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GEORGE GOSS LETTERS Sonora Cal August 26th 1853 

Dear Brother I rec'd your last letter of date July 1st a few days since and as you
complain some about my not writing oftener I will try and do better hereafter
though if you were here perhaps you would not think very strange about my not
writing. how would you like to be where you have to begin to load lumber as soon 
as day light and load for six or eight teams make a bill of each load and then pile lumber
enoug for the loads next day keep books & do almost a thousand little
odd jobs enoug to keep you on the jump from day light till dark for when
our head man is gone I have all the business to see to and that is no small job
we are now sawing day and night & saw from four to six thousand every twenty
four hours. we are drove up prety hard now sending lumber on the river for
flooring but I expect to get through with that now in a week or two when I
think we will not be hurried so much my health has been first rate till
yesterday when I caught coald and today my head aches & bones too so
that I do not worke only what I am oblige to I begin to feal some
better and by resting a little shall come out all right. Last Monday I had a
first rate visit from Sam'l Goodell the first time we have seen each other
since two days after we landed in San Francisco Oh what a good! good visit it
seemed almost like seeing one from home. for he looks as young & hearty as
ever and is the same identicle Sam'l California has has not chainged him
in the least. how we talked over old times and the far! far hills of old
Vermont and how eagerly we looked forward to that time when we can again see
the dear faces there but there is many 

page2 a sad thought connected with that time and truly could we sympathise with each
other as we thought of the vacant places in the home circle. I of the Father
whose voice & councils I am never again to heare & he of the
sporting child that was as a light to his fireside & made home doubly dear
Mr Goodell like myself is not ready to return home yet though he would like
very much to go soon he is in Co with another man 14 miles from Stockton on a
ranch their principle businefs is raising hogs and from what he told me of
his business I think he is doing first rate.

I think you are geting along first rate with the farming but sometimes wish I was 
there with you for I am about tired of gold hunting it is now very dry and I dislike 
this season worst of any no grass no running water but every thing dry & dead. 
I have never heard from Willard or Mortimer and know nothing about them only from your
letters I should like to hear from them first rate as well as all the other
Cousins but none of them write except Cousin Tirze and I owe here many
thanks for her kind letters and should be glad to of the others but I wrote
them last and now wait an answer Francis you must not think hard because I do
not write to you for when I write it is for all off  you Mother I often
think of home and long to see you all again which I mean to do as soon as
possible I cannot write more at present Yours