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      TOPSHAM is the central town in the northern part of the county, in latitude 44° 8' and longitude 4° 45’, and is bounded north by Groton, Caledonia county, east by Newbury, south by Corinth, and west by Orange. It was chartered by Benning Wentworth, governor of New Hampshire, September 27, 1763, to George FROST and eighty-one associates, and contained 23,040 acres, the charter bounds being as follows: 

"Beginning at the southwesterly corner bound of Newbury, a town lately granted in this Province lying on the westerly side of Connecticut river, from thence running north sixty-five degrees west, six miles to a stake and, stones, then turning off and running north twenty degrees east, six miles to a stake and stones, then turning off again and running south sixty-nine degrees east, about six miles to the northwesterly corner of Newbury aforesaid, thence south twenty degrees west, about six miles and one-half mile by Newbury aforesaid, to the bounds began at."
      The surface of Topsham is uneven -- picturesquely interspersed with hills and valleys, which form a pleasing landscape picture. The soil is equally good on the hills and in the valleys, many of the best farms being upon the highest elevations. The agricultural products are abundant, corn, rye, oats, and potatoes being the principal crops, while wheat yields a good harvest on the more elevated farms. There is comparatively very little barren land in the town.

      The town is watered principally by the head branches of Wait's river. This stream rises in Harris Gore, in Washington county, passes through the northeast Dart of Orange, and enters Topsham, running southerly passes through the villages of West Topsham and Wait's River, thence through Corinth and Bradford, emptying into the Connecticut river. It affords some good mill-sites on its course. TABOR Branch, upon which the first grist-mill in town was built, at East Topsham, flows through nearly the central part of the town, and empties into Wait's river in the town of Corinth. It also affords some good mill-sites.

      The rocks entering into the geological structure of the town are principally of the calciferous mica schist formation, the only other strata being a very small outcrop of granite, syenite and protogine in the northwestern corner. There is a small bed of marl in the southern part, near Wait's river where it crosses the border into Corinth.

      In 1880 Topsham had a population of 1,365. In 1886 the town had fifteen school districts and fourteen common schools, taught during the year by six male and nineteen female teachers, to whom was paid an average weekly salary, including board, of $7.23 to the males and $4.20 to the females. There were 354 scholars, seven of whom attended private schools. The entire income for school purposes was $2,311.79, while the whole amount expended was $1,905.22, with Milo KEZER, superintendent.

      EAST TOPSHAM (Topsham p. o.) is a village located east of the center of the town. It contains two churches, a general store, saw-mill, grist-mill, wheelwright shop, and about a dozen dwellings. The village is pleasantly located in a valley on a branch of Wait's river. The town house is located here.

      WEST TOPSHAM (p. o.), the largest village in the town, is picturesquely located in a beautiful little valley on Wait's river, in the southwestern part of the town. It contains two general stores, one lawyer, two physicians, a grist-mill, saw-mill, blacksmith shop, a union church, used by the Freewill Baptist and Methodist Episcopal societies, a good hotel, and about twenty-five dwellings.

      WAIT'S RIVER (p. o.) is situated on Wait's river, in the southwestern part of the town. It contains a general store, blacksmith shop, bobbin factory, saw-mill, a church, and about a dozen dwellings.

      Samuel M. FIELD's grist-mill, located on Wait's river, in West Topsham village, came into Mr. FIELD's possession in 1877. It grinds about 5,000 bushels of wheat per annum, and about the same number of bushels of other grain.

      BEEDE & LOCKE's saw and grist-mill was built by Edson C. SWIFT about 1856, and was bought by Mr. BEEDE, in company with Orange A. DODGE, in 1883. In September, 1885, Mr. DODGE disposed of his interest, and in February, 1886, Mr. BEEDE took in as partner Spaulding LOCKE, the business now being conducted under the firm name of BEEDE & LOCKE. They employ four hands, and do about $4,000 worth of business per annum.

      Henry E. HOOD's butter-tub factory, on road 59, came into Mr. HOOD's possession in January, 1884. He employs two men, and manufactures about 3,000 tubs per annum.

      Jefferson MOULTON's distillery was built by David MOULTON about 1860. In 1874 it was purchased by the present proprietor, who employs two men and manufactures $500 worth of cedar, wormwood, tansy and spruce oils per year.

      J.A. KEENAN & Co.'s saw-mill is located at the foot of Milligan pond, on road 5. The first mill on this site was built by James MILLIGAN, about sixty years ago. This was destroyed by fire, as was also another erected soon after. The site came into the possession of Mr. KEENAN in 1858, when the present building was erected by him. The firm employs six men in the manufacture of all kinds of dressed lumber.

      Ward P. CARPENTER's saw-mill and chair stock manufactory, located at West Topsham, was built by Robert SANBORN about 1856. It became the property of Mr. CARPENTER in 1871. He employs four hands and manufactures about $4,000 worth of bent felloes, chair stock and spruce lumber annually.

      William H. CHALMERS's carriage shop, located in the village of East Topsham, was built by William DICKEY about 1870, and came into the possession of Mr. CHALMERS in August, 1855. He employs one man and manufactures all kinds of wagons and sleighs.

      William W. CHALMERS's carriage shop, on TABOR Branch, road 46, was built by a Mr. PATTRIDGE about 1852. Mr. CHALMERS purchased the property of Volantine WEED in 1873. He employs three men and does a business of $1,500 yearly.

      Henry A. JACKMAN's bobbin factory, on road 51, was built by William MILLS about 1836, as a grist-mill. Mr. JACKMAN bought the property in 1872, of Horace G. McDUFFEE, and immediately began the manufacture of bobbins, which business he has since continued. He does the largest business of this kind in this section, employing fifteen hands, and manufactures $16,000 worth of bobbins per annum.

      The town was organized March 15, 1790, by Samuel HAZELTINE, Esq., of Corinth, at a meeting held at the dwelling house of Lemuel TABOR. At this meeting Lemuel TABOR was elected town clerk; Lemuel TABOR, Robert MANN, and William CARTER, selectmen; and Samuel CARTER, constable. The first representative was William THOMPSON, in 1801. Polly, daughter of Thomas and Sarah McKEITH, was the first child born in the town, October 1, 1783. The first death was that of Samuel P. CROWN, son of Samuel and Lydia CROWN, August 9, 1790, aged nearly one year. The first marriage recorded is that of Samuel CROWN and Lydia FOOTE, June 18, 1788. Lemuel TABOR built the first grist-mill in town, in 1787, on TABOR Branch, where East Topsham vil1age now is, and received therefore, from the proprietors, a tract of about 200 acres of land, and was to keep the mill in repair fourteen years.

      The early settlers were principally from New Hampshire and. Massachusetts. The first to settle in the town was Thomas CHAMBERLIN, in 1781, in the eastern part. He was soon followed by Thomas KEITH and Samuel FARNHAM. In 1783 they were joined by Robert MANN, Samuel THOMPSON and John CROWN. CROWN was one of the original grantees of the town, and it appears the only one who settled here. After the organization of the town, its town meetings were held in different dwelling houses until 1806, when a town house was built at East Topsham, at a cost of $203.48. From 1798 to 1801 Nathaniel MILLS, Dea. David BAGLEY, Dea. Jonathan SANBORN, John NUTT and others settled in the western part of the town, and Nathaniel MILLS built the first saw-mill in that locality, in 1799, in the village of West Topsham. Jonathan JENNESS built the first grist-mill in the western part of the town in 1807.

