Virginia
Place, RowlandBorn in England
Died aft 1681 England
Porteus, Robert
of "Newbottle"
Gloucester CountyBorn 1617 Virginia
Died 8 Aug 1758 England (?)
Pory, JohnBorn abt 1570 England
Died 1635/36 England
Pott, John MD
of "Harrop"
James City CountyBorn in England
Pountis, JohnBorn in England
Died 1623/24 on Ship
Powell, NathanielBorn in England
Killed 22 Mar 1622 Indian Massacre
Purefoy, Thomas
of "Drayton"
Elizabeth City CountyBorn in England
Died in Virginia
Quarry, RobertBorn in England
Randolph, John
Randolph, Peter
of "Chatsworth"
Henrico CountyBorn 1713 Virginia
Died 8 Jul 1767 Virginia
Randolph, Peyton
Randolph, William
of "Turkey Island"
Henrico CountyBorn Nov 1681 Virginia
Died 19 Oct 1742 Virginia
Ratcliffe, JohnBorn in England
Killed Oct 1609 by Indians
Reade, GeorgeYork County
Gloucester County
Born in England
Died 1671 Virginia
Robins, ObedienceNorthampton CountyBorn 16 Apr 1600
Died 1662 Virginia
Robinson, Christopher
of "Hewick"
Middlesex CountyBorn 1645 England
Died Apr 1693 Virginia
Robinson, John
of "Piscataway"
Essex CountyBorn 1683 Virginia
Died Sep 1749 Virginia
Robinson, William RevKing and Queen CountyBorn in Virginia 1717
Died 1767 Virginia
Rolfe, JohnBorn 6 May 1585 England
Died Mar 1622 Virginia
Sandys, GeorgeJamestownBorn 7 Mar 1577 England
Died Mar 1643/44 England
Scarborough, CharlesAccomac CountyBorn in Virginia
Died abt 1703 Virginia
Scarborough, Edmund
Scrivenor, MatthewBorn in England
Drowned in James River 1609
Sibsey, JohnLower Norfolk CountyBorn in England
Died 1652 Virginia
Smith, JohnBorn Jan 1579 England
Died 21 Jun 1631 England
Smith, JohnGloucester CountyBorn in Virginia
Died abt 1719.20 Virginia
Smith, Meriwether
Smith, Robert
of "Brandon"
Lancaster CountyBorn in England
Died abt 1687 Virginia
Smith, RogerBorn in England
Died aft 1629
Soane, Henry
Somers, Sir GeorgeBorn 1554 England
Died Jul 1611 Bermuda
Spencer, NicholasWestmoreland CountyBorn in England
Died 23 Sep 1689 Virginia
Stegg, ThomasBorn in England
Died 1651/52 Shipwreck
Stegg, ThomasBorn in Virginia
Died 1670 Virginia
Stephens, RichardJames City CountyBorn in England
Died abt 1636
Stoner, JohnBorn in England
Died 1634 in voyage to Virginia
Strachey, WilliamBorn in England
Died 1634
Swann, Thomas
of "Swann's Point"
Surry CountyBorn in Virginia
Died 16 Sep 1680 Virginia
Tayloe, John
of "Mt Airy"
Richmond CountyBorn 15 Feb 1687 Virginia
Died 1747 Virginia
Tayloe, John
of "Mt Airy"
Richmond CountyBorn 1721 Virginia
Died 18 Apr 1779 Virginia
Taylor, WilliamYork CountyBorn in England
Died aft 1655 Virginia
Tazewell, Henry
Thornton, Presley
of "Northumberland House"
Northumberland CountyBorn 1721 Virginia
Died 8 Dec 1769 Virginia
Thoroughgood, AdamLower Norfolk CountyBorn in England
Died 1640 Virginia
Thorpe, GeorgeBerkeley HundredBorn 1576 England
Killed 22 Mar 1622 Indian Massacre
Townsend, RichardYork CountyBorn 1606 England
Died aft 1645 Virginia
Tracy, WilliamBerkeley HundredBorn in England
Killed 22 Mar 1622 Indian Massacre
Tucker, DanielBorn in England
Died Feb 1624/25 Bermuda
Tucker, WilliamElizabeth City CountyBorn 1589 England
Utie, John
of "Utimaria"
York CountyBorn in England
Died 1639 Virginia
Waldoe, RichardBorn in England
Walker, JohnRappahannock CountyBorn in England
Died abt 1671 Virginia
Warner, Augustine
of "Warner Hall"
Gloucester CountyBorn 1610 England
Died 24 Dec 1674 Virginia
Warner, Augustine
of "Warner Hall"
Gloucester CountyBorn 3 Jul 1642 Virginia
Died 19 Jun 1681 Virginia
Washington, George
Washington, John
West, FrancisBorn 30 Oct 1586 England
Died 1633/34 Virginia
West, JohnBorn 14 Dec 1590 England
Died abt 1659 Virginia
West, Nathaniel Capt
Weynman, Ferdinando SirBorn in England
Died 1610 Virginia
Whitaker, JabezBorn in England
Whitaker, WilliamJames City CountyBorn in England
Died aft 1662 Virginia
Whitby, William
Whiting, HenryGloucester CountyBorn in Virginia
Wickham, William RevBorn in England
Willis, FrancisYork CountyBorn in England
Died 1691 England
Willoughby, ThomasLower Norfolk CountyBorn 1601 England
Died Virginia
Wingate, RogerBorn in England
Died abt 1641 Virginia
Wingfield, Edward MariaBorn abt 1560 England
Died aft 23 May 1613 England
Wood, AbrahamCharles City CountyBorn in England
Died in Virginia
Wood, James
Wormeley, ChristopherMiddlesex CountyBorn in England
Died 1701 Virginia
Wormeley, ChristopherYork CountyBorn in England
Died bef Oct 1649 Virginia
Wormeley, Ralph

of "Rosegill"
York County
Lancaster County
Born in England
Died 1651 Virginia
Wormeley, Ralph
of "Rosegill"
Middlesex CountyBorn 1650 Virginia
Died 5 Dec 1700 Virginia
Wormeley, Ralph
of "Rosegill"
Middlesex CountyBorn 1744 Virginia
Died 19 Jan 1806 Virginia
Wyatt, Sir FrancisBorn 1588 England
Died 1644 England
Wynne, PeterBorn in England
Died 1609 Virginia
Wynne, Robert
Yeardley, ArgallNorthampton CountyBorn 1605 England
Died 1655 Virginia
Yeardley, Sir GeorgeBorn abt 1579 England
Died Nov 1627 Virginia