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Ab, above; h, house; b or bds, boards; av, avenue; do, ditto; N. north; S. south; E. east; W.west; B.R.R., Barre Railroad; C.V.R., Central Vermont Railway; M. & W.R.R., Montpelier and Wells River Railroad; col, colored; nr, near; c or cor, corner; r, rear; res, resides; ov, over; opp. Opposite; hd, head; ft, foot; em, employed; rem, removed; n s, north side; e s, east side; s s, south side; w s, west side.  The word street is implied.


Cable, Thomas, emp Marr & Gordon, h Cable nr Long

Cabrini, O., stone cutter, emp Barclay Bros. Bds 14 Mill

Cachini, Paulo, stone cutter, h 9 First

Cadanazzi, B., emp McDonald & Buchan

Cadger, Alfred, blacksmith, res 183 S. Main

Cadger, Catherine, widow of James, h 183 S. Main

Cadger, James, res 183 S. Main

Cadger, Mary A. Miss, res 183 S. Main

Cady, Aldace A. (Eclat Granite Co.), rooms 31 Spaulding

CADY & LEBOURVEAU, proprs. Eclat Granite Co., Burnam Meadow

Calacci, Antonio, removed from City

Calcagni, Amerigo, stone cutter, h 102 Railroad

Calcagni, Amerigo, stone cutter, h 14 Howard

Calcagni, Antonio, stone cutter, emp Bessey Granite Co., H 31 Foss

Calcagni, Carlo, stone cutter, h 14 Howard

Calcagni, Carlo, butcher, h 14 Howard

Calcagni, Carlo, stone cutter, h 19 George

Calcagni, Joseph (Noveli & Calcagni), h Humbert

Calcagni, John (Excelsior Granite Co.), h 29 Foss

Calcagni, John, stone cutter, emp Comolli & Co., bds. Humbert nr Blackwell

Calcagni, R. emp E. L. Smith So.

Calcagni, Rinaldo, stone cutter, h Berlin ab Harold

Calder, Frank, stone cutter, emp marr & Gordon, h 16 Forysth Pl.

Calder, F. Louise Miss, res 9 Maple Av

Calder, William T. (Mutch & Calder), h 471 N. Main

Calder, Winifred H. Miss, res 9 Maple Av

Calder, W.W., harnessmaker, (also Calder & Richardson), Depot Sq., h 9 Maple Av

CALDER & RICHARDSON, coal, wood, coke, also harness, (Depot Sq)

Calderara, A. emp. Stephen & Gerrard

Calderara, Guiseppe, emp Barclay Bros.

Calderara, Peter, stone cutter, h 12 Cottage

Calderara, Richard, stone cutter, h 12 Howard

Calderwood, Roy, exp. Messenger, rooms 26 Jefferson

Caldwell, William, emp Harrison Granite Co.

Calevro, Frank, polisher, h 5 Cambria

Calimero, Vedani, emp Jones Bros., h 15 Sixth

Callaghan, John T. (Giachino & Callaghan), h 360 N. Main

Callaghan, Thomas, stone cutter, removed to Beverly, Mass.

Cameron, Alex., quarryman, h Websterville

Cameron, Emma Miss, res. 30 Patterson

Cameron, Jennie Miss, res 30 Patterson

Cameron, Sylvester, emp C. H. More & Co., h 143 Washington

Cameron, William, blacksmith, emp. J.P. Corskie & Son, H 8 Beacon

Camiri, Eugene, lumper, rooms 5 Brook

Camiri, Gilbert, lumper, h 5 Cottage

Camp, Carrol J., cleerk, removed to Saratoga, N.Y.

CAMP, CLAYTON F., physician and surgeon, 46 Washington,  H do

Camp, Don V., farmer, res S. Barre

Camp, Emma W. Miss, res 71 Brooklyn

Camp, Eugene A., carpenter, h 9 Church

Camp, H. Arthur, civil engineer, res 46 Washington

Camp, Helen Mrs., res S. Barre

Camp, Herbert O., contractor and builder, h 19 Highland Av

CAMP, HOMER D., deputy sheriff, Washington County, room 3 Eastman Block, h 80 Washington

Camp, Orissa, Mrs. Died July 3, 1905

Camp, Philo G. (Perry & Camp), h 83 Washington

Campagnolo, Gaetano, stone cutter, h 405 N. Main

Campana, Ralph, stone cutter, h 1 Smith Pl

Campbell, Angus M., quarryman, h Graniteville

Campbell, Arthur E., clerk, 84 N. Main, h 276 do

Campbell, Charles, emp Mutch & Calder

CAMPBELL, CHARLES H., restaurant, 40 N. Main, h 61 Elm

Campbell, Charles T., emp McDonald & Buchan

Campbell, Donald, quarryman, bds Graniteville

Campbell, Herman L., clerk, 40 N. Main, bds 61 Elm

CAMPBELL, JAMES (Mortimer & Campbell), also secretary Granite Mfgrs. Assoc., h 47 Spaulding

Campbell, James, emp Geo. Straiton, h 196 S. Main

Campbell, Murdo N., quarryman, h Graniteville

Campbell, R.D., emp. E.L. Smith & Co., h Graniteville

Campbell, R.P., res 3 Dewey

Campbell, William T. (A.J.Cave & Co.), h 3 Dewey c Hill

Cannell, Winborn S., A.B., teacher English and Science, Goddard Seminary, res do.

Canning, Agnes Miss, res 5 Farewell

Canning, Henry, emp Jones Bros., h 5 Farewell

Canning, Morris, emp Marr & Gordon, res 5 Farewell

Canning, Nellie Miss, res. 5 Farewell

Cantfill, Maurice T., draughtsman, removed to Montpelier

Canton Bros. (Oney & Fred), granite dealers, Smith cor Berlin

Canton, Fred G. (Canton Bros.), rms Wellington c Walnut

Canton, James, emp Canton Bros. Rooms 5 Brook

Canton, Nazari, emp Canton Bros. Rooms 5 Brook

Canton, Oney N. (Canton Bros.), h 105 Seminary

Canton, Philias, emp Canton Bros. H 56 Maple Av

Cappalgi, Antoinetti Mrs., h 18 Third

Cardi, Constatina, stone cutter, emp Harrison Granite Co., H 4 Center

Cardi, Sylvia, stone cutter, emp Comolli & Co., h 4 Center

Cardini, Antonio, emp Marr & Gordon, bds 102 Smith

Cardini, Arthur, emp Marr & Gordon, bds 100 Smith

Cardini, Edward, emp E. Abiatti & Bros., h 100 Smith

Cardini, Guido, mangr. B.U.C.G. & P. Store, h 46 Granite

Cardini, Nateli, emp Marr & Gordon

Carey, Dennis, blacksmith, removed to Montpelier

Carey, George A., stone cutter, h S. Barre

Carey, John L., stone cutter, bds S. Barre

Carey, Martha Miss, res. S. Barre

Carey, Maary J., widow of Seymour A., res S. Barre

Carey, Michael J., pool room, Graniteville, h do

Carey, Patrick, quarryman, bds Graniteville

Carey, William W., granite cutter, h S. Barre

Carle, E.W., granite dealer, W. Second, bds John

Carle, George K., patrolman, h John

Carleton, Edwin, farmer, h 21 Highland Av

Carleton, Fannie T. Miss, res 21 Highland Av

Carleton, Frank, painter, h 179 S. Main

Carleton, Harry, clerk, 59 N. Main, rooms 21 Jefferson

Carleton, Margaret B Miss, removed to Keene, N.H.

Carleton, Mary Miss, res 21 Highland Av

Carley, William T., stone cutter, h 2 School

Carlo, Francisco, emp Geo. Straiton

Carlo, Giuvanni, emp Geo. Straiton

Carlo, Orlandi, emp Geo. Straiton

Carminatti, Baittiste, stone cutter, res S. Barre

Carminatti, L.M., clerk, 118 N. Main, rms Old Tomasi Block

Caron, Charles, clerk, 59 N. Main, res 448 do

Caro, Charles, stone cutter, bds 8 Short

Caron, Charles A., baker, res 488 N. Main

Caron, Jacob, emp Harrison Granite Co.

