GEORGE GOSS LETTERS Sonora Dec 25th 1853

Brother Levi
I received your last letter of date Nov 15th two or three days since and am glad to 
hear that you are all well My health is good now and has been since I came back from 
Stockton. we are running the mill yet. have had some rain but not enough to stop us 
from hauling logs & lumber we are now sawing days & saw about three thousand 
per day. we do not saw much but pine of which we have a plenty for one or two years 
which is as long as I shall stay and a good while longer than I want to. but cannot 
tell what may turne up yet. if I can sellout well next Spring I should like to come 
with Mr Goodell. I expect he will go then but if I cannot get a fair price for my 
share of the mill I will try it a while longer but shall come as soon as I can for 
it seemes a great while since I left home. I expect it will seen straing to see you 
as tall as I am and Maj' 

page2 as large as you was when I left. when you get so you can wear any of the clothes 
I left in the closet you may wear them out for I dont think they will be large enough 
for me now. Today is Chrismas and I should like a piece of your Chrismas pie & 
perhaps you could eat a bit of our ducks & goose if you had it for it was first 
rate. you have good sleighing now I guess how odd it would seem to see the ground 
covered with snow & how cold it would feele too here I am writing with the doors 
open without coat or vest I have not wome a vest for the last year. the mornings are cold
till the sun gets up. we have frosts every night but the ground does not freeze
so but what we can plough we have one team ploughing and harrowing all the time we are 
sowing barley for feed next year and are going to plant some potatoes. they do well here
where the ground is moist enough. I expected to hear you was going to keep school this 
winter but think you will do better for Schollar than master dont try it to young you 
know how I came out. hope you will have better luck when you 

page3 do try it! if you want to go to school more I hope you will go for I think every 
thing of an education and want you and Francis to get as good as you can & if I 
can help you I will! I shall have som money that I can send home by & by. if you 
need any write how much if there is any news at home let me know it. I must now write 
a few words to Francis. dont you think you stretch your hog story a little! I should 
like to help you eat it any way for the pork here is very poor but we get some good 
venison I should like to see Watch chase them how do you like to farm it alone do you 
hire a team to break up with or get another horse with old John I want to help you make 
sugar next spring but cant tell yet take good care of that colt and get a mate to him 
if you can. I have received the papers regular of late. I have been writing about all 
day and have got tired of it so you must excuse me this time My best wishes to all the 
friends Good by