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GEORGE GOSS LETTER Saw Mill near Chili Tuolumne Co, Cal Aug 23/52 1852

Dear Brother 

Your Letter of date July 2 was rec' d last Monday and you cannot imagine how glad I was
to hear from you and to hear that You are all well I had been very anxious to heer from
you for I have rec'd but two Letters before this from you since Father died and I began 
to feer you were Sick and have had very strong thoughts of coming home but since 
you are well I think it is best for me to stay here awhile longer for my
health is now very good & has been for the last few weeks and I still am cooking here
but do not think I shall stay here next Winter for I think I can do better to mine or to
start a boarding house for myself. Mr Goodwille of Barnet is here and will go in co
if we think best to try it but I dont know about it yet. I rec'd a Letter from Sam'l Goodell
last week the first I have got for a long time though he has writen several which I did
not get he had to leeve his ranch for the water and was on the Calevarus tending shingle 
machine but did not write any particulars

page2 only that he was well & hopes to get a pile yet. I have writen to him & hope 
we shall get together yet in California if we both stay here for there is not a man with me 
now that I ever saw before I came to this Country but I get along very well among strangers
though I was very sorry to have Mr White leave and wished I was ready to go with him
for I suppose he is now enjoying the Society of friends and all the comforts of home while 
I still linger among the hills of Cal. but tell him not to forget me but to write me a good 
long Letter from the land of joys untold in remembrance of our many rambles heer sometimes to 
Post Office and many times after gold when we found but drofs I hope he will not forget Quartz 
Mountain and the little Cabin we built on the hill! how we worked in the pitilefs rains and 
winds and for what! Poketa oros but thinking of old friends reminds me of one wish in your 
Letter I was very much surprised about three weeks since to receive a visit from John Clifford 
he came to the cabin and talked with me some time before I kew him as I was busy at the time 
and hardly looked at him but I tell you I was glad to see him looking well he stayed all night 
and I went with him over to Goodwilles where he stayed about a week and then went to Stockton 
he left his Uncle at Horse Shoe where they were going to try the river when the water got low 

page3 Dear Mother I wish I could be with you for I fear that your health is not good enough for 
all that you have to do; and all the anxiety you must feel about Fathers affairs but you must
be carefull and not get sick. take care of your health and I have no doubt that Mr Gould
& Uncle David will take care of the farm & do all that can be done to payoff the debts. 
I want you to write me all the particulars about them; how much they are and how much there is 
to pay them with without selling any of the farm & if you have a chance to sell the whole or
a part of the hill write me how much and for what price & who it is too. I am astonished
at the acc't Mr Lawrence sent in for the damage the fire done on the hill I want he should have
what the damage is but I am not willing he should get twice what his land, timber & all is worth
and think you had better ask the Commissioners not to allow the amount he claims & if it
cannot be left out to men to say what he ought to have my advise is to let him sue it if
he thinks best to and then get what the Law will allow him though I hope every thing will
be settled without any difficulty if it can be done fairly & by giving all
their just due. but I am affraid there will be many things that will be difficult to get
correctly and wish I could be there to help you. but I think I can help more by staying here till 
I get a little more monney

page4 than I could by coming home now I have thought about going into businefs that might keep me 
here some time but have not decided yet. I think if was to stay till one year from next spring I 
could save at least two thousand dollars, if not more, but that is a great while to think of 
staying here especially when I think about you and ask myself if you will be willing to let me 
stay so long! now what do you think? had I better stay or do you want me to come home next
Spring at any rate? write just as you feel about it for I think I now ought to return home if you 
need me. but if I do not come I will send some monney before next March or sooner if you want 
I should write as near as you know how much you will need besides selling the stock and crops for I 
think you had better sell most of the stock this fall. if I do not come home sell Charley if
you can get what he is worth You asked if I wanted my dues paid to the Division; I have writen to 
Mr Hazelton about them. and asked him to pay them & will send the monney to him or to you tell 
Coz Tirza that I hope she has received and will answer my Letter for I wish to receive another
as good as the first and tell all the Coz to write to me. I often think Qf them and wish I was 
with you all but it has cost me so much to get here that I want to get something to in part pay 
for the hardships & the lofs of the pleasures and comforts of home but I often think of you 
all and look forward with anxiety to the time when I shall again see you dear Mother good by

Your Son George