Caron, Josephine Mrs., milliner, 3 S. Main, res do

Caron, Ludger J., stone cutter, h 3 S. Main

Carpenter, Carlos L., carpenter, res 34 Eastern Av

Carpenter, Carrie B. Mrs., h 34 Eastern Av

Carpenter, Charles D., harnessmaker, h 28 West

Carpenter, Hugh H., clerk, 166 N. Main, res 34 Eastern Av

Carpenter, Mark C., clerk, 16 N. Main, res 34 Eastern Av

Carpenter, Crichton C., reporter, Barre Times, res. 34 Eastern Av

Carpenter, Lena, removed to Washington, Vt

Carpenter, O.B., plumber, h 133 Elm

Carpenter, William A., billiard and pool room, 120 N. Main, h 75 Prospect

Carpentier, Edward, stone cutter, rooms A. Tomasi Block

Carr, Clarence G., letter carrier, Route No. 2, h 21 Church

Carr, Etta Mrs., h 505 N. Main

Carr, Fred, stone cutter, emp Burke Bros., res. 505 N. Main

Carr, Henry W., stone cutter, h 90 Pleasant

Carr, Herman J., driver, Hook and Ladder Co. No. 1, rooms Fire Hall

Carr, Patrick, emp city, bds 12 Foster

Carr, Perley M., bookkeeper, 199 N. Main, rms 26 Perry

Carr, Samuel, farmer, h Beckley nr limits

Carr, Walter, stone cutter, bds 90 Pleasant

Carrier, Fred, stone cutter, rooms 5 Cottage

Carrier, Leone Mrs., seamstress, h 5 Cottage

Carrigan, William H., baggageman, C.V.Ry., rms 36 Keith Av

Carrivalli, Charles, upholsterer, B.W. Hooker & Co., H 33 Granite

Carroll, Anna M. Mrs., rooms 36 Summer

Carroll, Anthony A. (Carroll Bros.), h 6 Beacon

Carroll Brothers (Anthony A. and James E.), granite Dealers, foot Depot, Vermont Granite Co.’s sheds

Carroll, James E. (Carroll Bros.), bds 6 Beacon

Carroll, John, removed to Montpelier

Carroll, Leon J., emp Young Bros., h 535 N. Main

Carroll, Patrick, quarryman, bds Websterville

Carroll, Thomas, polisher, h 14 Foss

Carroll, Thomas H., granite dealer, ft of West, H 5 Bolster Av

Carroll, William J. (Carroll & McNulty), h 28 Cliff

Carroll & McNulty (W.J. Carroll and Patrick McNulty), Granite dealers, foot Granite

Carson, Jennie Mrs., boarding house, 14 Laurel

Carson, John H., stone cutter, emp Hoyt & Lebourveau, H 13 Central

Carson, Jonathan, emp Littlejohn & Milne, h 19 Ayers

Carson, Thomas C., stone cutter, emp Canton Bros., H 14 Laurel

Carson, William, apprentice, res 14 Laurel

Carson, William, emp Harrison Granite Co., h 34 Beckley

Carswell, James, student, res 20 Ayers

Carswell, Samuel, emp Littlejohn & Milne, h 20 Ayers

Carswell, Thomas G., supt. Leland & Hall Co., h 18 ½ S. Main

Carter, A.J. Mrs., res 6 Merchant

Carusi, Eugene, stone cutter, h 533 N. Main

Carver, J.W., law student, res 23 Jefferson

Casabelle, A., stone cutter, h 15 Center

Casalini, Guerino, apprentice, bds 44 B Street

Casavant, Zoil, stone cutter, h 16 Laurel

Casellini, Arthur, stone cutter, bds 27 Maple Av.

Casellini, C.S., stone cutter, emp Stephen & Gerrard, H 27 Maple Av

Casellini, Enrico, stone cutter, bds 91 Brook

Casellini, Giacomo, stone cutter, bds 93 Brook

Casellini, James, emp Marr & Gordon, res 27 Maple Av

Casellini, John, stone cutter, bds 12 High Holborn

Casellini, Guerino, emp Barclay Bros.

Casellini, Lorenzo, stone cutter, h 91 Brook

Casellini, Peter, student, res 27 Maple Av

Cashen, James, polisher, h 6 Newton

Caslani, Frank, stone cutter, h 93 Brook

Cassamali, Domenico, emp Robins Bros., h 34 Circle

Cassani, Frank, stone cutter, h 89 Granite

Cassani, Guido, stone cutter, bds 38 Blackwell

Cassani, Joseph, stone cutter, rooms 89 Granite

Cassani, Luigi, stone cutter, bds 42 Center

Cassavah, Frank, emp M.&W.R.R.R., res Brook

Cassi, Louis, stone cutter, h 95 Granite

Cassidy, Peter, blacksmith, emp Clarihew & Gray, rooms 8 Shurtleff Pl

Cassie, George, farmer, h 201 East St. Ext.

Cassiena, Giacomo, stone cutter, h 89 Foster cor Granite

Cassiva, Frank, laborer, h 24 Farewell

Casson, Carrie Mrs., saleslady, res 1 Spaulding

Casson, Frank E., musician, h 1 Spaulding

Casteli, Antonio, stone cutter, h 7 Hawes

Castleman, Elizabeth Miss, h 50 Elm

CASTLE PARK THEATRE, Joseph Ossola, prop, 431 N,. Main

Castonguay, Joseph, emp E.L. Smith & Co.

Castonia, Joseph, stone cutter, h 18 Maple Av

Cataract, Henry, plasterer, rooms 14 Depot Sq.

Catchapaw, Heman B., emp L. J. Bolster, h 27 Granite

CATE, FRANK B. (F.B. Cate Real Estate Agency), rooms 11-12 Bolster Block, N. Main, h 1 East

CATE, F.B. REAL ESTATE AGENCY, rooms 11-12 Bolster Block,

Cate, Grace Miss, emp City Hotel

Catella, L.M., stone cutter, bds 27 Maple Av

Cattaneo, Peitro, stone cutter, emp A. Anderson & Son, H 9 Cambria

Cattani, G., emp Barclay Bros., bds 36 Pike

Cattarello, James, clerk, 155 N. Main, rms. A. Tomasi Block

Catto, A., emp Jones Bros., h 87 Smith

Catto, Charles, stone cutter, emp Rizzi Bros., h 7 Addison

Catto, E., emp Mutch & Calder

Catto, Enrico, stone cutter, res 134 Seminary

Catto, Henry, stone cutter, h 21 Bassett

Catto, Jarlomo, stone cutter, bds 97 Smith

Catto, John, stone cutter, emp Mutch & Calder, h 21 Ladd

Catto, William E., stone cutter, h Beacon nr Franklin

Cavalarzi, Antonio, barber, bds 92 Pleasant

Cavaliere, Paolo, emp Barclay Bros.

Cavana, Anthony, stone cutter, bds 5 River

Cavana, John, emp J.C. King, bds. A. Tomasi Block, N. Main

Cave, Arthur J. (A.J.Cave & Co.), 14-15 Blanchard Block, H 21 Maple Grove

Cave, A.J. & Co. (William T. Campbell), mill supplies, Rooms 14-15 Blanchard Block

Cave, Bessie E. Miss, teacher, res 14 Eastern Av

CAVE, FRANK F., treasurer, Smith, Whitcomb & Cook Co., H 11 French

Cave, Thomas H., printer, h 14 Eastern Av

Cave, Thomas H., jr., asst. cashier, National Bank of Barre, bds 14 Eastern Av

Caven, James, stone cutter, h 5 Mount

Caven, John, removed to Scotland

Caverley, Flora E. Miss, teacher, room 20 East

Caverzasi, Batista, stone cutter, h 4 Third

Caverzasi, Frank, emp Marr & Grdon, bds 6 George

Caverzasi, C., emp Marr & Gordon, bds 6 George

Cavichi, E., machinist, h 24 Addison

Cavoretto, John, clerk, 48 Granite, rooms A. Tomasi Block

Cavoretto, John, delivery clerk, h. A. Tomasi Block, N.Main

Cay, Charles, emp McDonald & Buchan, h 109 S. Main

Cayhue, Albert N., barber, died November 21, 1904

Cayhue, Jesse P., lunch room, Depot Sq., h 248 N. Main

Cayhue, John P., polisher, rooms 14 Depot Sq.

