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GEORGE GOSS LETTERS Chili Camp Jan'y 25th 1852

Dear Parents

Again I take my pen to write and again can say that my health is good to what 
it was when I left home though it is not quite so good as it was when I wrote 
before. last week I laimed my back while at work in a hole which kept me from 
ork for a few days and my side has troubled me some but it is now some better 
and I could go to work again but there is not water enough to wash only in the 
Creek where I have been prospecting some but do not find a very good chance as 
most of it has been worked once and some are now working the old bars with a 
pan where it has been once worked with a rocker Last week O.T. White of Passumpsic 
arrived here and I tell you I was glad to see him as he is the first one I had 
seen of my old acquaintences since I left Stockton but he brings the news that 
you Father have been sick and that you had not got well when he left. oh how I 
wish I could know how you are now! but I can only hope for the best which is 
that whilst I am writing and when you receive this that you may all enjoy good 
health but you no doubt think I have received those Letters you sent by Cloud 
Miller. but such is not the case. when they got to Stockton they herd that I had 
gone to the Merced River so they sent the Letters 

page2 out there by Thomas Cheney. I am very sorry not to get them for you have 
writen many things I presume which Mr White cannot tell me but I have writen 
to the Boys at the Merced to send the Letters here for I want very much to know 
what is in them. Last Sunday I went to Sonora to see Cloud Miller he had been 
very sick but is now geting better and I think will soon be able to go to work.
he has some Cozens there who will help him I presume if he should need it but it 
dont answer to depend much on relations or friends here it is every one for himself 
and all for money Almond Wilson and his brothers are at Shaws Flat about 5 miles 
from here I have not seen them but if it dont rain I shall go up there soon to see 
if I cant find a better place than it is here. I received a Letter not long since from Mr
Goodell. he is farming with Mr Chamberlin but I think his health is not very good 
He writes me that Coz's Samuel and Miles Gofs are in Stockton. Miles is trading and 
Samuel is stoping with him a while now but is going to mineing again. I have writen 
to Sam'l but have not rec'd an answer yet. but I suppose you want to know what I am 
doing? well it has been so dry for the last two weeks that it has been very dull times 
here I have not made any thing yet which is the case with a good many others. I have 
got a claim but no water to wash with. I shall stop here a while longer and then if we 
dont get rain I shall go to the 

page3 Northern Mines or else go down and go to farming I think I should like farming 
the best but I want to here again from Mr Goodell before I can tell what to do If I 
should go to farming I shall be very apt to stay here some time Perhaps you think I 
am about ready to curse California! not at all. there is money to be got here but it 
requires a clear head and a strong hand to do it it is no place to come and stand 
still or be discouraged but the only way is to keep trying and put a strong hand to the
work but it is not always those who work the hardest that get the most mineing is a 
kind of Lottery and he is the lucky one who draws the prise since I have been here 
there has been some good lumps found within a few miles one lum worth 400, one of 700,
and one 1500, dollars the last was found by a man who had not been here more than 
two weeks when I find a few such lumps I shall come home but I guess there is no such 
luck for me. But how I want to know how you are geting along if I kew you were all well 
I should be glad Father if your health is bad you must be carefull and not work to hard 
but get some one to help you till I come back! do you keep those colts yet & do you
keep them drawing wood? is it cold weather have you got a good lot of snow? Mother is 
your health good. dont feal uneasy about me I shall try and take care of my health if 
I dont gent so much money 

page4 Levi & Francis do you go to school? do you have a good school. have you been to 
St Johnsbury how does Francis get along with his school. are all the Coz well tell them 
I want them all to write to me and I want you all to write often. I have to write all
myself but there are a good many of you to write and you can sit down to write without 
anyone to disturb you but here it is not so ther is a stranger at your elbow and you 
have got to write as you can. tell Coz Leonard that I should like to see him but he had
not better leave a good chance to run the risk of coming here though I think there is a 
chance to get money here. if any of my friends come out tell them to come with the 
expectations of working for a living and I think farming is the best businefs for who 
wants to stop here a few years it is a good country for stock and I am told that some 
of the valies are first rate for raising vegetables and grains and there are some fine
vineyards on the bay.

If there are any who want to come here to farme it tell them to bring about 400 or 1000 
dollars to start with and perhaps I should like to go to farming with them I should like 
to see them at any rate give my love to all my friends tell them all to write to me I 
want to here from you all and will write again soon so good by one and all.

Geo Gofs