List of U. S. Naval Officers from Virginia

Regular and Reserves, Who Died in the Service of the U.S. During the War with Germany

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LastFirstRankDt DiedLocation & CauseResidenceNext of Kin
BelcherBurton EliasLieutenant (Medical Corps)10/20/2018Died of influenza and pneumonia on board troop transporter U.S.S. MercuryGloucesterEleanor B. (wife)
BigelmanHarry CliffordEnsign (Reserves)10/21/2018Died of influenza at Hampton RoadsHamptonBertie Louis (wife)
BrickhouseWilliam HenryEnsign (Reserves)10/5/2018Died of pneumonia and influenza at Portsmouth Naval Hospital NorfolkIda E. (wife)
BurroughsAlonzo CronierChief Carpenter (Retired)4/16/2018Died of acute cardiac dilation at NorfolkNorfolkIda V. (wife)
ClarkJames ArchieEnsign (Reserves)1/28/2019Died at Hampton Roads from injuries in seaplane accidentRichmond[Kin not listed]
EdwardsJohn DavisLieutenant10/9/2018Died of multiple extreme injuries resulting from collision while on board the U.S.S. ShawBuckroe BeachMae Marshall (wife)
EvansChaplin E.Lieutenant9/30/2018Died of influenza at Bridgeport, CTAlexandriaMrs. Louis G. (mother)
GarnettJeniferLt. Commander1/1/2019Died of lobar Pneumonia at Naval Hospital #5, Brest, FranceRichmond[Kin not listed]
GlennonPhilip ThompsonEnsign7/13/2017Died of cerebrospinal meningitis on board the U.S.S. SolaceRichmondJanet K. (Wife)
HobeckJohn WilliamLieutenant10/7/2018Died of pneumonia at Richmond, home of C.F. LongNorfolkSue (wife)
HowellJohn A.Rear Admiral (Retired)1/10/2018Died of lobar pneumonia at The PlainsThe PlainsMrs. J. V. Bohn (dau)
HydrickJoseph LawtonCommander12/10/2018Died of lobar pneumonia at Philadelphia Naval Hospital Norfolk[Kin not listed]
KonstovichStephanEnsign (Reserves)06/14/18 (About)On board the collier U.S.S. Cyclops reported missing at Bermuda triangle NorfolkKathleen (wife)
LewisSamuel L.Ensign (Reserves)3/11/2018Died of appendicitis at Naval Hospital #5 in Brest, FrancePortsmouthJohn W. (father)
MaguetGlenn E.Lieutenant (Reserves)06/14/18 (About)On board the collier U.S.S. Cyclops reported missing at Bermuda triangleNorfolkMargaret (wife)
PeacoHarry MinellLieutenant (Reserves)9/24/2018Died of influenza at Methodist Hospital, Philadelphia.RichmondMiss Emma V. (sister)
PhillipsWilliam LawrenceEnsign10/2/2018Died of influenza and pneumonia at League Island (PA) Naval HospitalAlexandriaO. W. (father)
RossBruce WallaceMachinist12/12/2017Died at Norfolk Naval Hospital of burns received on U.S.S. ChemungPortsmouthGertrude R. (wife)
ShawWilliam BainesPharmacist (Retired)12/20/2018Died of pneumonia at Norfolk Naval Hospital Claremont[Kin not listed]
TynanWilliam VincentCarpenter9/27/2018Died of a fall onboard the U.S.S. LouisvillePortsmouthFrancis T. (father)
WestJohn ThomasMachinist (Retired)6/14/2017Died at Norfolk of chronic nephritisNorfolkMary M. (wife)
WilliamsRichard BlandSurgeon12/3/2017Died at Norfolk of self-inflicted gunshot wound to the headNorfolkKatherine H. (wife)
WorleyGeorge W.Lieutenant Cmdr (Reserves)06/14/18 (About)On board the collier U.S.S. Cyclops reported missing at Bermuda triangleNorfolkMrs. Selman W. (wife)