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      Welcome to the NEW-ENGLAND-HISTORY Discussion List.  This is a discussion area for anyone who has an interest in the history of the New England States of Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont. 

      Biographical sketches, cultural history, personal web sites or informational web sites, etc. are also encouraged and most welcome. 

      OFF TOPIC subjects are not welcome.  By this, I mean messages which do not pertain to the history of  New England or related topics.

      My name is Karima, and I'm the administrator of this list. I'm responsible for keeping it running as smoothly as possible and setting some rules and guidelines. 


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      As mentioned above, OFF TOPIC subjects are not welcome.  By this, I mean messages which do not pertain to the history of  New England. 

      Members who join in on these "off topic" subjects (this pertains to both pro and con opinions) may be put on "read only" status.  If you are in doubt as to the appropriateness of a subject, please contact me privately.

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      Do not impose any other rules or conditions, expressed or implied elsewhere, upon this list. Rules of other forums may not necessarily apply here. 

      Do not try to regulate this list. 

      That is my responsibility.   If you do not like the way someone formats their queries or responses, or the content of their subject titles, take it up with ME personally, NOT on the list. 

      This list is for the discussion of history - NOT for political or religious statements - this is a very strict rule and abusing it will result in immediate dismissal from the list.

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