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To Those Interested In Wolf Hills:
Abingdon, Va. was known as Wolf Hills before "Abingdon" was selected as the
name of the county seat.
Contrary to popular myths, Daniel Boone had very little to do with the area
around Wolf Hills before 1773-75.. After that time he traveled through there
on his way to the Yadkin River in North Carolina.. During his early hunting
trips he apparently did travel through that area of Washington co., Va.
some, but his main hunting route to Tennesse and Ky was across to Scyamore
Shoals (Elizabethton Tenn)
The story about the wolves attacking at Wolf Hills probably ocurred before
Boone started hunting across the Blue Ridge Mountain..
The cave where the hunters' dogs were attacked by wolves is in the heart of
Abingdon, Va. It is across the street from the old tavern, behind the Cave
House craft store.. You can see it any time you visit Abingdon..
The historic part of Abingdon is built on lots which were surveyed on land
given the town by James? Black and Thomas Walker (Loyal Land Co) ..
After Daniel Boones failed attempt to settle in Ky. in 1773, he found an
empty cabin near Ft. Blackmore and lived there about two years before going
on to Ky..
The truth is, Daniel Boone had very little to do with the history or
settlement of Washington co., Va.. The whole area of Washington, Russell and
Scott counties had been settled before Boone came there to live.. Many
interesting stories have appeared about Daniel Boone, however he was
preceeded by many others who are rarely mentioned . James Harrod, Benjamin
Logan and others.. The exploits of Daniel Boone are mostly myths..

About Wolf Creek:
Wolf Creek begins at the springs near where Rev. Charles Cummings lived
northwest of Wolf Hills ( Abingdon) This is on the south side of Walkers
Little Mountain. This creek furnished water power for two mills west of
Abingdon for many years.. It runs through the Great Knobs to the South fork
Holston River, passing through or very near, the Hope farm on the
River..Most of the Hope farm has passed into hands of developers and is now
valuable Lake front property. South Holston Lake is on South Fork Holston
G. Lee Hearl
Authentic Appalachian Storyteller
Abingdon, Va.