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GEORGE GOSS LETTERS Chili Camp Feb 8th 1852

Dear Parents & Brothers 

The letter you sent by Cloud Miller was received a few days ago I am glad your
health Father was improving and hope it is now good but you must be
carefull and not work to hard but find time to write to me once in a
while and not let Levi do it all. by the way Levi your Letter is some like my
gold very short but very good but as you did not have much time to write I will
excuse you seeing it is the first and look for a good long one next time. The
news you wrote is very good! tell Coz Tirza to guess what I have done since I
herd she has got California feave. Well I went to work and built a
cabin twelve feet square and got a stove dinner pot, Tea pot frying pan two
knifes & forks, tin plates tin cups etc etc in Short have got a regular
fit out for a California Bachelor and now tell her to come on and bring along
some more good girls with her if she can find any who are not affraid to
live in a log house without any floor and to dispense with all the superfluus
trumpery of floors, brooms, chairs, tables, beds, pies cakes and all the
nick nacks of fashion but shaw what am I thinking about. they wont come
to live with me 

page2 but tell them to come on and I will do all I can to find some rich old Californian
who will jump at the chance of geting a good wife Tell Levi & Leonard
that this is a good country but I cant advise them to come here now to stay
away but tell Bowman that if I had as good a farm and prety a wife as he
has got I never would leave them to come here or go any where else that
without I was a mind to but I suppose you want to know what I have
done for the last fortnight well I cant give a very good account of myself when
there is water so that I can work on my claim (which is one that I bought 1/2
for twenty five dollars) I can do very well. Mr Longmaid of Danvill owns
the claim with me. we got water from the race to wash two hours last night and
we washed out this morning and had 17 dollars but this is ane extra claim
if it will continue to pay so well all the time but I dont expect it will. the
man that I bought of did not think it was so good when he sold it to me and
unlefs we get more water (which I think we shall soon) I cannot make much
out of it. but we think it is a good claim. at any rate there are but few as
good one here and there are a great many worse ones there are many working
claims that do not pay more than four or five dollars per day and there are
some who are now working out for three dollars and board themselvs

page3 I have been paying 8 dollars per week for board till now but tomorrow I 
shall begin to board myself. Mr O. T. White & Morrill of Danville and myself 
have built a cabin of boards and cloth which with our stove and furniture will 
cost about one hundred dollars we shall get into it tomorrow. White & Morrill have 
bought a claim for which they pay one hundred fifty dollars. it is very good but 
I dont think it is better than mine only they have a better chance to work it. I 
can work with them if I want too but enough about myself. what are you all doing? 
are you all well? I suppose you have lots of Snow! Well it dont seem to me like winter! it
has been all October since I started I should like a good sleigh ride and one
on the rail Road too but I dont want to shiver round all the time as you have
to. Mother I want you to write soon and let me know how you are. Levi
you must write me as often as you can you & Francis must be good Boys and
do all the work and visiting too for me tell all the frinds that I
remember them and want to hear from them when I get into my house I shall have
a better chance to write and then I will do better so you must excuse me for
the present & now good by

Geo Gofs

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