      Jonathan HOOD came to this town with his father, in 1782, when four years of age. He married Susan FAIRWELL, by whom he had nine children, viz.: Sophila, Charles, and Susan (Mrs. Benjamin GREEN), now dead; Sargent, who resides in Vershire; Levi, in Groton; and Mary (Mrs. Aaron HOSMER), Angeline (Mrs. Elisha MOULTON), Maria (Mrs. Gideon GILBERT), and John, in this town. John married Diana AVERY, November 8, 1846. Of his eleven children, Almira, born November 18, 1848, died November 9, 1853; Isabell (Mrs. John Wright) was born December 9, 1849, and resides in Canaan, Vt.; Alonzo, born in January, 1851, resides in this town; Almira (Mrs. Moses SMITH), born December 3, 1851, also resides in this town ; John C., born March 24, 1854, married Eusebe CLARK, of Ryegate, and has one child; Frank C., born March 29, 1855, is a leading physician at Marysyille, Cal. Amanda E. (Mrs. Rufus ROWLAND), born April 27, 1856, and Jennie (Mrs. Charles W. SMITH), born February 15, 1859, reside in this town; Charlie E., was born May 19, 1866, and George E., June 24, 1868. One child died in infancy. Alonzo, the eldest son of John, married Alvina, daughter of Calvin WHITEHILL, November 27, 1878, by whom he had three children, two, Jennie and Fred, now living.

      William HOOD removed to this town with his father in 1872, at the age of four years. He married Sally CROWN, by whom he had eleven children, two dying in infancy. Of his other children, Enos and Eliza (Mrs. Sabin JOHNSON) are dead ; Susan (Mrs. James BATTEN), William, Jr., Roxanna (Mrs. Ephraim WEED), and Lucinda (Mrs. Zachariah PIERCE) reside in Stannard, Vt.; Gilbert and Royal in this town ; and Anthony in Newbury. Royal married Clarissa BATTEN, September 24, 1835, by whom he had seven children, as follows: Diantha (Mrs. Almon JOHNSON), of West Fairlee; Eliza A. (Mrs. Alvah SAWYER), Martha (Mrs. James MERRITT), Warren and Elmer in this town; and Edwin M., born October 5, 1854, married Ruth MERRITT, October 23, 1875, and has one child, Walter M. born November 1, 1876. Henry E., son of Anthony, born November 18, 1859, is a manufacturer of butter tubs on road 59.

      Zachariah RICHARDSON came to this town from Francestown, N. H., about 1800. He was twice married, the second time to Mrs. Betsey HARDING, after coming to this town. Six or more of his children preceded him here, among them being Robert F., who married Dorcas HARDY, of Bath, N. H., by whom he had ten children, seven now living, viz.: Robert, Lovisa, Lucinda, Dorcas, Lydia, Dolly, and Irene. Robert married Rosina HEALY, of Washington, N. H., who bore him eight children, five of whom are living, viz.: Robert F., 2d, Rosina J., Nathaniel H., Eveline J., and Henry C., of this town. Henry C. was a farmer until the breaking out of the Rebellion when he enlisted, December 2, 1861, in Co. D, 8th Vt. Vols., and was discharged July 18, 1865. He participated in the battles of Fort Bisland, Bayou Techt, the running fight from Berwick City to Pattersonville, Winchester, Opequon Creek, Fisher's Hill, and Cedar Creek. At Fort Bisland, May 13, 1863, he was struck in the head by a piece of shell. He was also wounded at Cedar Creek, October 19, 1864, by four different balls, the principal one penetrating the right side, passing between the spine and the large intestines, and coming out through the left hip joint. In October, 1865, he bought the mill now owned by H. A. JACKMAN, on road 51, which he sold to Horace G. McDUFFEE in 1867, when, in partnership with his brother Nathaniel H., he opened a furniture store at Lancaster, N. H., which was burned in 1869. In 1870 he removed to Newton, Iowa, where he followed the occupation of farming until 1876, when he returned to this town and bought a farm on road 18. Here he remained until 1881, when he removed to the farm where he now lives, on road 54. He was twice married, first to Jennie L. WHICHER, of Newbury, October 12, 1865, by whom he had two daughters, Cora and Carrie, she dying September 6, 1868. For his second wife he married Lydia M. WHITEHILL, a widow, of Groton. Vt., March 17, 1869, who bore him five children, viz.: Robert H., William C., Mary V., George H., and Albert N. She died March 26, 1886. Of Robert's other children, Robert F., 2d, lives in Washington, Vt.; Rosina J. (Mrs. David E. STEVENS) in Elgin Minn.; Nathaniel H. in Lancaster, N. H.; and Eveline I. (Mrs. George THOMPSON) in Grand Meadow, Dak.

      David BAGLEY settled in this town previous to 1800. He married Sally ANDREWS and reared twelve children. Three, John A., of Piermont, N. H., Charles W., of Chelsea, and Gilman, of this town, are living. One son, Enoch, now dead, married Fanny JEWELL, by whom he had five children, Sarah A., Jane E., (Mrs. Edwin M. KIDDER), Charles, Enoch, Jr., and Newell C. The latter, who never married, lives in Topsham, being the third generation to occupy the old homestead. In the early days, before a church was erected in the town, the Baptists used to hold their meetings in this house, and when the house would not contain them all, they would adjourn to a barn still standing on the premises. The BAGLEY family have been prominent in the town. David BAGLEY, Jr., was born in this town. He was thrice married, first to Lois BULLARD, by whom he had four children, two of whom are living, David, 2d, in Canaan, N. H., and William in this town. His second wife was Ploomy SIMPSON, by whom he had three children, two, Oramel and Gilman, now living in this town. The latter married Sarah B. SMITH, November 10, 1864, by whom he has had one child, David E., born September 1, 1865. David, Jr., marrried for his third wife Voda PAGE, of Corinth, who survives him, a resident of Manchester, N. H. He died October 29, 1882.

      Zachariah CILLEY was born in this town July 10, 1800. He married Jane DICKEY, in October, 1836, and reared five children, viz.: Lucinda, Elizabeth, Joann, Lydia and James M. Mr. CILLEY died September 18, 1852. His widow married James CROFFRIN, by whom she had one child, Charlie, who was born October 14, 1860, and died April 14, 1876.

      John FORD came to this town from Cape Ann, Mass., about 1800, with his wife and three children. Five children were born after coming here. Deacon William FORD, son of John, married Bethiah GLEASON, September 20, 1827, by whom he had five children, viz.: Julia, Lois S., Olive G., John and Hannah E. William died October 16, 1880.

      William CILLEY was born in Francestown, N. H., in 1773, came to this town in 1795, and settled on road 32. He married Nancy RICHARDSON, by whom he had six children, viz.: Lorenzo D. and Susan, now dead; Nancy (Mrs. Jacob TAPLIN) and Daniel C. reside in this town; Mariah (Mrs. Thomas J. WADLEIGH), in Plainview, Minn., and Benjamin F. in Dover, N. H. Daniel C. married Harriet E. CHAMBERLAIN, who died March 9, 1877. They had four children, Lorenzo D., Marion (Mrs. Frank SCRIBNER), Josiah and Willie D. Mr. CILLEY married for his second wife Harriet (FLETCHER) JAMES.

      Cutting COOK, from Campton, N. H., settled in Topsham about 1808 or 1812, nearly midway between the villages of Wait's River and West Topsham, where he cleared a farm. He died in Orange some fifteen years since, aged eighty-five years. By his first wife, Ruth DOLBIE, he had a large family, of whom are now living Samuel, of Cranston, R. I.; Mary A. (Mrs. John MILLS); William B., of Norwich ; Eliza (Burroughs), of Barre; George J., of Orange; and Edwin S., of Post Mills.

