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Dear Brother

I received you last letter of date March 2d and have delayed writing till
now for the reason I have been so busy I could not get time. We have been
puting up the machinery in the mill and yesterday we sawed the first
boards we did not have time to saw much but I think it will work first rate and
now I suppose you would like to know what our mill has cost us we cannot tell
yet exactly but when we get our teams and wagons it will not be much short of
twelve thousand dollars which is divided between seven of us and now I guefs
you want to know how we are ever going to get all this money back again?
let us figure a little! we can saw from four to six thousend  feet per day
which we will call seventy five dollars per thousand at the mill though the
regular price is ninety dollars at this low rate it will be three hundred
dollars per day & you may see what this is in a year but we will not count
the birds till we catch them which I think we are in a fair way to do now at
least we have got a good trap for them and when we once get them see if we let
them fly again! no I guefs  not! 

page2 My health is first rate and I dont think there is much dainger of my starving here
yet at least not while I can get what pork & beans, flapjacks & bread I
want but it was rather hard here awhile though nothing to what it was farther
in the mountains or up north where I have no dout  many have starved to
death but I do not think there will ever be much dainger  here. we
are not fare  enough from Stockton for that and besides Sonora is quite a
City for businefs containing some fifteen thousand inhabitants it is
built in a little valley with high hills all round it and you would not expect to find such
a place here in the mountains untill you were in it the principle street is between one &
two miles long with various crofs & side streets and almost the entire business of the 
place is derived from the mineing & lumbering. there is much talk now about
building a plank road from here to the plains about 25 miles and a rail road
from there to Stockton but it is not certain yet whether it will be done or not
if it is this year there will be a great demand for lumber for that.

I have not had any letter from Mr Goodell of late but herd from him by way of
Blanchard abou two week ago I want to hear from you again about
Sophia and hope to here  she is better but you say there

page3 is not much hope. it will be a great loss to them both and I fear that he would return
home at once for I think he does not like the CountIy much. & I do
not blame any body for that though the the  country is far better than the
society. for we do get many pleasant days and at this season of the year an
abundence of bright flowers but to find pleasant society or bright faces except
those readened  by drunkennefs  you must look in other places and
none better than in old Vermont and many is the time when I look back to the
pleasant days spent in the enjoyments of home and the pleasures of that society
which I hope before long again to enjoy but probably not before another year
unless I should sell out and that will not be at present though I should like
to be there with you this Summer but I think you will get along as well as you
did last. you must get some one to help you though the Springs work about
fixing the fences etc. I suppose you will take good care of the cattle &
sheep & Francis you will take care of the apple trees and garden fix them
up first rate and keep things slick but dont work to  hard so but what you
can go a visiting with Mother once in awhile. I have wrote letters to some of
the Cousins but do not get any from them and so I think I will wait awhile
befor  I write any more I should like to hear from

page4 all of them but they either do not get my letters or dont take pains to answer
them I dont know which but you may give them all my best wishes as well as the Uncles
& Aunts say that I am well and hope they are also. Where is James Remick
Jr. he has not write to me in a long time and all the rest of the friends and
neighbors I hope they are well at least they have my best wishes. Mother you
must take care of your health and not work to hard you wrote that the
friends from St Johnsbury have not been down to see you is it not because you do
not go to see them very often you must not stay to home so much but suppose you
think you ought to do all you can to get the debts pay up but wait a little and
I hope I can send you some money to pay a part or the whole of them You must
write as often as you can and I will do the same