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GEORGE GOSS LETTERS Chili Camp Southern Mines California Dec 24th 1851

Dear Parents

Again I take my pen to write a few words to you. the best news I can write is that 
I am we1l and I should be truly glad if I was certain that you were all well at home
but I suppose it will be some time before I shall hear from you yet. But what do
you suppose I am doing out here! you cant guefs! Well I have been driving a cart for 
the last fortnight and now what kind of a nag do you think I drive! Maj' you cant guefs why a
great white long tailed long eared mule about as big as Pots Donkey and if I
have not forgot he dont start quite so quick as Charley does but movves
same as the old stags do! how much gold do you think I
have washed? only $16.00 and that is enough for anybody so I thought best to
work out a while I get one hundred dollars for driving Mr Latimers team one
month. He looses one half the weat weather. and he will hire me all
winter to drive if I want to work out and pay me what the usual price of
laibor he is a good man to work for I have not had to work more that half
the time since I begun with him but when we get rain enough I guefs I
shall go to work for myself. and if I cant do well at that perhaps I shall go to

page2 Mr Currick got up here last week from Stockton and think Mr Goodell is with 
Mr Chaimbirlin on a farm 14 miles from that place at least he inquired there for Mr 
Chaimberlin and they told him he was out on a farm on the river and there was a man 
named Goodell with him who had just arrived in the Country. I think it must be Sam'l so 
I have written to them but it is not quite time for me to have an answer yet when I 
do perhaps I shall go dow ther and go to farming to. so if any are coming
out here and want to find me tell them to go to the Gault House in Stockton
where I will leave a letter, if I go from here, directed to Francis Gofs
which anyone who calls for it may take and read and they will then know where to
find me. I suppose you want to know how I like the Country. the manner of living
and the society here. Since I got here it has been so dry since I got here that
things looked dead but it has rained now about two days and things already begin
to look green. The climate is very fine and I think my health will be good here.
there is no sudin chainges in the weather such as we see to home the coldest days I
have seen are not colder than some of our frosty mornings in October. there is
snow on the mountains but. we have not got any here to stay more than an hour
and the snow never stays on long to time. As to our living it is a canvafs
tent and 

page3 sleep on the ground or a bunk and eat meat and potatoes and bread with 
Tea & Coffee for which we have to pay $8.00 per week or else build a cabin and 
board ourselvs The Society is made up of every nation under the Sun. Yankee, 
English, French, Scotch, Irish, Dutch, Swiss, Hungarian, Arabian, Chilian, 
Mexican, Spaniard, Cinese etc etc All mixed up to gather and as various in 
charactor as in appearance. I have herd more swearing seen more drinking gambling 
and Sabbath breaking than I ever thought of before but among all this there are 
many good respecttable men as steady and well behaved as any you can find to home.
but what are you all doing? I suppose you have good sleighing now do you keep
Rob and Charley yet? how much wood have you drawed? do you have any help. I
should like to drive Charley and that other grey. get them togather if you
can. I wish I had old John and a good Rail Road cart here they would sell for
three or four hundred dollars. Mother! do you have to knitt as many feetings
wash and mend as many old cloths as you used to (well I do) who eats all
the nut cakes and pies you used to make for me? who eat my part of the
thanksgiving Supper, did you have any body ther to supper, how is Grandmother
now and all the Uncles & Aunts, do they come to se you often

page4 do you go a visiting as often as you can, does Coz Tirza come over and stay with
you? is her health good and all the rest of Uncle Wheatons family Levi do you go
to shool or have you gone to keeping School? What is James doing this
winter? Francis what are you doing? do you go to School and study well? who
keeps your shool? and who keeps school to the Village? do you ride the
colts any? Well be a good boy and mind your marm do you & Levi go to
see all the Coz. You & Levi will write me a good long letter wont you. Father
do you want to sell your farm and all come out here and go to farming I wish you
were all here & as well as I am. If you was here I think we could do well on
a farm but I dont advise you to come it is runing a great risk and you are
well enough off to live where you are. Does Coz Leonard talk of coming out? I
wish he was here now and we could go to farming togather but I am not
going to write for any body to come for I have not been here long enough to know
much about things here yet but if any body come out that I know tell them I
should like to see them very much What do the folks all say about my coming out
here want they glad to get rid of me? tell Mr Harvey too look out for his
Schoolmarms as I think it is best for old Bachelors to get married (if they can)
remember me to all the friends tell them all to write! Write as often as you can
all of you and now hoping you are all well and wishing you a merry Christmas I
must bid you good by for the present 

G. Gofs