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GEORGE GOSS LETTERS Sonora August 12th 1854

Dear Mother
I rec'd Levis letter last Tuesday in which he says you have not herd from me
for more than two months I have writen almost every other mail and think
my letters must have been miscarried I wrote last mail and shall write often my
health is very good now. better that it was when I wrote last. have had some
pain about my lungs but am geting rid of it quite fast think I brought it
on by lifting to much heavy timber have been carefull of late and dont try
to work all the time I am glad to here that you have got so well but want
you should be carefull and not work too hard do keep a girl with you if
you are not well it will not cost much and I had rather pay for one myself than
have you work when you are sick

page2 from Levis letter I am affiaid I shall not return to see Aunt Esther alive 
it will be a great chaing I shall find when I some home but we cannot see all 
that is for the best You and the boys I hope go up to see Aunt Knapp often and 
Grandmother I had a letter from Mortimer a few days since, he and family were 
well. have not heard from Sam'l Goodell for two or three months but think he has 
not gone from Stockton yet should not wonder if I get ready to start home as soon 
as he does we are now talking about selling the mill about the first of Nov if 
we do we shall settle up our business as soon as we can but I expect it will 
take three or four months to get our debts collected so that I shall not get home 
till Spring but I shall come next spring if I am well even if I have to come back 
to California again which I shall not do if I can get half price for what I have 
got here but I dont mean to quite give it away for I can make money in the mill. 
I should like to be at home this winter for I have got tired of California winters 
and then if I was there the boys would have a better chance to 

page3 go to school this Fall but if they can wait till next year I think I can help 
them some though I hope you will let them go this Fall if you can I can send you
some money now if you want to buy more stock though it is so high now that I am
affiaid it would not be best to buy much. I have not had any letters from
St Johnsbury for a long time and think they will wait awhile before I write to
them again Cousin Tirza is the only one of the Cousins that write regular rec'd
her letter last mail but have not time to answer tonight and I expect the mail
leaves in the morning wish I was ready to start home now but hope you will not be 
uneasy about me till I come which will be as soon as I can You must all wnte often
and I will