      Benjamin GREEN came to this town from Newbury in 1808, and settled on road 28. He married Judith RANDALL, by whom he had four children, as follows: Louisa, now dead; Benjamin, Jr., and Nelson, who reside in this town; and Erastus, who married Laura BUTTERFIELD, by whom he had three children Matilda, who married George CORRUTH, and has four children living, Charles E., Nancy, Laura B. and Hattie; Welcome M., who resides in this town, and Laura J., who died young. Erastus has lived in this town seventy-five years, and is now, at the age of eighty-two, a vigorous and healthy old gentleman. Welcome M. was born here in 1837, and married Julia ORN, of Albany, Vt., in 1862. He is one of the leading farmers of the town. Edwin, son of Benjamin, Jr., and Susan (HOOD) GREEN, was born in this town January 28, 1855. He married Mary E. CLUFF, July 6, 1881.

      Abner CURRIER came from Amesbury, Mass., about 1818, bringing with him his wife and two children, Ebenezer and Miriam. Ebenezer married Judith WEED. One of his sons, Ebenezer, Jr., married Margaret KEENAN, by whom he had four children, one dying in infancy; Eveline, born September 5, 1856, dying February 4, 1871; Leila A., born October 3, 1854, now living in this town; and Ira, born January 7, 1859, also a resident of this town. Margaret, wife of Ebenezer, Jr., died February 3, 1866, his death occurring April 4, 1881. Both were devout Christians, and attended the Presbyterian church.

      Abner CURRIER, son of Ebenezer and Judith CURRIER, who settled here at an early day, married Mary A. GARLAND in 1843, and had born to him seven. children, viz.: Mary (Mr. Albert PATTEN), of Stannard, Vt.; Judith (Mrs. William BURGESS), of East Corinth; Garland A., of this town; Adelaide (Mrs. Proctor NORRIS), of Lowell, Mass.; Charles E., of Brattleboro, Vt.; Lois (Mrs. Rodman BLAKE), of Corinth; and Olive T., who died in 1879. Garland A. married Betsey A. SMITH, of this town, October 11, 1869, by whom he has had three children, viz.: William H., Effie L., and Chancy H. He has held the office of town auditor for three years.

      Asa DIVOLL, son of Josiah and Jane M. (WAIN) DIVOLL, of Westminster  Vt., was the first of that name to settle in this town. He was born February 6,  1768, married Lydia SABIN in 1799, by whom he had thirteen children, only four  of whom are living, viz,: Willard, in New York city, Asa, Jr., Persis (Mrs. Timothy  MESERVE) and Josiah in this town. Josiah married Lucinda PEABODY and  reared five children -- Albert, Charles, Emily, Morris L., and Mary J. Emily (Mrs.  John TAGGART), of this town, and Mary J. (Mrs. Chester DICKEY) of  Washington, are the only ones living. Charles and Morris L. gave their lives in  the service of their country during the late war, the former dying of wands  received in the battle of the Wilderness, and the latter of fever at  Fredericksburg. After the death of his first wife, in 1844, Josiah married  Christiana SHIELD, in 1842, by whom he had no children. 

      John CLARK immigrated to this country about 1776, and settled in Newbury, Vt. He reared a family of ten sons and one daughter. One son, Timothy, a shoemaker and farmer, married Betsey LADD, who bore him eight boys and three girls, Hiram A., of this town, being the only one now living. After the death of his first wife Timothy married Martha (WHITMAN} Gerald, by whom he had no children. Hiram A. was born in Newbury, April 4, 1811. He was engaged in various occupations, at one time being employed in rafting logs on the Connecticut river. He also ran a boat from Wells River to Hartford, Conn., carrying lumber down and returning with a cargo of merchandise, propelling the boat by means of a long pole. He was twice married, first to Affa TEMPLE, January 27, 1831, who bore him five children, viz.: Alvira and Lorenzo D. B., now dead; Betsey (Mrs. Rufus C. BLODGETT), of Monroe, N. H.; .Jane W. (Mrs. Ora KITTRIDGE), of Walden, Caledonia, county; and Joel T., of this town. His second wife was Barbary BATCHELDER. Joel T. was born in 1838, married Clara DICKEY, June 16, 1870; and has one child, Hattie B. He was a member of the Constitutional convention in 1870, and in 1872 was appointed postmaster at Topsham, which position he now holds. In early life he followed the occupation of a cooper and farmer. In 1878 he was employed as salesman in the store of Duncan STEWART. In 1881 he bought the stock of goods of STEWART, and continued the business until 1883, when lie sold to G. H. PILLSBURY. Mr. PILLSBURY sold to J. R. McLAM, the present proprietor, who employs Mr. CLARK as salesman.

      Robert FORSYTHE came to this town from Ryegate, Vt., with his parents, when quite young. He has been twice married, first to Avis JONES, who bore him one child, now dead, and second to Adeline BOICE, by whom he has had two children, Everett, who resides with his father in this town, the other dying in infancy. Mr. FORSYTHE has been selectman fifteen years, and overseer of the poor and lister several times.

      William CHALMERS, Sr., came from Scotland to Newbury in 1835. He married Isabel Barker and reared a family of eleven children, only six of whom were born in this country. One son, George, came from Scotland about 1839, married Elizabeth FAIRFULL, by whom he had eleven children, only three of whom, Christian, Margaret, and William W., are living. William W., who resides in this town, married Almira A. Olmstead, who bore him eleven children -- William H., Ella M., Clara B., Martha A. and Mary E., twins, Henry W., Lizzie E., Anna A., Florence E,, John A, and George I. William H. was born. May 28, 1862. He married Minnie BUXTON, of Brookfield, and has two children, Fanny A. and James R. Mr. CHALMERS is a carriage-maker, in the village of East Topsham.

      Henry A. JACKMAN was born in Barre, Vt., in 1829. When a young man he went to Boston, Mass., and engaged in the trucking business, which he continued for eight years. In 1861 he enlisted in the 2d Mass. Lt. Art., in which he served four years. He then, in company with his brother Daniel P., bought a grist-mill in East Corinth. He continued here four years, when he engaged in the bobbin business, in this town. Mr. JACKMAN married Nancy M. ROWLAND in 1869, and has four children, Alfred C., Winthrop T., Henry A. and Mary E. He was a member of the legislature in 1876.

      Samuel DICKERMAN was the first of the name to settle in the town. He was twice married, and had seven children by his first wife and five by the second. Several of his children remained in this town, married and reared families; but none of them are here now. One son, Lewis, married Diantha ORDWAY, of Tunbridge, who bore him five children, two of whom, Mary (Mrs. John F. PHILBRICK) and Palmer J., are living in this town, the latter on the old homestead, on road 51. Lewis was a generous, noble hearted man. He died very suddenly April 6, 1877.

      John WILLEY, who died in Wheelock, Vt., at the remarkable age of 105 years, was the paternal ancestor of the Willeys of this town. His son John, Jr., reared a family of five girls and five boys, all of whom are now dead. One son, William, married Mary LADD, who bore him ten children, five of whom are living, viz.: David in Dakota; Tamson (Mrs. Benjamin DOW), in Goffstown, N. H.; Mary J. (Mrs. Nahum BARRY), in Sheffield, Vt.; and John and Horace in this town. John has been representative from this town two terms. He was twice married, first to Catharine DANFORTH, who bore him eight children, viz.: Emily (Mrs. Israel WOOD), and Eugene E., of Barry, Vt.; Delia (Mrs. John FOSS), of Plainfield; Frances (Mrs. George LOVERING), of Rutland, Iowa; Lucian E., of Humboldt, Iowa; George K., of Springfield, Mass.; Everett E , who married Jennie WOOD, May 21, 1885, a resident of this town; and Oramel D., who married Lucinda KIMBALL, April 28, 1868, also of this town. The latter has two children, Katie R. and Arthur K. John WILLEY's second wife was Cynthia CHEANEY, by whom he had no .children.

