Posted Queries for September 1999

GOODWIN, TAYLOR posted by Jacqueline L. Davis on Thursday, September 2, 1999

Looking for information on John GOODWIN, born 1898 Kingsport, TN; lived many years in Bristol, VA; and is buried in Bristol, VA. Looking for his father, Daniel GOODWIN and his mother, Catherine C. Amanda TAYLOR, and any family members.


GRIFFITH, HALE, MANN, MILLER posted by Lonnie Miller on Sunday, September 5, 1999

Looking for info on Franklin Marion Miller and Ida Jane Mann Miller from Washington Co., Va. They had a son Chester Allen Arthur Miller or Mann. Frank's parents were Valentine C. Miller and Temperence Hale Miller. Valentine's parents were Nicholas Miller and Sally Griffith Miller. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Lonnie


CARD, HULL, HUMPHERY, RANDLE, SLATER posted by Imo Lee CARD Greenwood on Monday, September 6, 1999

I'm searching the descendants of JOSEPH CARD, Joseph was on the 1820 & 1830 census in Washington County, Va. He is believed to have moved some time in 1830s to Pike County, IL, where he died May 16, 1847. He was near the town of Kinderhook, IL. Estate papers in Pike Co., IL, names heirs at law; daughters, Happy Humphery, Sally married Samuel Hull, Frances married Isom Ashbury Randle, Mary married Isaac Slater, and mentions Zimri Card, brother from Bledsoe Co., TN. Any info or help is greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time and help. Imo Greenwood , please contact me at


CAMERON posted by Georgi on Monday, September 6, 1999

JAMES CAMERON in Washington Co., Va. in 1770's; wife's name Jane/Jean. Seeking info. on ANY Cameron in Wash. Co. for late 1700's. Thank you


CALHOUN, FLEENOR, MOORE, WHITTAKER posted by Matthew Whittaker on Thursday, September 9, 1999

Whittaker, Marshall/Alice Fleenor resided in Washington County, VA. Need info!


GRAVLEY, HARRISON posted by Jerry Harrison on Friday, September 10, 1999

Looking for Jeremiah Harrison,great grandfather, wife was Susan (Gravley) Harrison, Children: Jerd, Jess, Jim, Lee, also Ed (may havebeeen stepson). Lived in Brisol, Va.. Jerd died there in 1958. Would like anything. Jeremiah may have been indian. TKS in advance


