Posted Queries for November 2000

DAWSON posted by connie spurlock on Friday, November 3, 2000

am trying to locate any dawson families that may have traveled west into kentucky around 1790-1820. am looking for a couple named vincent and jane dawson(married name).jane was born in virginia around 1795. would appreciate any help you can give me.


CAMPBELL, HOPKINS posted by Rita Adams on Friday, November 3, 2000

Francis Hopkins, b. c 1720, R.I., d. c 1778/9 Washington Co. VA, mar. Mary Joslin. Francis was hanged on a creek bank by Col. William Campbell and others. He was a local bandit with a reputation of breaking out of any and all jails that he was confined to. Following his threats to the Campbell family, he was captured and hanged. What happened to his wife and family? Does anyone connect with this man? Rita


DRYMAN, LANCE, MUSSER posted by Dean Wolbach on Saturday, November 4, 2000

Seeking contacts with researchers of MUSSER family in southern Appalachia. The clan seems to have been quite extensive in Smyth, Wyth, and Washington Counties pre Revolutionary War to 1890s. Also seeking DRYMAN and LANCE.


BAKER posted by David G. Lamb on Saturday, November 4, 2000

I am looking for information regarding the Rev. Wesley Baker and his family. According to information that I have already found, Rev. Baker was the pastor of Sinking Spring Church in or near Abingdon from 1917 to 1920. His wife's name was Elda (Flett) Baker. Circa 1918 they had a son, John Flett Baker. I would like to know if this church still exists, and if they have any records from this time period.


KELTON posted by Sandra Houston on Sunday, November 5, 2000

My 3rd great grandfather, STEPHEN SMITH KELTON, was married about 1829, as my 2nd great grandfather was born in Know Co., TN. in 1830. In 1832 Stephen married in Greene Co., TN. He had several children born in Greene Co. then moved to Washington Co., VA about 1846. I was told he went back to VA to settle some matters. Did he marry his first wife there and have to settle he parents accounts? I would love to find the name of Stephen's first wife. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Sandra


CROSS, FEATHERS, JONES, LEE, SMITH, TRINKLE posted by shirley cross leonard on Sunday, November 5, 2000

looking for decendants of jessie james cross in washington county area. jessie was born in 1851 and married cynthia margaret trinkle. thanks for any info.


POWERS, STEVENS posted by Emmett E. Powers on Wednesday, November 8, 2000

I have been researching the Abner Powers 1801-1853 b. TN d. MS and related names. He married Sarah Dunn in Robertson Co. Tn in 1828. His children were Stephen Conyers and Azariah Francis. These two boys marry Margaret Jane and Martha Ann Stevens of the Washinton Co. Stevens Conrad, et al. Other names for which I have searrched for 22 years are the wherabouts of Lewis B., John, kin to Abner. I think it may be possible that this family of Powers came from Washington County along with the Stevens to TN. Any help will be appreciated. Emmett E. Powers


DUNCAN posted by Leona R. (Lodge) Duncan on Thursday, November 9, 2000

I have information that my husband's ancestor lived in Washington Co., VA in the 1850's. His name was Joseph Duncan married to Sarah Kingsolver the 3rd July 1845. Joseph and Sarah had four known children: Mary Adeline, Margaret"Maggie",James Addison, and Sarah Duncan. Sarah (possibly passed away) after birth of their fouth child - between 1851/1860. Am very interested in finding out more about this family! Thanks so very much, Leona R.(Lodge)Duncan


HAMILTON, ROACH, STRAW, THOMAS posted by Sandy Rowe on Friday, November 10, 2000

Seek families of William P. Hamilton (1838-1910) and Catherine Price Roach, proprietors of the Hotel Hamilton in Bristol; and Josiah Wheeler Thomas (1815-1873) and Rachel Alley Straw, proprietors of the Thomas House in Bristol.


ACKLEN, BLACK, COLVILLE posted by Lona Black Koltick on Saturday, November 11, 2000

Early Washington Co families were BLACK, Acklen, Colville. Would like more information on CHRISTOPHER ACKLEN, one of the earliest recorded settlers to Wolf Hill. Happy to share.


HAYTON posted by Brigitte Chabo on Tuesday, November 14, 2000

I am looking for information on Edward Hayton of Washington County. Parents were T.J. and Indiana Hayton. Edward died on 3/1/1880 and is burried in Russell County, VA. Indiana is listed in 1870 census as living in the North Fork Township. Any information would be greatly appreciated.


QUESENBERRY posted by Betty Jo McDaniels on Wednesday, November 15, 2000

Searching for descendants of the Quesenberry families in Washington Co., VA. - I am gathering material for a book on the SW Virginia Quesenberry families, and it will not be complete if I leave your family line out. Your help appreciated. Betty Jo Q. McDaniels, Va. Beach, VA.