      Albert P. NEWMAN, son of Curtis C. and Emily NEWMAN, was born in Washington in 1847. He married Cordelia MORSE and reared five children, viz.: Robert, George, Mertie, Bernard and Hazzle. Mr. NEWMAN has two brothers and a sister now living, in Boston, Mass.

      Capt. Welbee J. BUTTERFIELD, son of Welbee and Eliza F. (BROWN) BUTTERFIELD, was born in this town April 18, 1828. He married Sarah J. MOODY, of Parsonfield, Me., in 1852, by whom he has had four children -- Cora H. (Mrs. Claudius BROCK), who died November 3, 1875; Edward N., who died May 28, 1862; Eliza (Mrs. Stephen W. GEORGE), and George F., who married Susie A. SAWYER, and has one child, Mary A. Mr. BUTTERFIELD acquired his military title as captain of Co. K, 3d N. H. Regt., with which company he was in active service two years. He was a merchant in Dover, N. H., for ten years; but since the war, owing to poor health, has been engaged in no business. He has been justice of the peace four years.

      Samuel F. DOWNING, Jr., son of Samuel and Lucinda (FIFIELD) DOWNING, was born in Williamstown in 1820. He married Mary P. RICHARDSON, who bore him two children, Albert F., now dead, and Oscar V. The latter married Hannah R. SHERMAN, of Littleton, N. H. They have two children, Fred A. and Frank O., both of whom are living with their parents in this town.

      Caleb EMERY was born in Washington, in 181o, and died April 16, 1866. He married Eliza PEPPER, who bore him four children -- Loren, of Corinth; Lucy (Mrs. Roswell ADAMS), of Northfield; Edward, of Washington; and Harry, of this town. Harry married Sarah LOCKE, of Corinth, December 31, 1860, and has had born to him nine children, viz.: Mary C., Clayton L. and Clinton L., twins, Clinton L., 2d, Abbie J., Frank L., Willard J., Annis J., .and Anna L.

      Richard MILLER was born in Marlow, N. H., in 1808, came to this town about 1856, and first settled near JACKMAN's bobbin factory, on road 51: He married Ruth CARTER, of Stanstead, Canada, about 1848, by whom he had seven children. One son, John H., born August 10, 1844, in Fairlee, Vt., married Marion HEATH, November 12, 1870, and had five children, viz.: Edward, Emma, Elliot, and Albert, and one who died in infancy. John H. served in Co. G, 9th Vt. Regt., from January 4, 1864, till December 1, 1865.

      Lorenzo D. CILLEY was born in this town February 20, 1850. He learned the blacksmith’s trade, and in 1879 opened a shop in East Brookfield, which he continued for one year. He is now engaged in setting up engines. July 5, 1871, he married Marilla JAMES, of this town, who bore him three children -- Willie D.; Bertha L., and Josiah E.

      Thomas W. DICKEY, son of William G. and grandson of Robert, was born August 26, 1835. His father married Susan BROWN, by whom he had eight: children, viz.: Polly A. (Mrs. Robert LANG), William G., Jr., Martha J. (Mrs. William B. STEARNS), and Hattie B. (Mrs. Moses SHEREFF), of Manchester, N. H.; Michael C., who died in 1861; Petry D., also dead; Clarissa (Mrs. Joel. CLARK), and Thomas W., of this town. The latter enlisted in Co. D, 1st Vt. Regt., was discharged, when he enlisted in Co. D, 8th Vt. Regt. He married Nettie E. WRIGHT, of Ryegate, Vt., and has had born to him five children, viz.: Willie W., Nella J., Carrie B., Cora E., and Martha A. Mr. DICKEY now follows the occupation of a cooper and carpenter.

      James BUCHANAN was born in Scotland about 1816, and came to this country when quite young. He married Mary WHICHER, of Newbury. One child, Emma, died in Boston. George L. was born July 26, 1848, in Newbury. He enlisted as a sailor on the U. S. sloop Vandalia, and served in the engagement at Fort Fisher, and in the Cape Fear expedition. While unloading the guns from the gunboat Maratansa he was so severely injured that the amputation of his leg above the knee was necessary, for which he now draws a pension. He married Ella A. PAGE, of Ryegate, Vt., December 5, 1874, by whom he had one child who died in infancy.

      John McLAM came from Scotland to Ryegate, Vt., about 1836, bringing with him a wife and eleven children. He died in Ryegate, aged seventy-seven years, as did also his widow, at the age of ninety-nine. Of his children, Andrew, John, James, Catharine (Mrs. William HUNTER) and Margaret: (Mrs. James WHITEHILL) are dead; William J. resides in Ryegate; Jane (Mrs. William YOUNG), in, Peacham, Vt.; Ann (Mrs. William WHITEHILL), in Groton; Robert in Ryegate; Walter in the West; and Alexander in Canada. James McLAM married Agnes LEITCH, by whom he had nine children, viz.: Mary J. (Mrs. William GIBSON), of Barnet, Vt.; Isabell (Mrs. James M. DOE), of' Ryegate; Joseph B., who married Ruby A. BELL, has four children, -- James F., Louise J., Charles E., and Harry C., and' resides in this town; Elizabeth,. who died at the age of five years; John A. and Agnes L., twins, the former now a resident of Ryegate, the latter dying when about eighteen years of age; Sarah E., of Newton, Mass.; Sophia M. (Mrs. Charles H. TAPLIN), of this town; and James R. The latter, on arriving at his majority, went to Boston, Mass., and engaged in the trucking business,. which he followed for about three years. He then taught school in Ryegate one term, when he removed to Iowa, in April, 1865, and there remained one season. He returned to Ryegate, where he worked on a farm until January 1, 1869, when he came to this town and, in company with Duncan STEWART, opened a store in East Topsham village. In 1873 he sold his interest in the store to Mr. STEWART. In 1871 he was chosen town clerk and treasurer, which positions he has held for fourteen years. After disposing of his mercantile interests he devoted himself to insurance, pension and town business, with some farming, until November 1, 1885, when he purchased the store he now has. He is also engaged in the undertaking business, having establishments in East Topsham, West Topsham and Groton villages. He has been an active participant in town affairs, being representative in 1882-83. February r, 1871, he married Susan J. WORMWOOD, who has borne him four children -- Elmer D., George L., Cora J. and Agnes M..

      John LANG came to this country from Scotland about 1821, at the age of about twenty-one years. He lived in Ryegate a few years, thence came to this town, and located off road 20, where he died in 1872, aged seventy-two years. His wife, Eleanor, died in 1884, in her eighty-eighth year. Of his family of seven children, Nancy and Margaret are dead; David resides in California; Alexander in Hanover; Eleanor, John, Jr., and James in this town. John, Jr., married Orillor A. MILLS, of Topsham, and has two children, Arthur M. and Milo J. James LANG was born October 23, 1839, in this town, and married Eliza CALDWELL, by whom he has had six children, viz.: Gustavus T., who died in 1885, James C., Nellie E.; Lizzie M., Minnie A. and Martin.

      John BATCHELDER became a resident of this town about 1816. His wife, Hannah (LANG) BATCHELDER, and three children, came with him. Of his family of nine children, John, Jr., Hilas and Lyman are residents of this town. Lyman was born in this town May 18, 1825. He married Hannah RICHARDSON, of Orange, and has one child, Lydia (Mrs. John, D. MCCALLISTER), of South Ryegate.

