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"This township is situated on the east side of Lake Champlain, opposite to North Hero and Alburgh.  Missisco River passes through Swanton, and fertilizes a considerable portion of its territory. This river is navigable for lake vessels to Swanton Falls, six miles from its mouth. These falls descend twenty feet and, with other smaller streams, give to Swanton a water power of great value . . .  The surface and soil of Swanton are favorable to agricultural pursuits, with the exception of a part bordering the lake, which is low, wet, and cold; and which is the favorite abode, in summer, of wild geese, ducks and other water fowl. The village of Swanton is pleasantly located, and is the site of a number of manufactories, and of an increasing trade . . .  Before the conquest of Canada by the English, the French and Indians had a settlement at Swanton Falls, consisting of about fifty huts, and had cleared some land, on which they raised corn and vegetables. They had also built a church and a saw mill; and the channel cut through the rocks, to supply water for the latter, still remains. This place was occupied by the Indians till the commencement of the revolution. The first permanent settlers here were John Hilliker and family, about the year 1787. They were soon joined by other settlers." 

Gazetteer of Vermont, Hayward, 1849.

Donaldson-North End Cemetery, Swanton VT 
Janes Cemetery, Swanton VT
St. Mary's Cemetery, Swanton VT
Woods Hill Cemetery, Swanton VT