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Abenaki History
NA-ABENAKI-L Archives 
"The Abnakis and Their History" 
by Rev Eugene Vetromile, 1819-1881.
Abenaki Culture & History Menu
Abenaki History - Local Bits & Pieces
Native Languages of the Americas:
Abenaki (Abanaki, Abenakis, Alnombak)
Who were the Abenaki Indians?
Odanak Village ~ Québec, Canada
Greylock ~ Great Chief of the Abenaki 
Raid on Deerfield: The Many Stories of 1704 
Abenaki History 
The Eastern Abenaki at the Contact Period (AD 1500-1625) 
Abenaki Conversation - One. Prepared By: Joseph Alfred Elie Joubert
Mi'kmaq Indian Cinderella and the Invisible One
Abenaki Literature ~ Strange Origin of Corn
Storytelling, Rest for the Abenaki
Abenaki Indians, Their Treaties of 1713 & 1717, and a Vocabulary

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