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Cemetery Listing - Cushman

In the 1980s Eugenia Powers documented  the stones found in the Cushman cemetery. This listing was derived from her work, a copy of which was placed in the Waterford library. Facing the cemetery from the road, row numbers begin at the gate and progress towards the rear wall.

An asterisk identifies those dates obtained from Waterford vital records.

Stone #LastName FirstName MaidenDOB DOD AgeAdd'l Info
CU0-1        A white marble stone, no inscription.
CU0-2        A white marble stone, initials "B. P."
CU1-1ReedNichols S.   15 Jul 185525y 6m In 2008, it was found buried under about three inches of thick hay and was barely readable.
CU1-2ReedMariah L.   1 Oct 189973y 9m  
CU1-3ReedMilo   15 Oct 18517m 
CU1-4ReedAzelia   16 Feb 18543w  
CU2-1RussellGeorge S.   8 Jun 191086y 8m 
CU2-2RussellEmma L.   4 Jul 190885y 8m  
CU2-3CushmanEdgar O.  1854 1925  
CU2-4CushmanEdna L. Russell1852 1946  Wife of Edgar O. Cushman.
CU2-5McGregorJohn   Aug 184848y  
CU2-6BugbeeHannah   26 Aug 187678y  
CU2-7BugbeeOlive  1794 1866