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GEORGE GOSS LETTERS Down East Ranch Jan'y 21st 1853

Dear Brother

I received your letter of date Dec 2nd last Sunday and am very glad to hear you
are well but you say Mother has had a bad cold and cough. I hope Mother you
will take care of your health. I fear your cough is worse than you write. dont
let it run along but try and cure it in season. if your health is not good I
want you should write at once and not let it alone in hopes you will be better.
My health is first rate. I never was so heavy as I am now. weigh 185 lb. I have
been choping trees. we have cut down about 250 trees and I think there is
6 or 800 more we have fine weather now. no rain for the last ten days if it
keeps on dry a week or two longer we shall go to work and build the mill. we
have got a first rate log house with a big stone fireplace where we can
role in logs 4 or 5 feet long and lots of them at a time. we get up some
tall fires in it and no mistake. provisions is more plenty now & flour is
now selling a little cheaper than when I wrote last I think you have got along
very well in settling up the debts. I am glad you received the check and used
the money if I had not gone into this mill I could send you about enough to pay
the rest but I think you can get Uncle David & Aunt Wheaton to wait till
Summer & then I think I shall have it to spare I dont want to let any go
now till I see how much we shall want to get it to runing I think it is a
good plan to get some more sheepe and to keepe the young stock. if you
all think best you can let out the farm next year but I should want to get a

page2 good person on it or else I should rather hire a good hand six or eight months so
that you can go to school. I have not received any letters from any of the
friends for some time but expect they are all well. I should like to see them
all. how do they all get along? Uncle Jeffersons & Uncle Knapps you have
not writen any thing about them nor about Granmother or Bowman or any
of them only that they are well. where has Leonard Kundell gone & how does
Mr Felch like his new farm. how does Mrs Goodell like to have Sam'l stay here
so long I have not herd from him for a short time but expecte he is
well I mean to go and see him one of these days when we get the mill to going I
do not know where John Clifford is now Wm Lawrences Sons are near Chili Camp as
well as Stephen Dole of Danville and several others from our way you write me
that James Remick Jr is in Philiadelphia. I have writen a letter for
him and send in this to you thinking perhaps he may have returned home if he is
still away I hope you will find out where he is and send the letter to him.
tell Cousin Tirza I shall expect another good long letter from her as well as
from Levi & Leonard & all the Cousins do you ever go over to se the friend in the 
other part of Waterford give them all my best wishes & say that I shall be very 
glad to hear from them at any time. You & Francis must not study to hard Oh! I had almost
forgoten the apples. but Francis you may eat a good one for me and then
write me a good long letter write it yourself and dont let Levi do all the
writing. I want to see how your writing looks. do you mean to make any Sugar
next Spring I ment to get home to helpe you eat some but must wait
another year now which I hope may be a good one to me here and to you at home
and that I may then get home safely to find you all well in the mean time write
often and tell all the rest to do the same good by