Cayhue, Joseph J., removed to Montpelier

Cayhue, Maggie, removed to Holyoke, Mass.

Cayia, John, laborer, emp Barclay Bros., h 111 Brooklyn

Cecchini, Lodovico, stone cutter, bds 585 N. Main

Cecchini, Paul, stone cutter, h 9 First

Cella, Angelo M., (Cella, Dindo & Co.) stone cutter, H 9 Railroad

Cella, Dindo & Co., granite dealers, Miles Meadows, 

Center, Alexander, emp, J.P. Corskie & Son, bds 44 Circle



Ceppi, R., emp Rizzi Bros.

Cerasa, B., emp. Littlejohn & Milne

Cerasi, Domenico, stone cutter, bds 2 Cambria

Cerasoli, Enrica, emp Burke Bros.

Cerasoli, Ernest, emp Burke Bros.

Cerasoli, Gaetano, stone cutter, h 47 Granite

Cerasoli, Peter, emp Burke Bros.

Ceruti, Felicita Miss, res 31 Blackwell

Ceruti, Romeo, stone cutter, h 31 Blackwell

Chalmers, George, stone cutter, Barclay Bros., rooms 46 Maple Av

Chalmers, John, stone cutter, A. Anderson & Sons, bds 11 Shurtleff Pl

Chamberlin, Julius C., emp M.&W.R.R.R., h Worthen Block

Chamberlin, L.E., Mrs., boarding house, Worthen Block

Chamberlin, Peter, stone cutter, h 47 Spaulding

Chambers, Dale F., stone cutter, res 90 Currier

Chambers, Fred E., stone cutter, h 15 Cottage

Champagne, Albert, quarryman, h Webstereville

Champou, Peter, blacksmith, h Websterville

Chandler, Harriet M. Miss, res 89 S. Main

Chandler, L. Belle Miss, operator, Vt. Tel. Co., res 37 Jefferson

Chandler, Mabel W. Miss, teacher, res 10 Park

CHANDLER, M.L., physician and surgeon, 10 Park, h do

Chandler, Susan M., widow of Perley, h 89 S. Main

Chapple, Clayton A., blacksmith, rooms 95 Seminary

Charbonneau, Charles, stone cutter, bds 31 Mathiesen

Charbonneau, J.E., tool sharpener, Eclat Granite Co., Bds. 31 Mathieson

Charbonneau, Moses, shoemaker, 136 N. Main, h 31 Mathieson

Charbonneau, Theodore, tailor, rooms 9 Merchant

Charivalli, Charles, upholsterer, h 33 Granite

Charles, William, manufr. Granite and stone cutters’ tools, Blackwell, h 8 School

Charron, Charles, quarryman, res Websterville

Chatot, Auguste, emp Geo Straiton

Chatot, Eugene, emp Leland, Hall Co.

Chauvin, Felix, stone cutter, h 33 Mathieson

Cheever, Edward H., plumber, h 44 Academy

Cheever, Eva M. Mrs., h 24 Webster

Cheever, Ozias L., contractor and builder, 18 Highland Av, H do

Cheney, Charles G., farmer, h S. Barre

Cheney, Fred E., emp Barclay Bros., h 11 Quarry

Cheney, Fred S., painter, bds 6 West

Cheney, Herbert N., carpenter, h 55 Summer

Cheney, Orville S., polisher, h 11 Highland Av

Chesser, Edard (Chesser & Bird), bds. Currier nr Tremont

Chesser, John, blacksmith, emp C.H. More & Co., h 5 Warren

Chesser, Rebecca Miss, bookkeeper, bds Currier nr Tremont

Chesser & Bird (Edward Chesser and Fred Bird), meat market and groceries, 323 N. Main

Cheynowth, Kimball, emp Trow & Holden, res S. Barre

Chignola, Angelo, stone cutter, h 20 George

CHILSON, GEORGE, mangr., J.S. Viles Elec. Light Plant, H 99 Washington

Ching, Charles, laundry, h 76 N. Main, h do

Choate, Edward, carpenter, h 33 S. Main

Christensen, Christ, polisher, emp G. Walker & Sons, h 35 Beckley

Chrisstian Science, rooms 5 Summer

CHRISTIE, GEORGE, stone cutter, h 25 Brook

Christie, Hugh, stone cutter, emp Mortimer & Campbell, H 64 Warren

Christie, Mary Mrs. Res, 11 Grant Av

Chruch of the Good Shepherd, Rev. Charles E. Freeman, Rector, Washington nr Spaulding

Church, Warren A., meat cut., 305 N. Main, h 33 Merchant

Church, _____, laborer, h 3 Blackwell

Churchill, Arthur L., polisher, h 10 Clark

Churchill, C.A., carpenter, h 35 Merchant

Churchill, Carrie E. Miss, res 35 Merchant

Churchill, Mero, emp E.H. Nerney & Co., res Graniteville

Ciardi, Orest, polisher, h 39 Foster

Cilley, Ellis D., h 24 Merchant

Cilley, Freeman W., blacksmith, emp Trow & Holden, h 63 Park Ext.

Cilley, Lulu E. Miss, emp 21 Franklin

Cinnamond, Mary Miss, removed to Montpelier

Cirdi, George, emp Carroll & McNulty

Citrini, Enrico, stone cutter, bds Elliston ab R.R.

Citrini, Ernet, emp Barclay Bros., res S. Barre

Citrini, John, stone cutter, bds 19 Ladd

CITY ASSESSOR’S OFFICE, City Bldg., N. Main c Prospect

CITY BILL POSTER, C.O. Averill, office, Averill Block, 30 N. Main

CITY CLERK’S OFFICE, City bldg., Main c Prospect


CITY HALL, N. Main cor Prospect 

City Hotel, K.W. Morse, Washington opp the Park



Clarihew, Alexander (Clarihew & Grey), died Sept., 1904

Clarihew, may Miss, removed to Burlington

CLARIHEW & GRAY (George Gray and estate of Alexander Clarihew), granite dealers, monumental works, etc. Blackwell

Clark, Alexander, emp Wm. Cole & Sons, h 132 Seminary

Clark, Alexander F., (Clark Bros.), h 26 Division

Clark, Allan A., grinder, res 2 Webster Av

Clark, Allan M., (Clark Bros.), h 2 Webster Av

Clark, Allie M. Miss, res 10 Bolstser Av

Clark, Anna Miss, res 2 Webster Av

Clark, Alonzo T., res 22 Dewey

Clark, Alvin W., painter, h nr Hill, out of limits

Clark, Bella Miss, emp laundry, res Webster Av

Clark Brothers (Alexander F. and Allan M.), granite Dealers, Batchelder’s Meadow

Clark, Charles A., emp Barclay Bros., h 4 Elmore

Clark, Carrie E., widow, res 24 Fairview

Clark, Clarence F., clerk260 N. Main, res 9 Brook

Clark, Douglas C., clerk, Barre Morning Telegram, Res 26 Division

Clark, D. H., bds 12 Hill

Clark, Edward, stone cutter, emp Clark Bros., res 26 Division

Clark, Ellen Mrs., res Maple Av nr limits

Clark, Emory H., farmer, h 26 Perry

Clark, Frank L., emp Clarihew & Gray, h Madison ab Pleasant

Clark, George, boarding house, 12 Merchant nr N. Main

Clark, Grant, pattern maker, rooms 34 Keith Av

Clark, Harold J., stone cutter, emp Clark Bros., Res 26 Division

Clark, Harry H., foreman, Graniteville

Clark, Harry W., painter, h 10 Bolster Av

Clark, Hazen, electrician, h 13 Richardson

Clark, Ira W. Mrs., h Maple Av nr limits

Clark, Isabella Miss, res 2 Webster Av

Clark, Jeremiah, lumper, emp Stephen & Gerrard, h 330 N. Main

Clark, John L. (J.L. Clark & Son), h 34 Orange

Clark, J.L. & Son, granite dealers, Batchelder’s Meadow

Clark, Joseph, engineer, A.E. Bruce & Son, h Graniteville

Clark, Mary C. Miss, res 26 Division

Clark, Nathan, laborer, res S. Barre

Clark, Nathan, emp Bugbee & Alexander

Clark, Percy, emp Littlejohn & Milne, h Division

Clark, Robert, stone cutter, emp Harrison Granite Co., Bds. 3 Smith Pl

CLARK, R.L., flour feed, doors, sash, blinds, paints, oils, lime, cement, hay and straw, 51 Prospect, h 107 do

Clark, William A., emp Barclay Bros., h 9 Brook

Cleary, Dennis, stone cutter, Clarihew & Gray, h 64-A Warren

Cleary, James, laborer, bds 54 West

Cleary, John, stone cutter, emp G. Walker & Son, h 380 N. Main

Cleary, Mary Miss, res 380 N. Main

Clemans, S.C., Dr., supt. Barre Emergency Hospital, res. Brook cor Pleasant

Clemens, William, emp Leland, hall Co.