      William BUTSON, son of Joseph and Mary (WYDE) BUTSON, was born in Devonshire, Eng., came to this country in 1864, and in 1867 settled in this .town. He was twice married, first to Emma FROST, who died April 30, 1876, by whom he had five children, Lillias (Mrs. David VANCE) of Barnard, Vt.; William, Jr., Lydia A. and Walter, of this town; and Robert, now dead. His second wife, Margaret VANCE, whom he married March 13, 1877, bore him four children, Mabel and David, now dead, and Robert and Sarah.

      Robert BUTSON, a native of Devonshire, Eng., was born June 3, 1829, and his parents were Joseph and Mary (WYDE) BUTSON. He married Elizabeth J. STONE, daughter of William and Elizabeth (REDWOOD) STONE, also a native of Devonshire, and with her removed to this country in May, 1864, settling in this town on road 8, in April, 1869. In 1873 he removed to the farm he now occupies. Of his family of four children, Mary J. was born in Devonshire, and married Rufus HOSMER, of this town; Elizabeth A., also a native of Devonshire, married Edwin GARDNER, and died in 1885; Emma D. and Ellen J. are living.

      Duncan McKAY, son of Donald and Hannah (McDONALD) McKAY, was born in the parish of Kilcanity, Scotland, in 1832, and removed to this country when about twenty years of age. His wife, Jennette GRANT, a native of Scotland, whom he married in 1870, bore him six children, viz.: Mary H., who died in 1877, Duncan G., Catharine A., Sarah E., James G. and Mary E. Mr. McKAY served in Co. K, 18th Mass. Regt., and participated in the battles of Fredericksburg, second Bull Run, Wilderness, Petersburg, Vicksburg, Cedar Creek, Cold Harbor, Spottsylvania Court House, Appomattox, Gettysburg and Cold Harbor.

      George W. PHELPS was born in Middlesex, Vt., July 4, 1817. He married Mary J. HUTCHINSON, of Moretown, Vt., and reared a family of five girls and, four boys. The eldest son, George W., Jr., was born July 14, 1847, in Moretown. He enlisted in Co. I, 9th Vt. Regt., June 3, 1862, and served in the battles of Winchester, Harper's Ferry, Fair Oaks, Chapin's Farm, Fairfax Court House, Spottsylvania and Newbern, and was discharged at the close of the war. February 19, 1871, he married N. Louise HOLT, by whom he has had six children, viz.: Edgar A., now dead, Lizzie J., Grace M., George S., Albion M., and Ernest A.

      David EASTMAN was one of the first settlers in this town. His son Thomas was born in 1795, was twice married, and reared a family of ten children. A son, William G., married Harriet WHITE, by whom he had five children, of whom Flora R., Martha E. (Mrs. Edward R. COLBY); and Thomas S. are living in this town. Thomas S. married Patience L. HUTTON, and has two children -- Captain T. and Harriet L.

      Moses DARLING was a son of John DARLING, who was one of the early settlers of Groton, Vt. He married Abigail PRAY, who has borne him twelve children, seven of whom are now living, viz.: Ebenezer in California; Daniel in Florida;. John in Wisconsin; Stephen in Boston, Mass.; Olive (Mrs. Benjamin EMERSON) in Johnson, Vt.; Harriet (Mrs. Hosea WELCH, Jr.,) in Groton, Vt.; and Peter H. in this town. Peter H. has been twice married, first to Mary E. HOOPER, who bore him seven children, only two of whom, Luella (Mrs. Rufus PEIRSON) and Hattie, are living. By his second wife, Melinda (THORNTON) MILLER, he has had one child, John. Mr. DARLING is one of the principal farmers of the town.

      Charles WEED, a Revolutionary soldier, came to this town soon after the close of that war. Joseph, a son of Charles, married Miriam CURRIER, and reared a family of four boys and three girls, three of whom, Orissa (Mrs. Daniel RUNNELS), of Warren, N. H., Joseph and Charles, of this town, are living. Charles was born in this town April 22, 18r1. August 25, 1837, he enlisted in the 2d U. S. Infantry, in which he served three years in Florida, in the Indian war, then was stationed at Buffalo, N. Y., two years, and received his discharge August 2K, 1842. He enlisted in Co. G, 15th Vt. Regt., SeptembER 15, 1862, and served until January 27, 1863. At Arlington Heights he severely injured his ankle, for which he draws a pension. In September, 1842, he married Mary A. DAVIS, of New York, who bore him one child, Rhoda (Mrs. Henry BOWEN), of Newbury.

      Elisha MOULTON, son of David, who formerly lived in Corinth, married Angeline HOOD, and had a family of seven children, one of whom is dead;. Dora (Mrs. J. McGOWEN) resides in Essex, N. Y.; Ella (Mrs. Oscar BARNES), in Eagle Bridge, N. Y.; Mary (Mrs. George BARNES) in Concord, Vt.; and, Ada, Jefferson, Charles and Henry E. in this town. The latter married Lodema DARLING, April 7, 1881, and has two children living -- Ervin O. and Lewis L.

      Captain Clapp SUMNER was born in 1749, and died in 1807. In early life he was captain of a sailing vessel. Mary STORY, his wife, who died November 30, 1817, bore him eight children. One son, George, was twice married, first to Sarah TITUS, and second to Sophia FLANDERS. Of his family of six children, Clapp lives in Illinois, Lemuel in Lawrence, Mass., and Charles, Harvey, and Edwin S. in this town. Edwin S. married, first, Mary ELLIOT, who died in 1876, and second, Mary E., daughter of Nelson GREEN, of this town, by whom he has three children, Charles E., George, and Leonard S.

      Moses FROST, who came from Kennebunk, Me., to Groton, Vt., at an early date, was the paternal ancestor of those of that name now resident in this town. Of his family of twelve children, six are dead and six are living, none of them in this town, however. One son, John, married Finnette JONES, and reared a family of eleven children, nine of whom are living. George B., son of John, married Fanny BARTLETT, November 17, 1866, and has two children, Nettie R. and Eugene S. Mr. FROST served in the 3d Vt. Regt. till the close of the war, and participated in the battles of the Wilderness, Spottsylvania, and Charleston, Va., was captured at Winchester, September 19, 1864, was taken to Libby prison, and thence to Belle Isle. Edwin F. FROST, brother of George B., married Nina HALK, of Montpelier, February, 2, 1885; and Lovell, another brother, married Jane CORRUTH and has two children, William E. and Blanche E.

      Matthew CALDWELL, son of John and Jane (KEENAN) CALDWELL, was born August 24, 1851. He married Eliza (Welsh) KEENAN, May 2, 1882, and has two children, Hosea and John.

      Duncan McKAY came from the Island of Isler, Argyleshire, Scotland, in 1855, bringing with him his wife and nine children -- seven boys and two girls, viz.: Helen, who resides in California; James, in Oakland, Cal.;. John N. and Thomas S. in Montana; George L. in Arizona; Archibald L. in South America; Margaret (Mrs. William. H ARMSTRONG) in Oakland, Cal.; Edward in this town, and Duncan, Jr., who died in Arizona in 1863. Duncan McKAY, Sr., died May 10, 1866. His widow survives him, a resident of Oakland, Cal. Edward was born May 18, 1831. He returned to Scotland in 1849 and married Mary STEWART, of Argyleshire, Campbeltown, by whom he has had eight children, viz.: Duncan, 2d, born January 18, 1854; Mary S. (Mrs. Frederick RALPH), of Concord, N. H., born September 25, 1855; Genie (Mrs. Fred HYDE), of Concord, born November 29, 1865; Charles S., of Dubuque, Iowa, born February 25, 1861; Margaret, of Concord, N. H., born November 20, 1863; Edward G., born January 7, 1865, died July 15, 1885; Dugald S., born February 3, 1867; and John N., born October 19 1868, died June 15, 1885. He has been prominent in town affairs, was selectman, town grand juror, and in 1885-86 was representative to the legislature. Mr. McKAY is one of the prominent farmers of the town.

