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GEORGE GOSS LETTERS Sonora Cal Jan'y 24th 1854
Dear Brother
I received you letter of Nov. but not in time to answer it last mail. My
health is good and we are geting along finely here we have kept the mill
runing untill this week and have sawed out a pile of lumber over five
hundred thousand feet which is nearly all sold & sent off but not all paid
for yet it has been very bad weather for mineing and there has been very little
gold washed out yet last week we had quite a snow storme we had plenty of
it till last nigh when it began to rain and is now raining (4 oclock
P.M.) this last week has been the coldes I have seen in the country there
was snow enough to have a good sleigh ride if we had only the beels sleigh
and horse. we are now cutting wood & logs for another summer, we shall not
saw for a few weeks the roads are so bad we cannot haul lumber now but can get
ready to start early in the spring I shall have to stop another year unless 
I get better chance than I have

page2 found yet but we all mean to sell next fall or winter You can say to Mrs 
Clifford I have sent to Stockton to see if there is any letters there from John 
but have not got an answer yet! as soon as I do I shall write. What did you have 
for Thanksgiving and New Years? we had a grand new years dinner roast pig roast 
beef Oysters lobsters, plum pudding, pies etc how do you think we baked them? in 
the furnace at the engine! its a first rate place to bake wish you could see use 
here eight or ten as saucy looking fellows as you ever see but all tough & hearty 
we have no chairs but sit on benches and take canvass on the soft side of a board 
in place of feather beds and think we are well off if we have blanketts enough to
keep us warm which has been tough match for a few days past but it is warmer now & 
rains finely The last mail has been due for several day but has not been herd from yet 
and it is feared some accident has happened to the steamer Golden Gate

page3 which is one of the best on the Pacific we shall probably know soon as another boat
has now gone to look for her Pavisions are not very high now but will rise if the rain 
continues long though I dont think there is any dainger of geting so high as last Winter
There are a good many here who talk of going home this Spring. I should like to come
with them if I could so as to be with when sugaring comes though I guess you
and Maj' get along about as well without me. my sheet is not quite as small as
yours was but I think I will make the writing as short though I guess it will
take you as long to read it write often and all the news 
Note: The steamship S. S. Golden Gate had gone aground at Point Loma, California.