HENSLEY, RAY, WHEELER posted by Kevin White on Saturday, September 11, 1999

I am seeking information on the parents and siblings of John WHEELER, born in Washington County, Virginia in 1793/4. I will try here to summarize all the information I have been able to gather on the WHEELERs of Washington County, VA, in the period of 1770 to about 1820. There seems to me to be a gap of one or two generations in this line that have held us all up for quite some time. I hope to start a thread which will lead to a resolution of the questions which remain unanswered about these WHEELERs. I have reviewed posts from various internet sites and recognize many names of those with whom Ive corresponded concerning this line, and I still hope that through our combined efforts these WHEELERs will yet be sorted out. I have attempted to use your information accurately and any errors are mine. I welcome any additions or corrections. I have not personally seen any of the census records mentioned here. If anyone can doublecheck or expand on the census information here Id be deeply grateful My belief is that all WHEELERs in Washington County, VA, in 1770 - 1820 were related to and likely descended from James WHEELER "My" John WHEELER, b. 1793/4 in Washington County VA, may have seen service in the War of 1812. By about 1820 he had made the short move from Washington County VA to Buncombe (became Yancey in 1833) County NC. Here he married Rhoda RAY, only daughter of Thomas RAY, Jr. and Ivey HENSLEY. Rhoda had eight brothers. The RAYS were at one time the largest landholders in Yancey County. John WHEELER was a "Baptist Clergyman" and was affiliated with the Pensacola Baptist Church. John and Rhoda RAY WHEELER had: 1. Lucinda, b. 11 Aug 1823, m. Nathan(iel) O. ALLEN 2. Thomas Ray (W.?) WHEELER, b. 1825-7, m1. Clarinda; m2. Louise BANKS 3. Elizabeth Elvira, b. ca 1829, m. Nathan DUNCAN 4. Joyce Caroline, b. 1830-31, m1. William Burton CREASMAN, m2 Albert G. ANDERSON 5. Minerva Jane (possibly married Marion MASS or MOSS, Mecklinburg County, NC, 25 Jan 1860) 6. Susannah, b. ca. 1832-3, m. John C. MELTON (20 May 1851 by John WHEELER) 7. Clarissa, b. ca. 1834, m. John HENSLEY 8. John Henry WHEELER, b. 1836-7, m1. Axey Mariah HONEYCUTT (18 April 1853), m2. Matilda Duncan GUTHRIE (1 November 1890) 9. Sarah Pauline, b. ca. 1839, m. Albert ELKINS 10. David C., b. ca. 1844 11. Hiram N., b. 30 Nov 1847, m. Cleressa RAY It may be that David C. and Minerva Jane WHEELER both died young, without children. When Thomas Ray, Jr. died he left a life estate in several thousand acres to his only daughter, Rhoda Ray WHEELER, with the land to go after her death to the "heirs of her body". This seems to have been done in 1/9 shares, indicating that only nine of the eleven children survived their mother, and that the two who predeceased her left no issue. Below is a summary of what I can find on the Washington County, Virginia WHEELER family group. Id love to hear from anyone who can add to or correct any of this information. There was a James WHEELER who lived in Washington County VA (today's Smyth County, VA) when he served in Governor Dunmore's War in 1774. This James WHEELER may have been from MASS or CT, and may have married Abigail BROWN of NY. Their son Stephen WHEELER was born before 1770 in Orange County, NY; they also had sons Jesse and Oliver WHEELER, and possibly John WHEELER. Stephen WHEELER married Milley CROSTHWAIT/CROSSWHITE, daughter of Abraham CROSTHWAIT/CROSSWHITE, who was a neighbor of James and Stephen WHEELER on Hunger's Mother, a branch of the middle fork of the Holstein River. Stephen and Milley WHEELER lived for a while in Carter County TN before moving to Russell County VA by about 1820. Survey records of Washington County Virginia show that James WHEELER made actual settlement in 1774 on 400 acres on the south fork of the Holstein and that he entered a survey for that tract on 30 August 1781. James WHEELER entered on 6 June 1782 a survey for 290 on the south fork of the Holstein, under a Commissioner's Certificate, adjoining Henry BOWENS, Moses ASHBROOKS, Joseph COLES, and John PATTERSON. Survey records of Washington County, Virginia show that James WHEELER entered 187 acres under a Treasury Warrant 15 February 1784 "on a branch of Spruce Creek...waters of the middle fork of the Holstein...beginning by John HAYS road...with Walker's Mountain". On 9 November 1785 Stephen WHEELER entered a survey for 760 acres on Hunger's Mother, adjoining James WHEELER and others, under State Land Office Warrant #3795 dated 11 December 1781. Stephen WHEELER entered a survey for 62 acres under Treasury Warrant #10028 on Hunger's Mother next to his adjacent land on 1 December 1786. And under Treasury Warrant #1968 dated 20 September 1781 Stephen WHEELER entered 40 acres on Hunger's Mother. Will of James WHEELER, dated Feb 1804: of Washington County, Virginia, "weak of body but of perfect mind and memory", 1. To my two sons Stephen and Oliver a tract in Washington County, Virginia known as the Temple Tract purchased of Edward Morgain, equally divided, of 126 acres on condition that each Stephen and Oliver shall pay to John's son Jesse WHEELER two years after John's deceased three cows and calves each for his share of the tract; 2. to my two grandsons, Oliver WHEELER, Jr., son of Jesse, and James COLE, son of Sampson COLE 200 acres on Beaver Dam Creek in Washington County Tennessee, which is in Stephen's name; 3. to my two daughters Abigail JAYNE and Lyda COLE wives of Henry JAYNE and Sampson COLE equally divided between them, my part of these Tennessee tracts: 100 acres in Washington County Tennessee on Beaver Dam Creek by patent dated Feb 27, 1796, including the area known as the Little Bottoms, in Stephen's name; also 50 acres also in Stephen's name dated December 2, 1796 in Sullivan County Tennessee on the said Beaver Dam Creek; 4. all the rest of my personal estate to my wife Abigail WHEELER a life estate, then equally divide the household furniture between my daughters Abigail JAYNE and Lida COLE and all the rest of my personal property equally to my three sons Jesse, Oliver and Stephen WHEELER, and to explain the land given to my daughters above the patent wherein they are given 100 acres contains 400 acres and the other where they are given 50 acres contains 100 acres; 5. Stephen WHEELER and Sampson COLE to be executors. Feb 28, 1804 James (X) WHEELER wit: John BYARS David MARTIN Stephen S. Wheeler, Jr. Will Book 2 page 437, proved in Court Feb 21, 1804 (???) on oath of David MARTIN, Oliver WHEELER and Joel HUBBLE Abigail BROWN WHEELER may have remarried after James WHEELER died. On 13 Sep 1804 Abigail WHEELER married Amos DEAN, in Washington County, Virginia. Thus it seems James and Abigail BROWN WHEELER had: 1. Stephen S. WHEELER, who married Milley CROSTHWAIT/CROSSWHITE. In the 1810 Washington County VA census there is a Stephen WHEELER, 45+, also in the household are three males 16-26 and one male 10-16. 2. Oliver WHEELER, Sr. Not to be confused with the son of brother Jesse, who was Oliver WHEELER, Jr. Presumably these are the two "Oliver WHEELER"s found in the 1810 Washington County VA census. Both "Oliver WHEELER"s are 45+. One has in his household one male 26-45 and one male