Clement, Ella M. Miss, waitress, Campbell’s Restaurant, Rooms 61 Elm

Clements, William, stone cutter, rooms 19 Pleasant

Clements, William, stone cutter, bds 14 Laurel

Clerici, John cutter, bds 98 Smith

Clerici, Raffael, stone cutter, h 21 Berlin

Cleveland, Albert, emp A. Anderson & Sons

Cleveland, Emery B., stone cutter, bds 3 Hawes

Cleveland, Frank, laborer, h Graniteville

Cleveland, Fred, teamster, rooms 3 Park Pl

Cleveland, William H., laborer, bds 153 Washington

Cleveland, _____, emp Harrison Granite Co., bds 380 N. main

Clocher, Joseph, quarryman, h Websterville

Clone, George, hostler, 59 S. Main, rooms do

Closey, Leonard, J., machinist, 23 S. Main, h 77 do

Cloud Brothers (Rufus and Harry), granite dealers, foot Granite

Cloud, Harry (Cloud Brothers), bds 4 Bolster Pl

Cloud, Rufus (Cloud Bros.), rooms G. Tomasi Block

Clough, Carl L., teamster, h 150 S. Main

Clough, Grace M., telephone operator, res 27 Jefferson

Clough, William, h ext. of Camp nr city limits

Cluness, Alexander Mrs., h 18 Laurel

Cobb, Clarence A., laundryman, h 9 Richardson

Cobble Hill Creamery, Hill ab Nelson

Cobo, Michael, emp E. W. Carle

Coburn, Alexander (Coburn & Ellis), granite dealers, Burnham’s Meadow, h 8 Orange

COBURN & ELLIS (Alexander Coburn and H.M. Ellis), Granite dealers, Burnham’s Meadow; quarries, Graniteville

Cochi, Peter, stone cutter, h Union

Cochlin, Michael, foreman, Marr & Gordon, Graniteville

Cochran, John,quarryman, bds Graniteville

Coffin, A.B., real estate and bonds, h 101 S. Main

Coffin, Jennie E. Mrs., res 218 Washington

Coffin, Lionel C., foreman, removed from city

Colburn, Fred E., architect, 202 N. Main, h Camp,Edgewood

Colburn, Henry J., contractor, died June 1, 1905

Colburn, Nellie A. Miss, stenographer, 1 Bolster Block, Rooms 30 Averill

Colby, Blanche M. Miss, res 3 Colby

Colby, B.F., painter, paper hanger, etc. 126 Elm, h do

Colby, E.C. Mrs, h 218 Washington

Colby, Frank J., res 218 Washington

Colby, Harry F., painter, h 170 Washington

Colby, Herbert, carpenter, res 3 Colby

Colby, Nellie E., widow of John E.D., h 3 Colby

Cold Spring Water Works, McFarland & Boyce, S. Main nr City limits

Cole, Charles, electrician, rooms 32 Jefferson

Cole, Clarence S. (Holt & Cole), 96 N. Main, h 3 Maple Grove

Cole, Eleanor Miss, bookkeeper, Bugbee & Alexander, Rms 36 Keith Av

Cole, George (Wm. Cole & Sons), bds. 90 N. Seminary

Cole, Leon L. (B.W. Hooker & Co.), h 6 Bolster Av

Cole, William (Wm. Cole & Sons), h 90 N. Seminary

Cole, William, stone cutter, em A.S. Bird & Son h 2 Orange

Cole, William, jr., (Wm. Cole & Sons, bds 42 Jefferson

Cole, William  Sons, (George and William, jr.), granite Dealers, Smith’s Meadow

Coleman, Alathea, widow, h 13 Morse Block

Coleman, Maude, stenographer, rooms 37 Jefferson

Coleman, Vernon, clerk, 59-63 N. main, rooms Keith Av

Collins, Adolphus B., engineer, removed to Hyde Park

Collins, Charles, blacksmith, rooms The Otis, Pearl

Collins, Charles H., barber, 58 N. Main, h 80 S. Main

Collins, John S., h 5 Hill

Collins, Joseph, concretor, bds 59 West

Collins, Joseph, stone cutter, bds 68 Ayers

Collins, Lawrence E., stone cutter, h 68 Ayers

Collins, LeRoy, printer, rooms 11 Walnut

Collins, LeRoy, linotype operator, Barre Times, res. 21 Jefferson

Colombe, John, emp. E.L. Smith & Co., rms Buzzell Block, Pearl

Colombe, Joseph, quarryman, h Websterville

Colombe, Joseph, lumper, h 113 Brooklyn

Colombe, Lewis, lumper, emp Barclay Bros., bds 111 Brooklyn

Colombe, Walter, lumper, emp Barclay Bros., bds 87 Ayers

Colombe, William, lumper, bds 12 Kinney

Colombo, Alexander, stone cutter, h 11 Foss

Colombo, Attilio, emp Giudici Bros. & Co., bds 6 Ladd

Colombo, A. Mrs., h 16 George

Colombo, Charles, emp Barclay Bros., h 26 Foss

Colombo, C., stone cutter, h 11 Cambria

Colombo, Frank, stone cutter, emp N. Barre Granite Co., Bds 11 Cambria

Colombo, John, emp E.L. Smith & Co., h 12 Elliston

Colombo, Joseph, stone cutter, emp Barclay Bros, h 6 Ladd

Colombo, Louis, stone cutter, removed to Italy

Colombo, Luidi, stone cutter, h 42 Center

Colone, William, emp Rizzi Bros.

Colson, Gust, stone cutter, rooms 29 Warren

Colson, Margaret Miss, nurse, rooms 99 Elm


Colvin, Alta E. Miss, bookkeeper, Trow & Holden, rooms 31 Jefferson

Colvin, Frank T., carpenter, rooms 37 Jefferson

Colvin, Will E., emp Trow & Holden, rms A. Tomasi Block

Comi, A., quarryman, res Websterville

Comi, Antonio A., died April 17, 1905

Comi, Fred, stone cutter, bds 39 Blackwell

Comi, John, stone cutter, bds 39 Blackwell

Comi, Rosa Mrs., res 39 Blackwell

Comi, Teresa, widow of Antonio A., h 5 Oswald

Comis, Peter, emp Carroll & McNulty

Committi, Moses, stone cutter, emp Robins Bros, bds. 28 Circle

Comitti, Stephen, stone cutter, emp Rizzi Bros.

Comolli, Angelo, stone cutter, bds 28 Center

Comolli, A.G. (Comolli & Co.), h Comolli

Comolli & Co., (A.G. Comolli), granite dealers, Smith’s Meadow

Comolli, Angelo, stone cutter, emp C.H. More & Co., bds 26 Blackwell

Comolli, Batista, stone cutter, bds 16 George

Comolli, Daniel, emp Robins Bros.

Comolli, David, sstone cutter, bds 2 Foss

Comolli, Felix, stone cutter, h 30 Third

Comolli, Frank, stone cutter, bds 7 High Holborn

Comolli, Frank E., sstone cutter, emp Comolli & Co., H 72 Railroad

Comolli, G. Fred, stone cutter, res 4 Foster

Comolli, Jasper, emp Leland & Hall Co., h 523 N. Main

Comolli, John, emp Robins Bros.