      George WEED was born in Topsham, November 20, 181g. In 1862 he married Margaret CARRUTH, who bore him two children, Henry O. and James S. Henry O. married Mirabelle CORRUTH, May 12, 1864, and has had three children, Fred, Lydia N., and one who died in infancy. Mr. WEED is now carrying on the lumber business in this town with his brother, James S.

      Daniel KEENAN came to this country with his wife, Margaret McCOWEN, and four children, about 1820. Four more children were born to them after arriving here. Of their children, three are now living, William and Edward in Groton, Vt., and. Josiah in this town. The latter was born July 31, 1839, married Lucinda GATES, January 11, 1852, and has had born to him six children, viz.: Francis J., who married Vina DUNN, of Ryegate, Vt.; Ida J. (Mrs. Benjamin FULLER), who resides in this town and has two children, Maude B. and Mabel L.; Maurice R., a resident of Cornwall, Iowa; Margaret G., of this town; Charles E. and Fred L., the latter of whom died August 21, 1876.

      John ARTHUR was born in Renfrewshire, Scotland, in 1812, and is a son of James and Elizabeth (SHAW) ARTHUR. He came to this country in 1840, and in 1849 married Sarah EMERY, of Groton, Vt., and has had three children, viz.: Agnes, now dead, Andrew J., of Ryegate, Vt., and William C., who married Georgiana MILLER, November 26, 1884, and has one child, Ellsworth L.

      John BUTSON, son of William and Mary (HILL) BUTSON, was born in Somerset, Eng., November 15, 1835. May 2, 1864, he married Sarah A. NORTON, daughter of John NORTON, of Devonshire, Eng., by whom he has had nine children, viz.: James, John, Henry, Ella T., Charles, Frederick, Robert, Henry, and Jessie.

      James CALDWELL came to this country about 1790. His son, James, Jr., was born in Ryegate, Vt., December 10, 1808, and married Jennie CRAIG, March 17, 1835. She died in February, 1838, leaving one child, Mary (Mrs. Gustavus TIBBETTS), of Newport, Ill. He then married Nancy CHAMBERLAIN, of Newbury, January 7, 1841, who bore him children as follows Joseph, who lives in Buckfield, Me.; Eliza (Mrs. James LANG), and James R., in this town; and Martin, a physician, who practiced at Herscher, Ill., and died in 1884. James R. was born September 3, 1846, married Ella VANCE, January 15, 1878, and least three children, viz.: Rosamond, Nathan R., and Joseph.

      Samuel BISHOP, a native of Laconia, N. H., was born previous to 1800. He married Hannah CASWELL and had sixteen children. One son, Leonard, was born in Stanstead, Can., in 1808. He was twice married, first to Rebecca WEBBER, who bore him six children, viz.: Jacob, Newell; George, Elizabeth, Elzina, and Sarah. His second wife was Sarah A. APPLETON, of Bath, N. H., by whom he had six children, viz.: Cynthia, Albon F., Frederick, Jennie, Franklin, and Rebecca. Albon F. was twice married, first to Philena MERRILL, August 8, 1865, who bore him two children, Rose and Charles, and second to Kate PERKINS, June 22, 1873, by whom he had three children, Eugene and Genieve, and one who died in infancy.

      George K. CHURCH, son Richard B. and Mehitable (WILDS) CHURCH, was born in this town May 1, 1844. In September, 1862, he enlisted in Co. G, 6th Vt. Regt., and served till the close of the war, participating in the battles of Fredericksburg, Wilderness, Spottsylvania, Cold Harbor, Sugar Hill, Cedar Creek, Winchester and Gettysburg. After the close of the war Mr. CHURCH removed to Elgin, Minn., where he engaged in farming for about three years, then removed to Manchester, N. H., and soon after returned to this town. In 1872 he began manufacturing proprietary medicines, and in 1884 engaged in the business of packing eggs. He married Lydia CILLEY, of this town, September 26, 1865, and has two daughters, Myrtie and Lena.

      Oliver L. WATSON, M. D., son of Oliver and Esther (BROWN) WATSON, was born in Worcester, Vt., May 1, 1828. In 1862 he entered the University of Vermont, at Burlington, where he graduated in 1864, receiving the degree of M. D. He first practiced in Waterbury Center, Vt., one year, then removed to Middlesex, where he remained five years, when he came to this town, in 1867. He held the office of deputy sheriff, has been justice of the peace twelve years, and in 1884 was appointed notary public. He has been twice married, first, August 19, 1852, to Nancy, DARLING, of Worcester, who died October 7, 1877; and second to Delia PEAKE, October 13, 1880. By his first wife he had three children, viz.: Milton B., born June 4, 1853, died August 28, 1872; Horace L., born October 22, 1863, is now a medical student in the University of Vermont; and Jessie C., born December 13, 1872, resides in this town with her father. Milton B. at the time of his death was a student of Dartmouth college and was considered a young man of rare scholastic genius. By his second wife Dr. WATSON has had one child, Edwin C., born June 22, 1884.

      Lemarquis TUBBS was born in Essex, Vt., and was twice married, first to a Miss CROWELL, of Hyde Park, Vt., by whom he had one child, who died in infancy. After the death of his first wife, which occurred about a year after their marriage, he was again wedded; to Roxana NEWTON, of this town, who bore him two children, Inez, who resides in Boston, and Clarence M., of this town. August 1, 1882, Clarence M. formed a partnership with Sylvester G. MEAKER, in the general merchandise business, which is still carried on, the style of the firm being MEAKER & TUBBS. September 10, 1885, Mr. TUBBS was appointed postmaster at West Topsham, which position he now holds. He married Lilian DICKEY, of this town, September 4, 1884, and they have one child, Flossie M., born July 18, 1885.

      Levi BURTON, M. D., son of. Jacob and Kitura (PALMER) BURTON, was born October 30, 1803. He graduated from the University of Vermont, was associated with Dr. STEVENS, of Charlestown, Mass., for two years, and then, commenced practice in this town. Later he located in Washington, where he remained but a few years, when he returned to Topsham, in 1845, and practiced here until his death, August 20, 1867. He was an honorable, kind hearted man, and an able physician. He was married, November 20, 1845, to Sarah JENNESS, daughter of Hon. John JENNESS, and died without issue.

      Eli L. DENSMORE, grandson of Eli and son of Dennison and Sarah A. (PEAKE) DENSMORE, was born in this town July 18, 1851. He married Ella F. FLINT, of Montpelier, February 28, 1875, and has two children, Dennison and Una. In 1874 Mr. DENSMORE formed a partnership with Horace A. CLOUGH, in the general merchandise business, and opened a store in Hanover, N. H., which he continued for about two and half years, when he sold out and opened a store in West Brookfield. Here he remained but a short time when he removed to West Topsham village, where he is now located in the general mercantile business.

      Elbridge G. GREEN was born in Bridgewater, N. H., and removed to Tunbridge when YOUNG. June 29, 1856, he married Mary WILDS, by whom he, had three children, viz.: Viola E. (Mrs. Frank JEFFERS), of Washington, Sarah K., who died April 2, 1856, and Charles E. Mr. GREEN died October 22,. 1872, and his widow married James WHITCOMB, who died December 6, 1884.