BELL, KENNEDY posted by Thomas Bell on Saturday, September 11, 1999

Seeking information on William Kennedy. He was an early resident of Washington CO. circa 1772. He also ended up with my 4th great grandfather's estate. He became the mortgage holder on the property that Samuel Bell owned on the middle fork of the Holston River (sold to John Creely) as well as 400A in Madison CO., KY. I would like his bio.


MANN, MILLER posted by Lonnie Miller on Sunday, September 12, 1999

I am looking for information on Chester Allen Arthur Mann, who was born in Washington County, Va. born about 1882. His Mother was Ida Jane Mann who married Franklin Marion Miller in 1883. He left Va. at an early age and not much was ever heard from him afterwards, except that he was thought to have worked for the railroad somewhere in the Midwest.


COOPER, DELL, HARTSOCK, RATLIFF posted by Carolyn Hurd on Sunday, September 12, 1999

COOPER of Washington Co., VA. Thomas Agleston or Eggleston Cooper of Mendota Mountain was married to Amanda O'DELL. Their children include: Chester B, William Floyd m. Martha Ann Hartsock, Margaret A, Sarah E., Nancy, Lewis, James Monroe m. Mary Ann Ratliff, Agleston, Alford, and Amanda Leonora. Agleston served in the 105th VA Militia and in the 63rd VA Infantry CSA, along with two of his sons: William Floyd and Chester B.. William owned a Jewelery Store in Bristol in 1885. Any information on this family would be appreciated. Thank you, Carolyn


DUNNING posted by Beverly Casey on Sunday, September 12, 1999

Hello, Looking for info on William Dunning in Washington Co., VA 1810 census index page 204. Need wife and kids. Thank you Bev


HAM, HAMM posted by Diane Ham on Monday, September 13, 1999

I am trying to find ancestors of my great great grandfather William Ham born 1819 and died in Perry County, Alabama. My great grandfather was Robert "Solomon" Ham. He was born in 1848 and died in 1912 in Perry County too. He was a potter making many things like burial urns on cemetery plots. I don't know how he got to Alabama. Someone said maybe Ashe Co., NC, but I feel like it might be VA. Can someone help me with any Ham/Hamm genealogy? Thanks Diane at or


JENNELLE posted by Wendy on Thursday, September 16, 1999

I am researching the surname Jennelle. Myron and Myrtle "Mertie" Jennelle lived and dies in Meadowview. Any help would be appreciated.