Comolli, John, emp Comolli & Co., res Comolli

Comolli, John, stone cutter, emp Hoyt & Lebourveau, H 4 Foster

Comolli, Joseph, emp Robins Bros., bds 35 River

Comolli, Joseph, stone cutter, bds Blackwell nr Comolli

Comolli, Joseph, delivery clerk, 46 Granite, res 4 Foster

Comolli, S., stone cutter, h 2 High Holborn

Comolli, S., stone cutter, h 93 Granite

Comstock, Alfred O., granite polisher, res S. Barre

Comstock, Carrie, widow, h 54 West

Comstock, Frank, emp Bugbee & Alexander, res. S. Barre

Comstock, Walter C., lumper, emp Bugbee & Alexander, Res S. Barre

Conant, Marinda, widow of John, h 174 S. Main

Conconi, Ernesto, emp Moore Bros & Brault

Confer, David, emp. The People’s Lighting, Heating & Power Co., rooms 15 Church

Congdon, John A., blacksmith, h 24 Merchant

Conlin, John, stone cutter, rooms 104 Summer

Connell, James, stone cutter, bds 73 Granite

Connell, Patrick, emp Burke Bros.

Connelly, John, upholsterer, 260 N. Main

CONNER, CHARLES C., REV., pastor Universalist Church, H Church opp the Park

Conner, Frank, laborer, h Hill’s Crossing, r 380 N. Main

Conner, William H., grocer, 266 N. Main, h 55 Merchant

Conner, William R., clerk, res 55 Merchant

Conners, John, quarryman, res Websterville

Conners, Peter, engineer, Worden Bros., res. Websterville

Conners, Susan, widow of James, h Websterville

Conners, Willliam, quarryman, res Websterville

Connick, John T., lunch wagon, N. Main, h 27 West

Connolly, Mary Miss, emp 24 Church

Connolly, Patrick, apprentice, bds 1 Buzzell pl off Pearl

Connon, Bessie Miss, bookkeeper, res 134 Elm

Connon, Edith W. Miss, res Cable nr Long

Connon, Elspet, widow of Alexander, h 77 Merchant

Connon, James A., stone cutter, removed to Saranac Lake

Connon, Margaret, widow of John, h 134 Elm

Connon, Mattie B. Miss, res 77 Merchant

Connors, Patrick, quarryman, res Websterville

Connors, William, brakeman, M.&W.R.R.R., res 14 Granite

Conroy, James, quarryman, bds Graniteville

CONSOLIDATED LIGHTING CO., Joseph L. Pierce, local Foreman, office 24 Elm

Conti, A., stone cutter, emp Mutch & Calder, h 28 Foss

Convent of the Sacred Heart, Sister M. Berchmans, Mother Superior, 101 Summer 

Converse, Charles L., letter carrier, P.O., h 19 West

Converse, Nina F. Miss, bookkeeper, Nat. Bank of Barre, Res 19 West

Conway, John, laborer, bds 3 River

Conway, Mary Mrs., h 225 S. Main

Conway, Teresa A. Miss, res 225 S. Main

Conway, William C., stone cutter, removed from city

Cook, Alvira Mrs., nurse, res 56 Maple Av

Cook, Benjamin, h 159 Seminary

Cook, David A., contractor and builder, h 16 Green c Lewis

Cook, Edward, quarryman, res S. Barre

Cook, George H., res 40 Merchant

Cook, Ida May Miss, operator, Vt. Tel. Co., res 40 Merchant

Cook, James H., expressman, h 40 Merchant

Cook, Mary, widow of Joseph, h 11 First

Cook, Michael, handle mfr. Foot Granite, h Evelyn nr Elmwood Av

COOK & WATKINS, wholesale granite, office, Scampini Block, N. Main

Cooley, S.P. Mrs., res 268 S. Main

Cooper, Agnes M.E. Miss, res 182 S. Main

Cooper, Alden V., physician, Barre Emeergency Hospital, Res Brook cor Pleasant

Cooper, A. Frank, carpenter, h 45 Maple Av

Cooper, George, polisher, emp Bugbee & Alexander, H 182 S. Main

Cooper, George B., apprentice, res 182 S. Main

Copeland, John, stone cutter, bds 16 Pleasant

Copeland, Moses, apprentice, removed to Worcester, Mass.

Coppi, Pietro, stone cutter, h 9 Harrington Av

Coppins, Charles E., carpenter and builder, h 39 S. Main

Coppins, Ray E., clerk, 140 N. Main, res 39 S. Main

Corbeil, A., stone cutter, h outside city limits

Corbett, M.A., clerk, E.H. Nerney & Co., Graniteville

Corcoran, Bernard W., apprentice, emp Burke Bros., res 5 Short

Corcoran, John, laborer, bds Graniteville

Corcoran, John P., res 5 Short

Corcoran, Michael, h 5 Short

Cordick, Jane, widow of John, h Websterville

Cordick, John, quarryman, h Websterville

Cordick, Robert J., quarryman, res Websterville

Cordiner, Alexander G., blacksmith, emp. G. Walker & Sons, Res Hillside Av

Cordiner, Alexander W., stone cutter, emp Marr & Gordon

Cordiner, Anna B. Miss, res 147 Washington

Cordiner, Isabell Miss, res Hillside Av

Cordiner, James A., stone cutter, h 147 Washington

Cordiner, James H, granite dealer, Burnham’s Meadow, H 147 Washington

Cordiner, Mary A. Miss, res Hillside Av

Cordiner, Robert P., emp Jas. H. Cordiner, h 8 Richardson

Cordiner, Robert, jr., emp Marr & Gordon

Cordiner, Susan G. Miss, res Hillside Av

Corey, Alexander, emp Sievewright Co.

Corey, Alex & Co. (T. Corey), clothing, Depot Square, H 28 Prospect

Corey, Joseph, emp Trow & Holden

Corey, Louis, emp city, bds 28 Prospect

Corey, Michael, laborer, h 28 Prospect

Corey, Tony (Alex. Corey & Co.), h rear 28 Prospect

Corliss, Addie R., Mrs., nurse, res 113 Hill

Cormack, George, stone cutter, rooms 341 N. Main

Corskie, Helen Miss, saleslady, 166 N. Main, res 96 Tremont

Corskie, John M. (John P. Corskie & Son), h 81 Hill

Corskie, John P., (J.P. Corskie & Son), h 96 Tremont

Corskie, John P., & Son (John), granite dealers, Batchelder’s Meadow

Corti, Alexander, stone cutter, emp A. Anderson & Sons, H 15 Short

Corti, Mary, widow of Eli, removed to old country

Corti, William, stone cutter, bds 39 Blackwell

Cote, Clifford, carriage maker, Prospect, h 76 Maple Av

Coti, Frank, teamster, h Graniteville

Coughlin, Joseph J., quarryman, h Graniteville

Coughlin, Michael E., foreman, h 18 Maple Av

Couillard, A.J., clerk, Websterville, h do

Couillard, Jasper, student, res Websterville

Couillard, Mary, widow of Henry, h Websterville

Coutts, Alex., stone cutter, rooms Madison and Pleasant

Coutts, Charles, stone cutter, bds 21 Brook

Coutts, Charles, emp Marr & Gordon, h 17 Harrington

Coutts, James R., salesman, James K. Pirie, h 29 Academy

Coutts, Johan Miss, res 17 Harrington Av

Couture, Joseph, emp The Peoople’s Lighting, Heating and Power Co., h 93 Park

Coveney, Margaret, widow of Michael J., rooms 51 Park

Covey, Frank H., lumper, h 55 Washington

Covey, William H. teamster, rooms 55 Washington

Coville, Oatman A., h 3 Averill

Cowie, Alexander, emp A. Anderson & Sons, h 11 Shurtleff Pl

Coyne, Joseph, laborer, h 120 Hill

Coyne, Mary Miss, res 10 Mount

Coyne, Michael, driver, bds Graniteville

Coyne, Patrick M., painter, h 10 Mount

Coyne, Paul, laborer, bds French cor Hill

Cragg, Frank A., asst. manager Barre Granite and Quarry Co., 38 N. Main, h 121 Hill

Craig, Thomas, removed to Scotland

Craig, William, stone cutter, bds 14 Laurel

Craig, William, jr., apprentice, bds 14 Laurel

Cram, Edward G., ins. Agent, h 45 Pearl

Cramer, Allen, emp Marr & Gordon

Cravaro, Louis, stone cutter, emp John Brown, h 45 Granite

Crawford, Andrew, quarryman, bds Graniteville

Crawford, Arthur E., shoemaker, 112 N. Main, h 25 Warren

Crawford, John, quarryman, h Websterville

Crawford, William, quarryman, bds Graniteville

Cray, Eugene F., Rev., asst. pastor, St. Monica’s Church, Res 79 Summer

Creamer, Albert A., stone cutter, bds 14 Granite

Creed, Charles A., blacksmith, Jones Bros., h 11 Bolster Av

Creed, Charles A., jr., apprentice, res 11 Bolster Av

Creed, Edith Miss, student, res 11 Bolster Av

Creed, William R., apprentice, res 11 Bolster Av

Crittenni, C., emp C.H. More & Co.

