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1940 US Virgin Islands Census Records - St. John

Images of 1940 census records are now available online at 1940census.archives.gov.

We've made it even easier for you to search the US Virgin Islands records. Find your ancestors by locations given below:

1A - Coral Bay/Rehobath/Palestina/Eden/Emmaus

1B - Emmaus/Johnny Hern [Horn]/Carolina/Robertsville/Spring Garden/Bourdeaux

2A - Bordeaux/Litle Plantation

2B - Little Plantation/Penn's Point/Saunder's Gutt/Ben Runnels Gutter

3A - Ben Runnels Gutter/Freemans Ground/St. Quaco/Hard Labor

3B - Friis/John's Folly/Concordia

4A - Mandahl

4B - N/A

5A - Buck Island

5B - N/A