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Katherine Featherston Thomasson, Regent

Pocahontas Chapter was named for the famous Indian Princess. The earliest records are the same account shown in the Virginia Society history because it was the only chapter organized in the Commonwealth for nine years. In the first 40 years 46 historical and court books were restored. The chapter has provided portraits, other paintings, historical and grave markings; silver bowls honoring outstanding students and dedicated trees. McGuire Veterans Medical Center has been the recipient of generous support through the years through gifts of money, books, magazines, and volunteer time and service. Pocahontas was organized in Richmond, the state capital. Its membership is primarily from the city and surrounding area. Members Mrs. Julian H. Osborne and Mrs. Charles A. Featherston are both Honorary State Regents. Mrs. Featherston is also the National Awards Chairman. Recently Pocahontas marked Studley, home place of Patrick Henry. A Memorial Service and marking ceremony is scheduled early in 2006 for Chapter Honorary Regent Edna Harvey Hanes who was the Virginia Society Second Vice Regent at the time of her death.


Barbara Lenart (Mrs. Duane C.) Regent

Mrs. John P. Moore was the Organizing Regent of the third NSDAC Virginia chapter that bears the name of her Colonist ancestor. There were 24 organizing members, none of whom are still members. The Roanoke chapter was named for Major George Parker who patented 1300 acres of land in Accomac Co, VA in 1650. He named this land “Poplar Grove.” Three NSDAC markers have been placed on the footstones of past chapter regents. Over the years the members have been generous in support of gifts and volunteer service for America’s heroes at Salem Veterans Administration Medical Center located in nearby Salem. Recently Major George Parker Chapter hosted the Fall Board Meeting of the Virginia Society Daughters of the American Colonists at beautiful Brugh Tavern at Explore Park on the Blue Ridge Parkway.


Dorothy Deaner, Regent

The preliminary meeting was held in March of 1964. Mrs. J. W. Pugh was the Organizing Regent. The name Fort Henry was chosen to commemorate the founding of the site that was the first development of major importance within the present boundaries of Petersburg. The chapter marked the grave of Colonel Bolling, only great grandchild of Pocahontas and John Rolfe. The members also presented United States flags that had been flown over the Capitol in Washington DC to Centre Hill and the Appomattox Regional Library. The grave of the Organizing Regent was also marked. Every year these Daughters have donated money and gifts to McGuire and/or Hampton VA Medical Centers for America’s heroes. Slightly less than half the local members live in the greater Petersburg area and approximately the same number reside in the greater Williamsburg area. This chapter is privileged to have had the late Mrs. Earl T. Ellis and her daughter Mrs. Wayne C. Thompson serve as Regents. Mrs. Charles R. Odom is the first Fort Henry member to serve as State Regent.


Stephanie Ann Brahim, Regent

Miss Nettie Carbaugh was the Organizing Regent for the Winchester area chapter named for Colonel William Byrd. He was the leader of the surveying party that established the boundary line between Virginia and North Carolina. Organizing member Miss Georgia N. Carbaugh was the first Golden Acorn State Regent. She is the current National Treasurer and Chapter Regent. Mrs. J Russell Bersch is National Veterans Service Chairman, Honorary State Regent, and Chapter Treasurer. Mrs. John Rollins is the Editor of the DAC national publication, “Colonial Courier.” Mrs. Dan K. Shackelford is National Sectional Chairman of the College of the Ozarks. This chapter has made many donations to the restoration of St. Thomas Chapel. Colonel William Byrd Daughters have hosted numerous State Board Meetings at the Wayside Inn, one of the oldest taverns in the country still in operation. They have actively supported veteran patients in both West Virginia and Virginia. One current project is the collection of manufacturers’ coupons for active duty military personnel.


Elizabeth Jean Hillegass, Regent

The chapter namesake was a clergyman of the Church of England who came to Jamestown on April 26, 1607. Regent Mrs. James O. Welch, Jr organized Reverend Robert Hunt Chapter with 12 members on April 12, 1965. This chapter has provided numerous service projects to include the following: donating and planting trees; contributions of gifts to the Norfolk Seaman’s Fund Society; and gifts and volunteer time to the Hampton VA Medical Center; books to the NSDAC National Library; funding for book binding of historical records at Princess Ann Courthouse at Virginia Beach; research of St. John’s Church, Elizabeth City Parrish, Hampton; aid with restoration of St. John’s Chapel in King William County; representation at Cape Henry and Veterans Day Ceremony at the Spanish American War National Cemetery at Hampton. National Defense, Veteran Service and Restoration of old records have remained priorities. The chapter will host the upcoming 70th State Assembly on March 9 when a Dedication Ceremony will be held for the State Regent’s Project followed by an Installation Ceremony for the new state officers.


Cecile H. Budimier, Regent

The Chapter is named for Norfolk’s historic silver Mace, the only existing pre-Revolutionary symbol of civic authority of its kind. The Mace was carried ahead of the mayor in processions and upon entering court. Last year a miniature replica broach depicting the Mace was presented to State Regent Mrs. Charles R. Odom. Mrs. W. M. Collins was the Organizing Regent of this chapter that held its first meeting on October 4, 1982 with 14 members. A history of Merchant’s Hope Church was written by Mrs. John B. Shipp and submitted to the National Historian and to the Fairfax County Library. Mrs. Terry Davis, Jr. authored a book entitled “Ashmores in Early America” and donated a copy to the NSDAC Library. Norfolk Mace Chapter provided funding to restore “Old Norfolk County Marriage Bonds, 1833-1836.” Two members have served as State Regents, Mrs. John B. Shipp and Mrs. Robert L. Gordon. Mrs. Gordon is also the National Chairman for The Cape Henry Commemoration. Recently a members’ book sale was held to make a special contribution to the State Regent’s Project.


Louise "Penny" Chaboudy, Regent


Margaret Tuttle, Regent


Laura Kathleen Deegan, Regent

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