Program Dates Fall Board Meeting and State Assembly 2009-2012


October 28, 2009

Place:              Best Western-Culpeper Inn, Culpeper, VA

Host:               Colonel William Byrd Chapter


March 11, 2010

Place:             Virginia Beach

Host:               The Norfolk Mace Chapter

National President DAC Mrs. William C. Daugherty (Beverly) will be our guest


October 27, 2010

Place:               Charlottesville

Host:               Colonel Joshua Fry Chapter


March  10, 2011

Place:               Church of Epiphany, Richmond

Host:               Pocahontas

National Vice President Blue Ridge Section Mrs. J. R. Bersch (Mattie) will be our guest


October 26, 2011

Place:               Northern Virginia

Host:               Richard Bland Lee


March 8, 2012

Place:               Berkeley Plantation

Host:               Fort Henry


October 24, 2012

Place:               To be determined

Host:               Colonel William Byrd


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