      Parker DEXTER came to this town from Concord, Essex county, about 1826, and built a log cabin just over the line in the town of Orange, and a saw-mill in this town. At this time there were no highways in the northwestern part of the town where he located. He married Betsey KING, who bore him, fifteen children, twelve of whom grew to maturity. One son, Martin, was born in this town October 15, 1836. He married, first, Mary RICHARDSON, in March, 1860, by whom he had five children -- Eva J., now dead; Ursula. (Mrs Warren PAGE), Bertha J., Lizzie (Mrs. Alburn WILLIAMS), all residents of this town, and King S, who died in infancy. Mr. DEXTER's second wife was Amanda (TILSTON) HOWLAND, whom he married October 5, 1880, and by whom he has had two children, Isaac P., now dead, and Sophia, 

      Matthew ALLEN, son of John and Mary (WALLACE) ALLEN, was born in Glasgow, Scotland, March 18, 1836, and removed to, this country with his parents when a child. He married Laura A. MAGOON, of this town, September 23, 1862, by whom he has had three children, Frank, Lizzie, who died in 1872, and Minnie. They have also an adopted son, Albert FORBES. In September, 1862, Matthew enlisted in Co. F, 22d Conn. Regt., and served nine months.

      John KIMBALL, Jr., came from New Hampshire when a young man, and settled in Corinth. After a few years he came to this town and located on, the farm now occupied by Matthew ALLEN, off road 15, and about 1829, removed to road 36. He married Hannah PECK, by whom he had twelve children, four of whom are now living, viz.: John in Kingston, N. H.; George in Auburndale, Mass.; James and Wilbur F. in this town, the latter on road 36. Wilbur F. married Ann ALLEN, of this town, April 16, 1851; and has had two children -- Warren G. and Flora A., the latter dying March 7, 1879, aged twenty-nine years. James KIMBALL, son of John, Jr., married Ruth ROGERS, in December, 1838, who bore him four children, viz.: Julia and George K., now dead, Lucinda (Mrs. Oramel WILLEY) who resides in this town, and one who died in infancy.

      John SMITH, an early settler of Hanover, N. H., was the paternal ancestor of the SMITHs of this town. He had a large family of children, all of whom are now dead. One son, William, married Polly PARKER and settled in Bradford, and reared a family of nine children, only two of whom, Mary L. and Edmund H., are living, the former in Iowa and the latter in this town. Edmund H. married Huldah M. KIDDER, of West Fairlee, September 15, 1844, and by her had four children -- George W., Albert D., Charles F., and Arthur T. George W. was born November 29, 1845, and died August 21, 1847. Albert D., born October 14, 1848, enlisted in the 9th Vt. Regt., was taken sick at Brattleboro, before the regiment left the state, and died in Bradford, while on his way home, February 3, 1864. Charles F., born. December 9, 1854, married R. Augusta PERKINS, of Middleton, Mass., June 17, 1877, and has two children, Bessie M. and Bradley P. Arthur T., born, September 9, 1856, married Nettie D. COLLINS, October 10, 1877, and has one child, Arthur Leroy.

      Orsamus F. BAGLEY, son of David and Ploomy (SIMPSON) BAGLEY, was born in Orange, in 1841. He was twice married, first to Mary MINARD, who bore him four children, Flora, Herbert, Mattie, and George, and died February 13, 1875. For his second wife he married Carrie SMITH, November 28, 1876, who bore him five children -- Mary, Carrie E., Charles, Fred, and Orsamus F., Jr.

      John HARVEY was born in Ryegate, Caledonia county, and came to this town when about twenty-four years of age. He married Margaret HIGHT, who bore him eleven children, eight of whom are now living, viz.: Mary (Mrs. Robert MILLER), Jane (Mrs. James F. GEORGE), and Maria (Mrs. John RENFREW), of Ryegate, Caledonia county; Lizzie (Mrs. C. HARVEY), of Barnet, Caledonia county; Phebe (Mrs. Walter BLAIR), of Oakland, Cal.; William, and Ella (Mrs. William PRIDDY), also of California; and Roney M., a lawyer, of this town.

      Andrew Jackson WALLACE, son of Moses and Betsey (MCKEEN) WALLACE, of this town, and grandson of William WALLACE, of Newbury, Vt., was the sixth of eleven children, five of whom are living, viz.: Victor A. in Washington Territory; William in Oregon; Rosetta married and lives in California; Frank in Fall River, Mass.; and Andrew J., who keeps the hotel in West 'Topsham village. He was twice married, first to Caroline JENNESS, June 19, 1842, who bore him five children, viz.: Victor A., who resides in Carthage, Mo.; Carrie E. (Mrs. William BAGLEY) in this town; Jonathan J. died September 10, 1879; Everett J. resides in White River Junction, Vt.; and Carlos B., who died in 1860. June 30, 1866, Mr. WALLACE married for his second wife Kate WALLACE, who was born June 9, 1827, and died September 10, 1886. She was a woman of gentle ways and quiet, unobtrusive qualities, beloved by .all who knew her. She had two children, John L. and Seth E. Mr. WALLACE has been a prominent man in town affairs, has held the offices of town clerk, justice of the peace, and was postmaster for fifteen years. He has been proprietor of the hotel at West Topsham for eighteen years.

      Major Roswell M. BILL, who acquired his military title in the militia, was a very prominent man in this community. For many years he nearly supported the preaching of the gospel in West Topsham village. He was always interested in town affairs, was state senator two years, delegate to the Constitutional Convention in 1856, served in the legislature three terms, and was deputy sheriff several years. He was born April 19, 1810, married Miranda NELSON, of Orange, November 14, 1838, and died August 14, 1885. His 'widow still lives in this town with her daughter, Mrs. R. M. HARRISON.

      Sylvester G. MEAKER, son of Orin and Lucretia (BALL) MEAKER, was born in Monkton, Vt., March 10, 1837. He was a farmer in Barre, Washington county, from 1848 till 1882, when he removed to this town and opened a general store in company with Clarence M. TUBBS, under the firm name of MEAKER & TUBBS. March 12, 1862, he married Eliza BLANCHARD, of Barre, who died May 26, 1878, when he married Mrs. Roxana (NEWTON) TUBBS, June 10, 1880. By his first wife he had four children, as follows: Katie (Mrs. Edwin SAMPSON), of Barre; Flora (Mrs. William DANFORTH), also of Barre; Layton and Harley B., of this town.

      Joseph ROGERS came to this town in March, 1810, and first settled where James ROGERS now lives, on road 15. He married Margaret KEITH, who was the first child born in the town, and by whom he had seven children, viz.: James, Lucinda, Joseph H., Sally, Thomas, and Ruth, who are dead, and William, a resident of this town. The latter married Sarah Y. COLBY, December 4, 1834, and has one child, Martha J., who married Edmund W. EASTMAN, and has one child, Anna J., and lives with her father on road 61. Mr. ROGERS has been an active participant in town affairs, and has held nearly all the town offices.

      Joseph BEEDE, son of Jonathan, was born in Washington, Vt., and married Mary J. WELLS, who bore him ten children, of whom Horatio, Sarah J., Cyrus and Edson are dead, and Charles H. lives in Barre, Washington county; Mary J. (Mrs. Thomas REGLEY), and Flora, in Newburg, N. Y.; Gilman, Oscar and William reside in this town. Oscar married Hannah WEBSTER, of Kingston, N. H., and has three children, Melvin, Clarence and Frederick.

