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Cemetery Listing - Charles Hill

In the 1980s Eugenia Powers documented  the stones found in the Charles Hill cemetery. This listing was derived from her work, a copy of which was placed in the Waterford library. Facing the cemetery from the road, row numbers begin on the right and progress towards the left.

An asterisk identifies those dates obtained from Waterford vital records.

Stone #LastName FirstName MaidenDOB DOD AgeAdd'l Info
CH1-2BugbeeJoanna   5 Sep 181667y Wife of Caleb Bugbee
CH1-2BugbeeCaleb   24 Sep 182175y 6m Matching footstone reads "C. B."
CH1-3KimballLucy   29Apr 185277y 
CH1-4       Two thick field stones, no inscription.
CH2-1BugbeePolly   12 Apr 181823yDaughter of Caleb and Joanna Bugbee
CH3-1BugbeeAlpheus   6 Apr 182922y 
CH3-2HillRebekah   2 Feb 183048yWife of Simeon Hill
CH3-3HillSimeon   3 Apr 184565y There is a flag on this grave.
CH3-4CalkinsLucinda   23 Sep 187570yWife of Elijah Ware.
CH3-5AldrichPhebe   9 Sep 184064y WIFE OF Asqr. Aldrich.
CH4-1HillAustin   18 Mar 184512y 8m Son of Simeon and Rhoda Hill. Simeon's wife, Rebekah, died 1830. This boy would have been born in 1832 to reach thi age in March of 1845. Simeon himself died in April of 1845 at age 65. In 1830, he probably had children who needed care so remarried promptly.
CH4-2HillGeorge   6 Jun 18155m 19d  
CH5-1WrightSamantha   10 Feb 182563y  
CH5-2WrightMoses   4 Jun 182173y  
CH5-3       Odd shaped flagstone roughly 12" high and 14" wide.
CH5-4       Odd shaped flagstone roughly 12" high and 14" wide.
CH5-5       Rectangular flagstone roughly 8" high and 12" wide.
CH6-1WrightInfant   25 Sep 1826  Sone of Daniel and Mary Wright.
CH6-2WrightDaniel   12 Mar 1830   
CH7-1HillMartha   15 Jul 190883y Wife of Philemon Hill.
CH7-2HillPhilemon   21 Oct 189984y  
CH7-3.1HillCapt Thomas   10 Aug 186086y 
CH7-3.2HillSusan   8 Oct 180829yWife of Capt. Thomas Hill
CH7-3.3HillJemima   18 Dec 186379y Second wife of Capt. Thomas Hill
CH7-4GriswoldElizabeth   7 Apr 18147y 2mThought to be the child of Elisha and Elizabeth Griswold.
CH7-5       No inscription on stone.
CH7-6       No inscription on stone. A bullet hole near the bottom.
CH7-7       No inscription on stone.
CH7-8FarnhamLovisa   6 Aug 187495y Wife of Eben Farnham. Waterford vital records index lists name as Louisa.
CH7-9FarnhamEben Jr   2 Oct 185978y  
CH7-10TylerJesse   20 Oct 182944y 8m 5d  
CH8-1HillHomer P.   18 Apr 191522y Son of M. W. and M. A. Hill.
CH8-2HillMinot W.   29 Dec 189935y  
CH8-3CampbellJohn W.  18521922   
CH8-4HillAmy A. P.   2 Jun 186913y Daughter of Philemon and Martha Hill.
CH8-5HillJemima   15 Aug 18356y 6m Daughter of Thomas and Jemima Hill.
CH8-5A       Three fieldstones lying flat, possibly footstones for Row 7 graves.
CH8-6TylerWilliam   10 Mar 18212m 11d Son of James and Philura Tyler.
CH8-7TylerAnna M.   5 May 18213y 6m 3(?)d Daughter of Jesse and Etherlinda Tyler.
CH8-8TylerSimon   30 Aug 182920y 6m 11d Son of Jesse and Etherlinda Tyler.
CH8-9TylerJames P.   10 Sep 182918y Son of Jesse and Etherlinda Tyler.
CH8-10TylerHazael B.   21 Sep 182918y Son of Jesse and Etherlinda Tyler.
CH8-11TylerElvira L.   21 Sep 18299y 3m 19d Daughter of Jesse and Etherlinda Tyler.
CH8-12       Soapstone marked S. S. T., probably footstone for #CH8.8.
CH8-13       Soapstone marked E. L. T., probably footstone for #CH8.9.
CH8-14       Soapstone, no inscription.
CH9-1HillSarah   26Sep 184336y Wife of Walton Hill.
CH9-2HillWalton N.   12 May 184645y  
CH9-3       A fieldstone, no inscription. A flag at one time.
CH9-4       A depression was indicated on the 1980 map and now filled in. Possibly a grave.
CH10-1       A native fieldstone with no inscription.
CH10-2       A piece of slate.
CH10-3       A piece of slate, an irregular stone with no inscription.
CH10-4HillWilliam W.   15 Mar 188232y 5m Son of A. and L. Hill. Killed in Hartford, Conn. Rest buried in cement. There is a flag.
CH10-5HillLouisa   6 Nov 186151y 3m Wife of Ambrose Hill. WVR Def (3:45) gives age as 51y 6m 8d.
CH10-6HillAmbrose   10 May 188370y 5m 11d Father of Charles Hill. WVR Def (5:42) gives death as 14 May 1883 and age as 70y 4m 10d.
CH11-1FlintDr Jonas   8 Jan 184980y  
CH11-2 Adaline     Footstone to # CH11-1.
CH11-3 Robert     Footstone to # CH11-1.
CH11-4 Wife     Footstone to # CH11-1.
CH11-5 Husband     Footstone to # CH11-1.
CH11-6       A depression was indicated on the 1980 map and now filled in. Possibly a grave.
CH11-7       A depression was indicated on the 1980 map and now filled in. Possibly a grave.
CH12-1       Part of a raised lot with CH12-2 through 12-6. Contains a lilac bush.
CH12-2HillHiram     On base facing south.
CH12-3HillRobert   21 Jun 186522y On shield on northeast side of monument.
CH12-4HillAdaline   10 Mar 184923m On shield on northwest side of monument.
CH12-5HillHiram   1 Jan 187465y On shield on northwest side of monument.
CH12-6HatchSusan   31 Mar 186744y Wife of Hiram Hill. On shield on northwest side of monument.
CH13-1HutchersonJohn   20 Oct 182225y