Crivellaro, Napoleon, stone cutter, h Farewell

Croci, Antonio, emp Marr & Gordon, h 42 Center

Croci, Enrico, emp Marr & Gordon, bds 7 High Holborn

Croci, Joseph, stone cutter, emp Comolli & Co., bds. 7 High Holborn

Crolla, Victor, clerk, 174 N. Main, h 3 Granite

Cronin, Michael, plumber, bds 380 N. Main

Crossley, Noel, collector, h 69 Warren

Croteau, Alphonse, laborer, h 349 N. Main

Croteau, George, laborer, res 349 N. Main

Croteau, Homer, stone cutter, h rear 11 Cottage

CROWLEY, JOHN C., painter, house, sign and carriage, also paper hanging, 17 S. Seminary, h 6 West

CROWLEY, PATRICK M., livery, feed and sales stable, any kind of conveyance for funerals, weddings, and sleighing parties, also groceries and dry goods, Websterville

CROWLEY, P.M., blacksmithing and repairs, Websterville

Cruden, Robert, stone cutter, removved to Worcester, Mass.

Crugnola, Peitro, stone cutter, h 104 Railroad

Cruickshank, Alexander, h 21 Howes Pl

Cruickshank, Alexander (Cruickshank & Sons), h 94 Summer

Cruickshank, Cecelia Miss, waitress, Northern Hotel

Cruickshank, Grace Miss, res 21 Howes Pl

Cruickshank, Henry Mrs., h Websterville

Cruickshank, James, emp Adie & Milne, bds Birch

Cruickshank, John, stone cutter, George Straiton, rooms 16 Forsyth Pl

Cruickshank, John, stone cutter, Littlejohn & Milne, Rms 40 Pearl

Cruickshank, Lyall, engineer, Coburn & Ellis, res Websterville

Cruickshank & Sons (William & Alexander), granite dealers, Marr & Gordon’s sheds

Cruickshank, James, stone cutter, h 46 Circle

Cruickshank, James Alex. Emp. Geo. Straiton, h Prospect Av

Cruickshank, Robert, removed to Manchester, N.H.

Cruickshank, William (Cruickshank & Sons), h 108 Summer

Cruickshank, William G., clerk, res Websterville

Cucci, John, baker, emp 2 Foss, bds do

Culver, Amanda M. Mrs., res 14 Cliff

Cumings, Earl C. (Smith & Cumings), h 372 N. Main

Cumings, E.W., Rev., job printer, 73 N. Main, h 42 Jefferson

CUMMING, JOHN A., general store, also postmaster, Websterville

Cumming, M.S., clerk, Websterville

Cummings, George L., engineer, h 13 Branch

Cummings, James, quarryman, res Websterville

Cummings, Joseph L., emp Jones Bros., h 80 Elm

Cummings, Susan Mrs., res 80 Summer

Cummins, Ida Mrs., res 166 Hill

Cunliffe, J.P., emp W. A. Lane, rms A Tomasi Block

Cunningham, Babe F. Mrs., bds 42 Prospect

Cunningham, David, lumper, bds 188 S. Main

Cunningham, Stuart, stone cutter, bds 380 N. Main

Currier, C.L., res 20 East

Currier, James M., laborer, h off Berlin

Currier, R.S., contractor and builder, h 20 East

Currier, Samuel, quarryman, bds Websterville

Curtelli, M., emp Stephen & Gerrard

Curti, William, stone cutter, Blackwwell

Curtis, A.B., blacksmith, emp Bugbee & Alexander, h 16 Pleasant

Curtis, Leroy A., stone cutter, removed to Hardwick

Curtis, Milo, emp Jones Bros., died April 1905

Curtis, Ray L., student, res 16 Pleasant

Curtis, William, farmer, removed to Brookfield

Cushion, Ezra, stone cutter, bds 59 West

Cushman, S.D., removed from city

Cusick, Alexander, engineer, h Websterville

Cutler, Bell, emp Beck & Beck, res S. Barre

Cutler, Chauncey Mrs., h 31 Jefferson

Cutler, C.E., carpenter, bds 78 S. Main

Cutleer, Diadama, widow of O.S., h 86 Summer

Cutler, Dwight H., clerk, 126 N. Main, rms 31 Jefferson

Cutler, Earl, supt., bds 23 Jefferson

Cutler, Fred E., letterer, res S. Barre

Cutler, F.T. (McDonald, Cutler & Co.), Burnham’s Meadow, H 361 N. Main

Cutler, George, farmer, res S. Barre

CUTLER, HARLIE F., livery and sale stable, rear City Hotel, h 23 Jefferson

Cutler, H. Blanche Miss, stenographer, Barre Purchasing Agency, rooms 31 Jefferson

Cutler, Lynn, student, res S. Barre

Cutler, Pauline R. Miss, res 361 No. main

Cutler, Pliny M., bookkeeper, Barre Savings Bank and Trust Co., rooms 37 Jefferson

Cutler, Wilbur F., emp Adie & Milne, res S. Barre

Cutts, Allen E., builder and contractor, h 165 Hill

Cutts, Bert N., stone cutter, removed to St. Paul, Wis.

Cutts, Fred E., clerk, Union Clothing Store, h 19 Summer

Cutts, Lewis, h 30 Park

Cutts, Samuel Mrs., res 3 Highland Av

Cyr, O.D., engineer, rooms 5 Brook


Dady, Ellen M. Mrs., h 227 Washington

Daffine, Collins R., emp Burke Bros., h 25 Church

Daffine, John, removed to Northampton, Mass.

D’Aga, Lorenzo, stone cutter, bds 21 Howes Pl

Daignault, D. Rev., pastor, St. Sylvester’s Church, Graniteville

Dale, Frederick R., stone cutter, emp Robins Bros., H 68 Lewis

Dale, Harry, emp Littlejohn & Milne, bds 84 Circle

Dale, Maary Mrs., res 23 Green

Dale, Nicolas, emp Littlejohn & Milne, bds 84 Circle

Daley, Margaret Miss, bookkeeper, Singer Sewing Machine Co., rooms 35 Keith Av

Dallo, Osvaldo, stone cutter, bds 5 River

Dalton, Thomas, emp M.&W.R.R., rooms 11 Foster

Damon, E.A. Mrs., widow, h 16 Maple Grove

Daneluzzi, E., stone cutter, h 96 Maple Av

Danforth, Frank E., emp Wells, Lamson & Co., h N. Main nr city limits

Danforth, Fred A., tool sharpener, h 9 Richardson

Dnforth, Roy, res 9 Richardson

Daniels, Alexander, stone cutter, h 94 Summer

Daniels, Arthur, clerk, rooms 28 East

Daniels, John, carpenter, bds 94 Summer

Daniels, Maggie Miss, res 94 Summer

Daniels, Mary H. Mrs., rooms 28 East

Daniels, William, stone cutter, bds 94 Summer

Daniels, William A., meat cutter, bds 94 Summer

Dantonio, Benjamin, stone cutter, bds 47 Granite

Dantonio, Louis, stone cutter, bds 47 Granite

Dapo, Edward, concretor, bds 59 West

Darling, Bernice Miss, teacher, res 8 Laurel

Darling, James B., driver, h 8 Laurel

Davenport, Carl, res 48 East

Davenport, Walter R., Rev., h 48 East

David, Mitchell, confectionery and fruit, Granite c. River, also 219 N. Main, h 73 Granite