KEESEE, WEBB posted by Cindy on Friday, September 17, 1999

James Thomas Keesee, born in Tenn in 1840's, but could have lived and married in Washington County, VA in the late 1850's. Married Pauline Webb Newman, daughter of Peter Webb. Looking for info on James, names of parents etc..


posted by Andrea Garrett on Friday, September 17, 1999

I'm looking for genealogical information, marriage, birth and death records for my husband's great grandparents: William Lyon or Lyons and Florence Woods These two were married on July 22, 1886 and Mr. Lyon(s) died circa 1940. They both lived near Bristol. Any help you could give would be appreciated. Andrea Garrett


DEADMORE posted by Lesley on Saturday, September 18, 1999

I had much wrong info in my first posting. I just was getting started and asking questions??? James Right Deadmore Capt.& Lieut. in the 50th and 63rd VA Inf. married Martha Bruce Newland in 1860, her father was mayor of Abingdon, Wash Co VA They are both buried in Sinking Springs Cem. Abingdon, Wash. Co. VA Lesley


SCYPHERS posted by Tammy Hawkins on Sunday, September 19, 1999

Looking for information on the parent's of Aaron Scyphers. Aaron's parents were Amos and Martha Scyphers. Aaron (b. October 19, 1838 d. January 3, 1922) lived in Washinton County.


YEATTS posted by Tammy Hawkins on Sunday, September 19, 1999

Looking for the parent's and birth/death information on George K. Yeatts b. 1853? and Susan C. George and Susan were the parents of Martin Luther Yeatts (b. May 1881 d. Jan 1964 in Washington County). Thank you for any information that you may have.


MCGUIRE, SKEEN posted by June Tuck on Sunday, September 19, 1999

Would like to share information with those that go back to STEPHEN R. MCGUIRE of Washington County, Virginia. Although Stephen and his wife, Susie, later lived and died in Washington County, Tennessee. Their son, Robert E. McGuire, stayed in Washington, county, Virginia. Robert married Amanda Delia Skeen.


MORTON, RAMEY posted by linda batchelor on Monday, September 20, 1999

james stephen ramey b. about 1802 Washington Co., Va. - he is possibly s/o Wm. RAMY and Nellie MORTON. many of the bro/sis of James Stephen were born in Washington co.-some in Abingdon. would like to hear from other with this line.


MERRITT, MONTGOMERY posted by Ed Montgomery on Tuesday, September 21, 1999

"THOMAS" and Dicey/Dici Montgomery were from Washington county, Virginia. According to the 1850 census they had 7 children, William,"JAMES" Elizabeth,Margaret,Jonathon,Anne,and Ellen. The 1860 had. THOMAS P. MONTGOMERY (p198) Farmer age 46, Dicey 50, William 25, James 23, Elizabeth 19, Margaret 18, Jonathan 15, Amnen12 (girl) Ellen 6 (Thomas Montgomery owned 100 acres in Abingdon area - In a book by John D Chapla about the 48th Infantery of Virginia, James Lowry Montgomery a farmer from Washington county enlisted in the Confederate Army 6/20/61. James was married to Martha Jane Merritt Dec 20,1865. in Washingtn County. Can anyone add to this, Or tell me if I am on the right track. Thanks ED


HUGHES posted by Tony Johnston on Tuesday, September 21, 1999

Seeking Nancy HUGHES and her parents. My best information to date indicates she was born in 1796 in Washington Co, possibly to Isaac and wife (Nancy or Alice?). Isaac's parents may have been Elias (Ellis) and Jane (Jean) Hughes, born in 1750s in Ireland and living in Washington Co around 1800.


BARNETT posted by Hayward Barnett on Wednesday, September 22, 1999

A Nicholas Barnett was mentioned in a Washington Co., VA Will as being the husband of Barbara and father of Salley and Nicholas Jr. A brother to Salley by the name of Peter was listed in another Deed Book. This Peter was recorded as being absent. I am interested in finding out more about this family and any possible connection with the Polly or Mary Ann Barnett and her son, Nathaniel listed in the 1820 Washington Co., Census.


BARNETT posted by Hayward Barnett on Wednesday, September 22, 1999

Seeking information about the Polly Barnett listed as head of household in the 1820 Washington Co., VA. Census. Also interested in the George Barnett in the same census.


COOPER, DELL, HARTSOCK, LEONARD, RATLIFF posted by Carolyn Hurd on Wednesday, September 22, 1999

I am looking for the family of Eggleston (Agleston) COOPER, born about 1821, and married to Amanda O'DELL. They were living in Washington Co., VA at the time of the 1860 Census. Their children included: Chester B. (+ Rhoda LEONARD); William F. (+Ann HARTSOCK); Margaret; Sarah; Martha; Lewis; James M. (+ Mary Ann RATLIFF); Leonora; and Eggleston. I would appreciate any info on this family. Thank you.


