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Latest Acquisitions

Some of the latest acquisitions to our collection, September 2014

History of Saint Barthelemy / Georges Bourdin

The French in the West Indies / Walter Adolphe Roberts

With hope in their eyes / Vivienne Francis

The urgency for the acquisition of the Danish West Indies / Aimery Caron

Precious stones of the Jews of Curacao : Curacaon Jewry 1656-1957 / Isaac Emmanuel

"Island Girl" : growing up in a 2 room house on St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands / Margaret Greaux Wikander

The sequel / Liston Monsanto

A Virgin Islands commentary / Leo Carty

Scandinavian colonialism and the rise of modernity : small time agents in a global arena Islands at the crossroads : migration, seafaring, and interaction in the Caribbean Emigrants to America : indentured servants recruited in London, 1718-1733 / John Wareing

The American West Indies : Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands / Sabra Holbrook. 1969.

The traveller's tree : a journey through the Caribbean Islands / Patrick Leigh Fermor. 1950.

The Danish West Indies in black and white / Enrique Corneiro

Tracing your Caribbean ancestors : a National Archives guide. 3rd edition / Guy Grannum

Sea grapes and kennips : the story of Christiansted Town and its people / Arnold Highfield

Will Thurland's World War II photo collection : the Virgin Islands Orchestra of the 873rd Port Company / Anne Thurland

The jumbies' playing ground : old world influence on Afro-Creole masquerades in the Eastern Caribbean / Robert Nicholls

People of passion / Dana Orie