Davidson, Alfred, emp Carihew & Gray, bds 8 Kirk

Davidson, Alfred, stone cutter, rooms 21 Brook

Davidson, Alfred, emp Clarihew & Gray

Davidson, Jacob, stone cutter, bds 53 S. Main

Davidson, George, stone cutter, emp Hoyt & Lebourveau, Bds 1 Garfield Av

Davidson, Helen A. Miss, res 1 Garfield

Davidson, James, polisher, h 1 Garfield

Davidson, James, jr., stone cutter, bds 1 Garfield

Davidson, John C. Mrs., h 37 Berlin

Davidson, Robert A., salesman, 7-8 Blanchard Block, rooms 28 Keith Av

Davidson, Robert, stone cutter, emp Moore Bros. & Brault, H 7 Harrington Av

Davidson, Thomas, stone cutter, emp E.W. Carle, h 16 Shurtleff Pl

Davidson, William, bds 1 Garfield Ave

Davidson, William, stone cutter, rooms 36 Farewell

Davis, C.K. Mrs., res 99 Elm

DAVIS, DAN F., druggist, 262 N. Main, h 7 Maple Grove

Davis, Earl R., (Davis & Swasey), 61 N. Main, h Allen ab  Prospect

Davis, Ernest, laborer, res 5 Brooklyn

Davis, Fred, res 5 Brooklyn

Davis, Fred O., supt. Gas plants, h 41 Park

Davis, Genevieve Miss, res 41 Park

Davis, George M., emp Harrison Granite Co., h 152 Seminary

Davis, Hermon, meat cutter, 63 N. Main, rms 24 Jefferson

Davis, Lorette S., widow of Isaac K., h 5 Brooklyn

Davis, Marshall J., clerk, removed from city

DAVIS & SWASEY (Earl R. Davis and George T. Swasey), Lawyers, 61 N. Main

Davy, Richard, emp Stephen & Gerrard, rms 33 Maple Av

Daw, James, removed to Quincy, Mass.

Dawson, David, blacksmith, removed to West Berlin

Day, A.C., harnessmaker, 54 N. Main, h 10 Prospect Av

Day, Harry, stone cutter, emp Bessey Granite Co.

Day, L.S., fireman, h Graniteville

Day, W.P., draughtsman, bds 12 Merchant

Dean, James A., stone cutter, emp Smith Bros. Granite Co., Rooms 17 Currier Block

DeBrune, Jesse C., laborer, h 9 ½ Mount

DeCost, Georgie Mrs. H 15 Granite

DeCost, Thomas, barber, removed from city

DeForge, Frank, emp Moore Bros. & Brault

DeGuise, William H., barber, rooms Miles Granite Block

DeLine, Hiram D., carpenter, h 97 Washington

Dellachiesa, Angelo, emp Jones Bros., h 16 Ladd

Della Santa, S., emp Barclay Bros.

Demarino, Fippo, peddler, h 13 River

Demars, Cyrile, stone cutter, h Beckley

Demers, Charles L., clerk, 188 N. Main, h 45 Merchant

Demonville, Alpherie, clerk, h Graniteville

Dempster, Robert, stone cutter, rooms 138 Seminary

DeNatale, Salvatore, stone cutter, h 104 Smith

Denning, Henry, musician, res 51 Park

Denning, Timothy J., emp Jones Bros., h 51 Park

Denning, William, res 51 Park

Denno, Joseph A., blacksmith, 73 S. Main, h do

Denonville, Arthur, emp St. Sylvester’s Parish, Graniteville

Denonville, Arthur Mrs., emp St. Sylvester’s Parish, Graniteville

Densmore, Carl D., granite dealer, ft West, res 15 Highland Av

Densmore, Frank E., stone cutter, res 9 S. Main

Densmore, Harry M., polisher, h 9 S. Main

Densmore, Ida M. Miss, res 9 S. Main

Denson, Valdus, emp McDonald & Buchan

Depatie, Peter M., shoemaker, 57 N. Main, rms do

Desjardins, Joseph, stone cutter, h Websterville

Desjardins, Thomas, removed from the city

Desrocher, Adrian, stone cutter, emp Burke Bros.

Dessureau, Addel, widow of Ovid, h 10 Merchant

Dessureau & Co., (Theodore and Philip), granite mfgrs., Foot West

Dessureau, Georgiana Miss, res 10 Merchant

Dessureau, Henry, engineer, bds 10 Merchant

Dessureau, Michael, engineer, h 406 N. Main

Dessureau, Philip, (Dessureau & Co.), bds 10 Merchant

Dessureau, T. (Dessureau & Co.), h 10 Merchant

Devechi, David, stone cutter, h 54 Granite

Dever, John, stone cutter, h 54 Granite

Dever, James, laborer, res 54 Granite

Dever, Susan Miss, res 54 Granite

Dewey Column Cutting Works, Nelson Bros. & Brown, granite Monuments, foot West

DEWEY, JULIUS E., physician, 46 N. Main, res do

Dewey, William, emp Beck & Beck, res Montpelier

Deziel, J.S., physician, 9 Merchant, res do

Diack, Daniel, stone cutter, bds 41 Pleasant

Diack, Duncan, emp A. Anderson Sons

Diack, George, removed to Montreal

Diack, James, stone cutter, res 41 Pleasant

Diack, Stuart, stone cutter, res 41 Pleasant

Diack, William, emp Clarihew & Gray, h 41 Pleasant

Dick, Edward, emp Young Bros., h Hall

Dickey, Harry, clerk, 59 N. Main, rooms 20 Franklin

Dickey, Priscilla Mrs., res 47 East

Dickie, Alexander, stone cutter, emp Burke Bros., h 504 N. Main

Dickie, William, emp Beck & Beck

Dickie, William, stone cutter, Moore Bros. & Brault, Bds 7 Long

Dickie, William R., stone cutter, emp Marr & Gordon, H 17 Short

Digneen, Mark, quarryman, h Graniteville

Dike, Carrie Mrs., res 11 Brook

Dike, Maude Miss, res 11 Brook

Dillingham, Henry, carpenter, h 61 Warren

Dillon, J.W., ins. Agent, 3-4 Bolster Block, h 41 Merchant

Dindo, Amelia, h 37 Railroad

Dindo, Francisco, stone cutter, emp Hoyt & Lebourveau, Bds Oswald

Dindo, F., emp Littlejohn & Milne

Dindo, John, stone cutter, emp McMillan & Son, h7 Railroad

Dindo, Joseph (Cella, Dindo & Co.), h Oswald

Dineen & Co. (John Redmond), granite dealers, ft. Granite

Dineen, Dennis, emp A. Anderson & Sons, bds Richardson rd Nr N. Main

Dineen, John, stone cutter, h 64 Pleasant

Dineen, Stephen (Dineen & Co.), h 8 Seminary

Dineen, Thomas, emp Dineen & Co., rms Bolster Block

Dineen, Thomas, stone cutter, rooms 341 N. Main

Dineen, William, stone cutter, rooms 341 N. Main

Dinnbreski, Joe, emp Burke Bros.

Dinnie, George, stone cutter, emp Marr & Gordon, Rooms 341 N. Main

Dion, Edward, stone cutter, emp G. Walker & Son, h 6 Second

Dirth, N.P., carpenter, h 3 Blackwell

Disanto, Frank, stone cutter, bds 20 Maple av

DIVERSI, ANGELO, propr. New England Fruit Co., 243 N. Main, Rooms Morse Block

Dix, Addie S., widow of George H., h 53 Brook

Dix, John L. (Willard & Dix), 115 S. Main, res 14 French

Dix, Thurman W., student, res 53 Brook

Dobie, Alexander, emp Marr & Gordon, h 82 Tremont n Hall

Dobie, Thos. A., emp Marr & Gordon, res 82 Tremont n Hall

Dobson, Charles, steam driller, h Websterville

Dodge, Albert F., h 129 Seminary cor Brook

Dodge, John C., painter and paper hanger, 160 S. Main, h do

DODGE, LEON B., Granite City Creamery and Ice Cream Parlor, Worthen Block, Keith Av., h 17 Averill

Dodge, Oramel J., jeweler, stationer and photographic Goods, 170 N. Main, h 46 Elm

