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PHILLIPPI: This cemetery is on the old Louis Phillippi farm north of the house or about 8 miles south of Rural Retreat. It is not fenced in and is all grown up in Haws, Wild Plumbs, etc. There are a number of graves here, but only 4 have rocks with inscriptions.

D17---PHILLIPPI, Catherine M., Feb. 14, 1843, Feb. 2, 1862 wife of E.W. Phillippi
D17---PHILLIPPI, John Wiley C., Oct.5, 1867, Feb. 11, 1868 son of A.J. & D. A.
D17---PHILLIPPI, Joseph, Mar. 25, 1866, Dec. 13, 1866 son of A.J. & D. A.
D17---PHILLIPPI, Sarah M., dau. of E. W. & C. M.

The above private cemetery records were taken from the records of Mr. Frank Repass Brown, of Rural Retreat, Virginia. They ARE NOT a complete listing of all private cemeteries in Wythe County, VA.

These cemeteries were copied by Mr. Brown, beginning in the 1930's. The compiler (Joe Cameron) has copied the information exactly as stated by Mr. Brown unless a clarification was needed, but these records have not been verified by Cameron. Mr. Brown, however, was personally known by Cameron, and in his opinion, these records are as accurate as can be possible.

The location descriptions for some of these cemeteries are not very clear - some are even unknown to Cameron. It was felt, however, that Mr. Brown's words should not be changed in any way. Time permitting, Mr. Cameron will later add better descriptions of the cemetery locations.

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