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Montgomery County, Virginia Petition 17 May 24, 1782, courtesy Virginia State Archives & Library, Richmond, VA, containing the signatures of many early settlers near the Lead Mines in what would become Wythe County. Contributed by Russ Bralley

Montgomery Petition

May 24th, 1782

referred to the Committee to

revise the Tax Law

To the Honourable the General Assembly of Virginia:

The Petition of the Inhabitants of Montgomery County

Respectfully sheweth.

That your Petitioners having considered the late Tax Law, find it oppressive and impossible to be complied with. Specie has been is almost unknown amongst us for some years past; & what there is, does not circulate, but is securely kept by the few who have had Foresight Enough to gather it. The Alternative of paying in Commodities at our immence Distance from Navigation is of very little service to us, having no way to transport them. Besides our last years crop is generally disposed of for Salt and other real Necessaries, so that if we had Carriages we Could make no Payments at so early a Period as the first of July; Which Circumstances in our Opinions might have occurred to any considerate Person. Your Petitioners humbly conceive that Warehouses might be erected in the Respective Counties, on the Western Waters for the Reception of the Commodities, which the Taxes are to be paid in; This with a reasonable time for making the payment out of the ensuing Crop might inable your Petitioners, and others in similar Circumstances to pay the amount of their Taxes in such commodities. But as to Paying any part, even the Land Tax in Specie it is in Vain to think of it for this Year.

Your Petitioners are no Strangers to the objections, which might be raised against receiving the Tax Commodities any where on the Western Water. But it is utterly impracticable for your Petitioners to Carry the Commodities so great a Distance; and very practicable for the Publick to have it done. And Your Petitioners have no objections to the Justice of Settling a reasonable relative Price upon the Commodities delivered in the respective Counties.

Your Petitioners beg leave to remind your Honours that there are Hundreds of Poor People with larger families residing in the Mountainous & remote Parts of the Frontier Counties who cannot possibly make payments in Hemp. Those people have hitherto generally supplied themselves with with necessarys by Deer Skins. and as Deer Skins are necessary for the Army, as well as an article of Exportation, Your Petitioners conceive that they might with propriety be added to the list of articles which the Taxes are now payable in.

Your Petitioners declare themselves ready & willing to comply with every Requisition of Government, which is in their Power, and it is with reluctance they now trouble your Honours with their case which appears not only distressing, but harder than can be borne; Therefore they humbly Hope your Honours will reconsider and amend the Tax Law in such a Manner as seem consistent with the situation, and condition of your Constituents.


Daniel Howe William Mears

John Nash John McHinnery

Henry Begley Jas. Newell, Jr.

Joseph Polly Jno. ?

William Polley Jas. Simpson

William McCall ? Jas. Coulson

Jeremiah Stone Jas. Finley

Timothy Roark Jehu Stephens

John McKinney Thos. Mears?

David Miles Sam. Smith (Senr.)

Francis Day John Steans ?

John Rogers Nichlas Foster

Nicolas Tuttel Christopher Goose ?

Jeremiah Clonch James Tuttel

Wm. Davies Robert Steel

Wm. Doak John Bralley

Wm. Davise William Parker

Edmund Clonch Jno. Montgomery, Jr.

Thomas Kinawothy John Walker

Sam. Mc----- Alexdr. Neely

Josiah $qmw3y John Johnston

Thos. Dun Joseph Johnston

Jas. McDonald Daniel Johnston

Ro. Love Roger Oats

John Alcorn James -----

Stephen Sanders Wlliam Dean

William Calhoun Adam Dean

Stephen Clement William Willson

David Smith Jacob Willson

Jas. Mt.gomery William Montgomery

Robert Watson Even Williams

John Forbis Magnus Mcdonald

William Painter John Montgomery

Wm. Simpson Wm. Chapman

Robert Daugherty Wm. Nash

James Montgomery Jas. Ramsey

Robt. Montgomery Joseph ------

Robt. Fleming Joseph White

James -------

Wm. Rotherford

Saml. Smith (Junr.)

Daniel Chapman