Dodge, Sarah S. Mrs., res 361 N. Main

Doheny, Margaret Miss, teacher, rooms 14 S. Main

Domalli, James, emp Clarihew & Gray, rooms 3 Dix

Dombrouskie, Daniel, stone cutter, res 19 Central

Dombrouskie, Mary A. Mrs., h 19 Central

Dombrouskie, John, stone cutter, res 19 Central

Dombrouskie, Joseph, stone cutter, rooms 2 Buzzell Block

Dombrouskie, Joseph, jr., stone cutter, res 19 Central

Donahue, Anthony, produce dealer, h Graniteville

Donahue, Bridget Mrs., died Nov. 14, 1904

Donahue, Dennis J., res S. Barre

Donahue, Isaac, emp Stephen & Gerrard

Donahue, Jerry F., emp Emslie, McLeod & Co., res S. Barre

Donahue, John, emp Magnaghi & Galli

Donahue, Robert, emp Emslie, McLeod & Co., res. S. Barre

Donald, James, emp Parry & Jones, rooms 23 Church

Donald, James,stone cutter, rooms 34 Keith Av

Donald, William, stone cutter, bds 101 Smith

Donald, William, emp Harrison Granite Co., h 6 Foss

Donald, William, res 380 N. Main

Doneti, Julius, stone cutter, emp Leland & Hall Co., H 28 Foss

Donnell, William O., res Graniteville

Donnelly, Joseph, emp City Water Works, h 25 Mathieson

Dooley, Thomas, tool sharpener, removed from city

Doty, Eva B. Miss, milliner, res 5 Elmore

Doty, Silas R., carpenter, h 5 Elmore

Douglass, Charles L., stationary engineer, emp McDonald, Cutler & Co., h French

Douglass, Ellen, widow of William, h 99 Granite

Douglass, George M., clerk, removed to E. Barre

Douglass, Hammond, stone cutter, bds 62 Summer

Douglass, Walter C., lumper, emp McDonald, Cutler & Co., Res E. Barre rd

Dow, John D., laborer, h 27 Brooklyn

Dowers, Alexander, stone cutter, h 3 Cable

Dowers, Cecelia Miss, res 2 Plain

Dowers, John R., stone cutter, emp C.W. McMillan & Son, H 91 Seminary

Dowling, Fred, emp N. Barre Granite Co.

Downie, Albert, res 71 Merchant

Downie, Edythe Miss, res 71 Merchant

Downie, George, stone cutter, emp Stephen & Gerrard, h 59 Merchant

Downie, Isabell Miss, saleslady, 166 N. Main, res 71 Merchant

Downie, William, sexton, Hope Cemetery, h 71 Merchant

Downie, William G., office boy, Scott & Townsend, Bds 71 Merchant

Downing, Almon C., farmer, h Prospect ab Berlin

Downing, Clara A. Mrs., dressmaker, res 3 S. Main

Downing, Fred A., emp. C.D. Swasey & Co., h 4 Mt. Vernon Pl

Downing, Fred E., farmer, h Essex nr Prospect

Downing, William L., lumper, rooms 3 S. Main

Downing, William L. Mrs., dressmaker, rooms 3 S. Main

Downs, Edward J., mason, h 21 Brooklyn

Doyle, Luanna A., widow of Michael W., h 2 Buzzell Pl

Doyle, Michael W., died December 8, 1904

Draper, Carrie Miss, teacher, bds 8 Eastern Av

Dresseau, H., engineer, McDonald & Buchan

Drew, Charles A., laborer, h 32 Prospect

Drew, George A., contractor, removed to Marshfield

Drew, Sarah E., removed to Cambridge, Mass.

Drew, Wilbur F., driver, h 73 Brooklyn

Driscoll, John, concretor, bds 57 West

Drisko, W.B., quarryman, h Websterville

DROWN, E.A., druggist, 48 N. Main, h 9 Walnut

Drown, Munroe S., stone cutter, bds Northern Hotel

Drown, Vestella E., widow of George W., h 19 Plain

Drumgould, John, stone cutter, h 573 N. Main

Drury, Eli H., laborer, h S. Barre

Drury, Fred B., polisher, bds S. Barre

Ducharme, Nelson, stone cutter, h 147 Seminary

Ducharme, William, emp Chas. D. Swasey, h S. Barre

Ducharme, William, stone cutter, emp Burke Bros., res S. Barre

Dudley, David, stone mason, h 24 Farewell

Dudley, Emma, widow of A.J., res S. Barre

Dudley, Etta Miss, res 24 Farewell

Dudley, Frank, polisher, res 24 Farewell

Dudley, Louis, lumper, emp Marr & Gordon, res 24 Farewell

Dudley, Will M., polisher, res S. Barre

Duff, Robert, stone cutter, bds 188 S. Main

Duff, William, designer and art teacher, studio, 21 Miles Block, rooms 40 Perry

Duffy, Francis A., manager Nat. Granite Co., rooms 38 Summer

Duffy, Hugh A., granite, died August 25, 1904

Dumas, Martino, section boss, h Websterville

Dumas, M., quarryman, h Websterville

Dunbar, Alexander, removed to Chicago, Ill.

Duncan, Alexander, (N. Barre Granite Co.), rooms Morse Blk.

Duncan, Fred, stone cutter, bds 108 Summer

Duncan, George, removed to Butte, Mont.

Duncan, James, stone cutter, bds 11 Shurtless Pl.

Duncan, James, stone cutter, rooms 341 N. Main

Duncan, Mrs., widow of James, h Merchant outside limits

Duncan, Robert, emp Marr & Gordon, rooms 42 Maple Av

Duncan, William, emp Coburn & Ellis, bds 10 Murray

Duncan, William, stone cutter, h Quarry Road

Dundas, Alexander A., emp. Barclay Bros., h 133 Washington

Dunghi, Edward, stone cutter, h 17 Vine

Dunghi, Edward, stone cutter, emp Noveli & Calcagni

Dunghi, Edward, stone cutter, bds 108 Railroad

Dunham, E.F., tool sharpener, h 105 Summer

Dunton, Eugene W., upholsterer, rooms 145 Washington

Dunton, Henry W., stone cutter, h 145 Washington

Duprey, Edward, stone cutter, h 7 Farewell

Duprey, H., quarryman, res Graniteville

Duprey, Moses, stone cutter, Marr & Gordon, h 18 Hooker Av

Duprey, William, farmer, res West Hill

Duquette, John, quarryman, res Websterville

Duquette, Michael, quarryman, h Websterville

Duquette, Peter, quarryman, h Graniteville

Durett, Coral, barber, 58 N. Main, bds 23 Ayers

Durett, George H., clerk, 367 N. Main, rms Buzzell Block

Durett, Scott, stone mason, h 23 Ayers

Durett, Winfield, hostler, res 23 Ayers

Durfee, Archie F., stone cutter, rooms 14 Mount

Durfee George L., emp Wm. Cole & Sons, h 13 Pleasant

DURKEE BERTRICE G., plumbing, tinsmith, stoves, ranges, etc., Durkee Place, 360 N. Main, bds, do

Durkee, Emma, Widow of William, h 213 S. Main

Durkee, Mary J., widow of Giles B., h 360 N. Main

Durkee, Willie P., painter and decorator, res 213 S. Main

Durkee, W. R. tinsmith, Phelps Bros., h 59 Prospect

Dusharm, Leroy, emp Trow & Holden

Dusharm, William, emp Wilson Bros., res S. Barre

Dustin, Mary, widow of Lewis D., h 17 Third

Duthie, Mary E., widow of Edward, h 53 Brooklyn

Duthie, William, emp Barclay Bros., h 201 Washington

Duthie, Wm. H., cashier, M.& W.R.R.R., res 201 Washington

Duttil, Ernest, quarryman, bds Websterville

Duttil, Samuel, quarryman, h Websterville

Dutton, Maggie L., widdow of Sanford, h 14 Clark

Dyer, Frank H., letter carrier, P.O., h 26 Spaulding

Dyer, Joseph C., emp Geo. E. Bond, bds 90 Prospect

"Barre City Directory for 1905, Including East Barre, South Barre and Graniteville. Containing A General Directory of the Citizens, A Classified Business Directory, also a Church, Society and Street Directory and a New Map of the City."   L. P. Waite & Co., Publishers, Savings Bank Building, 50 Second Street, Newburgh, N.Y.
On Sale by C.W. Martin, Bookseller and Stationer, Barre, Vt.

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