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Letters of Introduction from the US Virgin Islands - 1920s

The following images were taken from the US National Archives, Record Group 55, Danish West Indies records.

These letters were written during the period when documentation for travel between the US Virgin Islands and the Continental United States was uncertain.

NARA Record Group 55, Box 22, File 60.3

Letters of Introduction Folder

E. G. Larkin {} :Counsul for Great Britian in Saint Thomas

Ezeckiel George {} :of Tortola, British West Indies

Max E. Trepuk {} :Consul for Portugal in the Virgin Islands

Flavie Levi {George Levi, Mrs Sigrid June Hawkins, Lt. Kenneth C. Hawkins} :husband is merchant of high repute in St. Thomas

Rothschild Francis {} :Member of Colonial Council of Municipality of St. Thomas

Edith Adelaide Smith {} :British citizen

Oluf Erik Nyborg {Valdemardine Christine Nyborg} :an official of the Harbor Department

Leah Sasso {} :travelling to Panama Canal Zone

Rebecca Paiewonsky {Isaac Paiewonsky, Isidore & Paulina Paiewonsky} :visiting children in the U.S.

Annita Love {Mrs. Robert J. Monteigh [sic]} :

Sigrid June Kawkins {Kenneth C. Hawkins, George Levi}

Zelda Paiewonsky {} :visiting relatives in California

M. Kushner {Isaac Paiewonsky } :Native of Lithuania, brother-in-law of Isaac Paiewonsky; traveling to visit Z. Paiewonsky

Aurora L. Moron {}

Ophelia Adelbert Simmons {Rufus Adelbert Simmons}

Alta Mendez {Hans mendez, Henrietta Hodge Mendez}

Israel Levin {}

George Washington Williams {} :Government Attorny of the Colonial Government

Isaac Paiewonsky {} :Consul for Republic of Panama

Peter Lambertus La Bega {} :born on St. Martin (Dutch)

Frederick Tomsen Donald Petersen {} :

Carl Egan Petersen {} :employed by West Indian Company, Limited

William Thomas Miller {Florence Maud Miller} :Chief Engineer of the British Cableship "Henry Holmes"

Lt. Richard Renwick Hartung {} :US Navy, traveling with wife

Niels Wilhelm Thornberg {} :Danish

Judge George Washington Williams {}

Helen V. Clum {} :US Citizen

Emarald Gumbs {Ruby Lucille Gumbs}

E. V. Larkin {} :British citizen, wife of British Consul

Rudolph Zielinkski {} :of German origin

Emily Louise Gumbs {Hugo Elwin Flemming, Roy Alfred Flemming, Lillian Margaret Catherine Gumbs} :born in Anguilla

Carmelita Levy {George Levy, Eugenie Levy, Geraldo Levy} :Daughter of George Levy and Eugenie Levy (nee Attidore, of Guadeloupe)

continued {} :

Valentine Hansen {Mary Ann Hansen} :born in St. Eustatius

Susan Augusta Arrindell {James Arrindell, Susan Gertrude, Mavis Eleanor, Richard Richardson Arrindell} :born in St. Martin

continued {} :

Eugenia Cappe {Samuel Hoheb Cappe and Jessie Elizabeth }

continued {}

Antonine Marie Francius {} :Citizen of Guadeloupe

Alfred Fjeldheim {} :Norwegian citizen

Marie Felicia Turbe {Lucie Bernier} :returning to Puerto Rico to visit mother

Ann Maria Houtman {} :of St. Eustatius

Victoria Warner {} :of St. Martin (French)