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Historical Monuments

The knoll at the north end of the bridge below the present village cemetery was an early burial place. Although most of the bodies have since been removed, a bronze marker, placed by Ferd Chase, commemorates the spot as the resting place of two early settlers who had served in the Revolutionary War.

Site of First Burying Place at Wheelock Hollow used as late as 1814. Two Soldiers of the American Revolutionary War rest here, one has a British Bullet in his body.

Dedication of the Soldiers Monument Memorial Day May 29, 1915 on the 50th Anniversary of the close of the War of the Union. On the front is inscribed "Lest We Forget. Erected 1915. In memory of those men who enlisted from Wheelock in the War of the Rebellion 1861-1865."

If any town should honor the memory of her soldier dead it is this little town which sent eighty-six men, or one tenth of her entire population of 835, to fight for the Union. The monument is made of Barre granite and weighs twelve tons and stands eight feet high.

Asa Allard, David Allard Jr., Isaac Allard, Dearborn Alls, Robert Alston, Martin F. Ayer, William L. Ayer, William Badger, Allen S. Batten, Joseph Bean, William W. Bean, Senaca S. Bemiss, Nelson E. Benson, Milo Blodgett, Oscar Bogue, John Cadley, Americus J. Carter, Norman W. Caswell, Ferdinand W. Chase, Henry B. Chase, Walter H. Chase, Albert Chesley, Asa J. Chesley, Edwin C. Clement, Ephraim Clement, John A. Coffran, Roswell L. Coffran, Martin V. B. Conner, Edward S. Cooper, Stephen G. Cree, Amos Cushing, Hiram S. Daniels, John H. Daniels, Demerritt Davis, Dennison Day, Spencer Drake Jr., John Driscoll, Stephen O. Elkins, Calvin Fisher, John Flood, Henry Folsom, Daniel Gallaher, John George, Levi George, Almon Gray, George N. Gray, Isaac K. Gray, Jesse G. Gray, Sanford G. Gray, Silas E. Gray, William R. Gray, Nathaniel Ham, Willis G. Hanscom, William Hart, Charles Hill,

John Hines, Carlos Hodgson, Daniel W. Hubbard, William C. Jackson, Abial Jones, Daniel S. Jones, Stephen Mathewson Jones, William Henry Jones, William W. Judd, James Keighlly, John R. Kelley, Reuben E. Kelley, William A. Kelley, Patrick King, George Knapp, Chester Larnard, Gusis Lundry, Orvillie J. Magoon, Harley Phillips Mathewson, Ozias D. Mathewson, James McColley (McCauley), Asa Miles, William Morgan, John Woodman Nelson, Franklin W. Patch, Isaiah Piper, William J. Ranney, Francis Roy, Charles H. Sanborn, Frederick Shanty, John Sheldon, George A. Shonio, Levi Smith, Luther A. Smith, Adam R. Snell, George W. Stamps, William Taylor, Hiram K. Thomas, Harrison S. Way, Samuel White, Alfred Whitcher, Charles Whitcher, Artemus C. Whitney, Albert Whitney, Benjamin F. Whitney, Frederick Whitney, Isaac Whitney, J. Thomas W. Whitney, Clark M. Willey, Searles R. Willey, Edwin A. Williams, James S. Wilson.

1917 Honor Roll 1918
In Memory of those of Wheelock who served in the World War .

Blake, Clayton- 26th FLD ATRY
Berry, Harry- 152 Depot Brigade
Blodgett, Earl- 5th NG BTN
*Blodgett, Lawrence W.
Currier, Harold- 1st Army HDQT Regt
Dean, Carrol- Unassigned
Dunning, John- 1st BTN CWS
*Fuller, Monte- 102nd Inf, 26th Div
Harris, Raymond- Co. D 1st VT Inf.
Libby, George- 102nd Inf. 26th Div
Nelson, Moulton- 58th Inf.
Reed, Edwin- 102nd Inf. 26th Div
St. Louis, Eugene- 30th ATRY, CAC
Welch, Lyman- Marine Corp.

*- Died in Service

Dedication of the Millstone Memorial to Soldiers of Revolution and War of 1812, May 30 1916. Positioned at the west end of the village near the Sulphur Spring.
Erected to the memory of the pioneers of Wheelock who fought to establish our independence and defend our National Honor from Foreign Aggression.
REV: John Allen, John Bean, Ephraim Bigelow, Jonathan Bradley, Benjamin Carter, James Cate, Ebenezer Chandler, Merrill Clement, Joseph Conner, Daniel Cross, Moses Darling, Samuel Fifield, Joans Flagg, Sr., Jonathan Folsom, James Glines, Nathaniel Hayward, Abner Hoyt, Gideon Leavitt, Edward Magoon, James Miner, Abraham Morrill, Sargent Morrill, Ephraim Niles, Joshua Otis, Nehemiah Phillips, David Pillsbury, Jonathan Hobbs Sanborn, James Sherburn, Thomas Townsend, Joshua Weeks, John Woodman.
1812: David Brainard, Robert Brown, Benjamin Carter, Lawton Corey, Meshach Darling, David Felker, Jonas Flagg, Jr. , Samuel Follett, Jacob Foss, William Gray, Samuel Hemmingway, Jonathan S. Miles, Samuel Miles, Joseph Meserve, Eli B. Magoon, Joshua Otis, Samuel Otis, John Willey, Jr., Winthrop Young.
This stone is from the first Grist Mill in town..  Erected in 1793 by Joshua Weeks. ( Erected  1910 - By Ferd Chase )

In Honor of Horace C. Goss who built the road over Wheelock Mountain in 1868. The monument is located on the right hand side of the road as you approach the top.

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