      Angelo R. BEEDE, son of Jonathan, was born in Washington, Vt., April 3, 1842. He was twice married, first to Loiva A. BRADBURY, August 30, 1864, who bore him two children, Minnie E. and Ora L., both of whom are now dead. His second wife was Laura M. LYTTLE, whom he married December 31, 1885. Mr. BEEDE was a farmer in Washington till 1867, when he traveled quite extensively in the western states for about three months. He then, about 1869, bought a farm in Wait's River village. In 1882 he began the manufacture of bobbins and lumber in company with Spaulding LOCKE, which business he still continues. He has held the office of lister seven years, justice of the peace ten years, town grand juror three years, and has also been town auditor.

      Frank P. WELTON, son of Isaac and Luna (PEABODY) WELTON, was born in. Alexandria, N. H., March 29, 1855, and learned the harness-maker's trade at Bradford, Vt., when twenty-one years of age. In October, 1881, he removed to this town and located on a farm on road 42, thence removed to Wait's River village, where he now lives. He married Persis MESERVE, of this town, January 26, 1882, and has had two children, Elva L. and Luna M. the latter now dead.

      Timothy MESERVE, son of Lydia (HALE) MESERVE, was born in Corinth,. January 7, 1811. He married Persis DIVOLL, of this town, April 7, 1853, and died April 22. 1877, leaving two children, Sarah E. and Persis L. (Mrs. Frank P. WELTON), both of this town. Mr. MESERVE first began the business of farming in 1853, on a farm on road 42, where he remained until his death. His widow is still living, and resides with her daughter, Mrs. Frank P. WELTON, in Wait's River village.

      Spaulding LOCKE, son of John B. and Caroline (TAPLIN) LOCKE, went into the general merchandise business with William S. STANDLICK, on Pike hill, in the town of Corinth, in which business he remained for fifteen years. In 1886 he entered into partnership with Angelo BEEDE, in the lumber and bobbin business, under the firm name of BEEDE & LOCKE, which business he still continues. June 17, 1879, Mr. LOCKE married Eliza Ann STANDLICK, who has borne him two children, Ernest S. and Ellen E.

      William STANDLICK, son of James and Elizabeth (BLIGHT) STANDLICK, was born in Cornwall, Eng., April 28, 1833. November 28, 1855, he married Elizabeth TRELOAR, also of Cornwall, who died June 8, 1880. Mr. STANDLICK, with his wife, removed to this country in 1856. The first eight years were spent in. Canada, when he removed to Vershire and worked in the Ely mines one year. In 1865 he went to Corinth and opened a general store at what is known as Pike hill. In 1873 Spaulding LOCKE was admitted as partner, and the business has been continued by the firm to the present time. Mr. STANDLICK removed to this town in 1886, but he still continues the business in Corinth. He always received the confidence of his townsmen, and was treasurer of the school district where he lived for twelve years. He has had two children, Eliza A. (Mrs. Spaulding LOCKE), of this town, and Loisa, who died August 1, 1868.

      Hon. Jonathan JENNESS, or "Uncle Jack," as he was familiarly known, came to this town about 1805, from Deerfield, N. H., bringing with him a wife and one child. He had a family of eight children, all of whom are dead except Sally (Mrs. BURTON), who resides in this town. He built the first saw-mill in the west part of the town, and was a persevering, industrious man, always ready to help in every good cause. He held nearly all the offices in the gift of his townsmen, and was representative for seventeen years in succession. He was also state senator for a time.

      Jacob TAPLIN, son of Mansfield and Elizabeth (Roe) TAPLIN, both of Corinth, was born in that town February 13, 1813. He married Nancy CILLEY, of Topsham, January 2, 1840, and reared a family of five children, of whom George E., Charles H. and Amanda E. (Mrs George WHITE) reside in this town, and Ella A. (Mrs. John H. METCALF) in Corinth. George E. married Jennie FULTON. Charles H. married Sophia M. McLAM, October 26, 1881, .and has two children Linwood J. and Bert E. Jacob TAPLIN was lieutenant of an artillery company in the old town militia days.

      William CRAGY, of this town, son of James and Elizabeth (HALL) CRAGY, was born in Standish, C. E., July 14, 1820. His father, a Scotchman, and his mother, of English descent, were married before they came to this country. They had a family of eleven children, eight of whom are living, viz.: Clarissa (Mrs. Thomas MURRAY), in Barre, C. E.; Thomas, in Wilmot, N. H.; Dorothy, in Nashua, N. H.; Jane (Mrs. Stephen ROBERTS), in Manchester, N. H.; Louisa (Mrs. James MANNEL), in Lowell, Mass.; Henry in North Strafford, N. H.; James in California; and William in this town. William has been twice married, first to Sally CARTER, in 1853, who bore him four children -- William, Jr., of Barre, Vt.; Elizabeth (Mrs. George BARRUB), of Washington; Augusta (Mrs. S. DAY), of Corinth, and Benjamin, of Manchester, N. H. His second wife was Martha BALDWIN, by whom he has had one child, Clara (Mrs. Benoni BOYCE), of this town. Mr. CRAGY served in the 15th Vt. Regt., in the late war, and was in the battle of Gettysburg.

      James BURNS, son of John and Rhoda (Hunt) BURNS, was born in Grafton, Mass., in 1825, and removed to this town in 1846. He married Rachel HILYARD, who bore him four children, viz.: Abigail (Mrs. Alexander SMITH), of this town; Helen F. (Mrs. Eben WEED), of Haverhill, N. H.; Clarissa (Mrs. Allen HOOD), of Roxbury, Mass.; and James C., of this town. The latter has been twice married, first to Gertie A. HUCKINS, and second to Katie PAGE. He is proprietor of a saw-mill in East Corinth.

      The Reformed Presbyterian church, located in the village of East Topsham, was organized about 1821 by Drs. McLEOD and WILSON, and William SLOAN was installed as its first pastor. The male members of this church do not exercise the political rights of citizens by voting or holding office under the United States government, believing the character of its constitution infidel and atheistic in not acknowledging "God as the author of government, Christ as the King of Kings, and the Bible as the supreme law for nations." They believe in using the inspired Psalmody given in the Bible in the worship of God, and all other compositions or hymns are rejected in their public worship. The first house of worship, a wooden structure, was erected about 1830, and was replaced by the present building, also of wood, in 1861, at a cost of $2,000. It will comfortably seat 300 persons, and is valued, including grounds, at $2,500. The society now has thirty members, under the pastoral charge of Rev. J. C. K. FARRIS. The Sunday-school has a membership of twenty-five.

      The Free-will Baptist church, located at West Topsham, was organized about 1816, with Rev. Nathaniel BOWLES as its first pastor. As the early records of the church have been lost, or destroyed, it will be impossible to give many interesting facts concerning the organization of the society. The first house of worship, a wooden structure, was erected in 1828, as a union house, and is still occupied by the society. It was repaired in 1856, and is now valued, including grounds, etc., at about $2,000. It will comfortably seat about 225 persons. The present number of members is seventy-two, under the efficient pastorate of Rev. C. E. DAVIS. The Sunday-school has a membership of ninety, with an average attendance of sixty.

      The Methodist Episcopal church, at East Topsham village, was organized by Rev. Isaac McCANN, P. E., and Rev. C. A. HULBERT, the latter being the first pastor. The society was reorganized in 1876, with Rev. C, L. HULBERT as pastor. The first house of worship, the present building, a wooden structure, was erected in 1877, at a cost of $1,200, and is now valued, including grounds, at $1,300. It will comfortably seat 150 persons. The present number of members is forty, under the pastoral charge of Rev. H. F. REYNOLDS. The Sunday-school has a membership of fifty.

Gazetteer Of Orange County, Vt. 1762-1888.
Compiled And Published by Hamilton Child,
The Syracuse Journal Company, Printers and Binders. 
Syracuse, N. Y., 1888.
Page 451-471.

Transcribed by Karima Allison ~ 2004