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Date of Grant or Charter ~ 13 August 1781

Other Towns, Villages, Hamlets: 
East Brighton & Island Pond

  Brighton is situated in the western part of the county, in lat. 44º45' and long. 5º 6'. It is bounded on the northwest by Charleston and Morgan, in Orleans county, on the northeast by Warren's Gore, Avery's Gore and Lewis, on the southeast by Ferdinand, and on the south by Newark and Westmore.  It was chartered August 13, 1781, to Joseph Nightingale, and sixty-five associates, of  Providence, R.I.   It was first named Random, by the Hon. Joseph Brown, it being a “random” purchase from an agent sent to Providence from Vermont. November 3, 1832, the name was, changed to Brighton, this name being preferred by its inhabitants. 

  The township is quite mountainous, but only a few rise so abrupt as to prevent the cultivation of the land. It is heavily timbered the western portion with hard, and the eastern with soft timber. There are eight ponds or lakes in this township, the largest, formerly called Knowlton lake, a name given it by Mr. Knowlton, one of the first surveyors, but latterly called Island Pond, from having near its center an island containing an area of twenty-two acres, which also gives the name to the post office at the outlet.  It is about two miles long, and about one and a half broad; the water is very clear and deep, the whole surrounded by mountains which slope gradually, giving it the appearance of an immense basin, covered to the shore of the pond with a mixture of hard timber and evergreen, forming, altogether, one of the most beautiful landscapes to be found in New England. The pond lies about 1250 feet above the level of the sea, and is the height of land between Memphremagog lake, on the west, and the Connecticut river, on the east. 

  Island Pond is a pleasant post village, located near the central part of the town [of Brighton], on the northern shores of Island pond, from which the village derives its name. It has four churches (Methodist, Congregational, Episcopal and Roman Catholic).  Its principal streets are Main, Cross, South, Mountain and Derby. The latter contains many fine residences, while nearly all the others are remarkably neat and tidy. The business portion is mostly located on Main and Cross streets. Within its limits are nearly a dozen stores and several hotels, the finest of which, is the Stewart House, W.A. Richardson, proprietor, also one large steam saw-mill, various mechanic shops, etc. The village is located on the half-way place between Portland and Montreal, of the Grand Trunk railroad, which was built through here in 1853, and contains the United States and Canadian custom houses, depot, and other buildings connected with the road, which were built at a cost of over $65,000.00, and money paid employees at this point amounts to over $35,000.00 per annum. 

(Source:  Gazetteer of Caledonia and Essex Counties, VT.; 1764-1887, Compiled and Published by Hamilton Child; May 1887)

       The town clerk maintains birth, death and marriage vital statistics and many other records of value in researching your ancestors. You can contact the Clerk's office at: 

Brighton Town Clerk
P.O Box 377
Island Pond, VT 05846
Phone: (802) 723-4405.

Island Pond Public Library
Phone: (802) 723-6134 

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