ANDERSON, KEESLING, ROWLAND, SUIT posted by Julia Williams Kodak on Friday, November 17, 2000

I have recently learned that my James Robert (called Robert) SUIT(S) and his wife Missouri ROWLAND lived in the Damascus area. The time frame would have been about 1900-1920. Also, I have reason to believe that another line of mine, Enoc Franklin ANDERSON, called Frank, may have lived in the Damascus, Washington Co., VA. area as well. This would have also been between 1900-1920. Frank was married to Margaret Keesling at the time and was a Baprist Preacher. Would anyone know of records of the Baptist Church in Damascus? If anyone has any info on either of these, I would appreciate hearing from you. Thank you.


WILLIAMS posted by steven wacker on Saturday, November 18, 2000

Searching the following- Phoebe Williams born 1788 Chilhowie, Washington co., VA married Abraham Griever 1804, died 1870 Russell co., KY father-John Williams, mother unknown. no info. any info appreciated, Steven


ROLLER, WHITEHOUSE posted by Laura Noble on Monday, November 20, 2000

Catherine Roller, born abt 1783 in Abingdon, VA. Died in Lebanon, KY. Married to James Whitehouse. Daughter was Mary Ann Whitehouse, born 3 May 1831 in Washington County, KY. Please help! I am at a dead end.


LYON posted by Gary Burnette on Monday, November 20, 2000

Looking for anyone who may know about Humberson Lyon who died and left a will in 1783 - Washington County, VA. His will lists sons Stephen, William, Jacob and James. I believe my g-g-grandfather is his great-grandson but need some help "connecting the dots"... Gary


FLETCHER posted by Jean Heck on Wednesday, November 22, 2000

looking for Thomas George Fletcher may be George Thomas Fletcher and his family. May have had ties in WAshington County, Va. b. abt 1750? believed to have migrated from England.


BOOHER, CROSS, FEATHERSTONE, LEE posted by Chuck Massey on Friday, November 24, 2000

Looking for information on a Rachel LEE CROSS who appears in the 1850,1860,1870, and 1880 WASHINGTON County Census. She was born in TN around 1805 per the 1850 Census. Family tradiiton states that Rachel LEE CROSS married a Jessie A. CROSS. Any information would be greatly appreciated.


JOHNSON, LASETER, LESTER, MCCRACKEN, ROSENBALM, ROSENBAUM posted by Shelby Duane on Monday, November 27, 2000

Need any information on Henderson Rosenbalm. He once lived in Washington Co., Virginia before moving to Tenn. Married Elizabeth McCracken. Henderson and Elizabeth had 3 possibly 4 children. Levi Rosenbalm (died in NC), Isaac Rosenbalm - married Mary Frances Johnson in Virginia (both died in NC) David Rosenbalm. The fourth child may have been a daughter named Catherine or Katy. Need birth and/or death info on Henderson, Elizabeth, David, and Katy. Anything would be helpful. Thank you in advance.


GILBERT, JOHNSON, LASETER, LESTER, MCCRACKEN, ROSENBALM, ROSENBAUM posted by Shelby Duane on Monday, November 27, 2000

I am looking for information on the Andy Johnson / Sarah Lester family of Washington Co., Va. Three children from this family that I know of: Isaac Johnson (known as "Ike"), Grover Johnson (deceased - buried in McDowell Co., WVa. , and Mary Frances Johnson. Mary Frances married Isaac Allen Rosenbalm of Tennessee. She was my grandmother. She passed away in N.C. in 1951. Need information on birth dates and death dates of Andy and Sarah. Any info will be helpful. Thanks in advance.


BURK, NUNN posted by tom burk on Tuesday, November 28, 2000

i have found that anderson s. burk(e) married elmirah nun(n) in washington co. about 1843. they later moved to adair co. ky. in the wash. co. website i found he is listed as andrew, but later census spells it as anderson. he was the outbound son a john burk. looking for descendants of the burk and nunn families . their first 2 children were born in washington co. westley (1848), and margaret (1845) tom burk


DAVIDSON posted by Linda Uhl on Wednesday, November 29, 2000

I am looking for info on the following Davidsons listed in the 1850 Census for Washington Co. 67th District: Deattha (211),George(192), Millie (207), Mosby(192) Tabitha(174).Would like the names of the other family members listed in their households at that time, ages, etc. Thanks for your help.


HATHORN, HUTTON posted by Jackie (Woodward) Johnston on Thursday, November 30, 2000

I am looking for any information Esua and Ruth "Betty" (HATHORN) HUTTON. They were married on March 8, 1838 in Washington County, Virginia. They would later move to the Saline County area of Missouri. Ruth's mothers name was Elizabeth from Maryland and was born around 1897. I am looking for any information on the parents and siblings of these two families. ny information would be apreciated. Spelling of names may vary. Thanks in advance. Jackie

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