COOPER, DELL, HARTSOCK, LEONARD, RATLIFF posted by Carolyn Hurd on Wednesday, September 22, 1999

I am seeking information on the family of Agleston or Eggleston COOPER married to Amanda O'DELL. They were living in Washington Co., VA in 1860 and had the following children: Chester B. (+ Rhoda LEONARD); William F. (+ Ann HARTSOCK); Margaret; Sarah; Martha; Lewis; James M. (+ Mary Ann RATLIFF); Leonora; and Eggleston. I would appreciate any input on this family. Thank you.


LOW, LOWE, WHITLEY posted by Lisa Whitley on Wednesday, September 22, 1999

My ancestor Willis Whitley was born, according to family records, in Washington Co., VA in 1796. He married Elisabeth Low(e) in 1819 in Greene Co., OH. His first child was James Willis Whitley, born 1820 in Greene Co. I do not know anything about Willis' parentage, or when he left Virgia. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


DEATON, GRAY, HICKMAN, LEONARD posted by Z.T. Leonard, Jr. on Thursday, September 23, 1999

Hickman, Deaton, Gray, Leonard. Sally V. Hickman, daughter of Hamilton and Louise Hickman of Washington County; Mollie J. Gray of Washington County and Josie E. Deaton of Sullivan. All were married between 1869 and 1890 to Alexander Leonard of Washington County. Need information on families of these women.


HIRAM, MOORE posted by michael moore on Sunday, September 26, 1999

hiram moore 1800-1864 wife nancy three sons joseph james and hiram all served in 37th va. three daughters sarah nancy and elizabeth all of washington co. i am looking for parents of hiram and nancy sr. also brothers and sisters he was my ggggrandfather thank you


KETRON, SHAFFER, WEATHERLY posted by Dondra on Sunday, September 26, 1999



BOW, KESTNER posted by Ken Kistner on Sunday, September 26, 1999

Looking for anyone researching the family of LEVY BOW. He had a daughter, ANNA BOW of Washington Co Va who married JACOB M. KESTNER. Thanks for any help. Ken


THOMAS posted by Jon Wolf on Monday, September 27, 1999

I'm looking for information on Pat Thomas. He was a train engineer who lived in Abington in 1895. This is all I have on him, and I'd like to learn anything else available. Thanks. Jon Wolf


MAY posted by Earl May on Tuesday, September 28, 1999

Looking for marriage @1930 for James J. May and Lucy unknown. Need last name and date


HOLMES, KESTNER posted by Eddie Fort on Tuesday, September 28, 1999

We are looking for information on the Holmes and Kestner families in Washington Co, VA. John A. Holmes may have married Eliza Sarah Elizabeth Kestner at the courthouse early this century. Any help would be most appreciated. Thank you.


BLAIR posted by Nikki Woodson on Wednesday, September 29, 1999

geneaology of Francis Preston Blair, born in Abingdon, Virginia, 1791. later: Lincoln's kitchen cabinet/Globe newspaper in DC. his parents? links to Scotland/Ireland?


SANDERS, SAUNDERS, SPILLER posted by Linda Saunders on Wednesday, September 29, 1999

looking for any info on how Thomas Saunders/Sanders 1759-1833 ended up in Washington County VA hes on the personal property lists and a land owner during the 1790s then that part of the county became Scott where hes listed in the census. He married Nancy Spiller was a rev war veteran served in the Va Troops (maybe it was a land grant from being in the war????)


GIBSON, RILEY posted by Kevin Daniel on Thursday, September 30, 1999

I am researching Tryon GIBSON, who purchased land in Russell County, VA in 1795 and, in 1797, signed a petition for the formation of Tazwell county. Tryon moved to Tennessee by 1808, and was in Giles County, TN in 1816. He moved to Lincoln County, TN ca 1820 and to Pike County, MO by 1828. He was last recorded in Newton County, MO in the 1840s and probably died there. He was b. ca 1770 and married Margaret (RILEY?)abt 1795, probably in Russell County. They had: Isaac, Benjamin, William and Hezekiah. Ring any bells? Tax records suggest that his father may have been John Gibson and that Tryon may have had brothers named James, John Jr., William and Andrew. John Gibson Sr. was in Russell County in the 1787 tax list. John Gibson signed the petition for the creation of Russell County, from Washington County, VA so was probably residing there before 1785.

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