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GEORGE GOSS LETTERS Sonora Jan 7th 1853

Dear Brother

I received your last letter dated Nov 17th last Sundey and was very glad to
hear that you were all well and were geting along so well. I think you
have got along first rate with your work so far and now I
suppose you & Francis are going to school at least I hope so. for now is
the time for you to get an education & I hope you will try to improve all
the time you can get. My health is first rate but you see by my letter that I
am not at the Saw Mill where I have been cooking this Summer. they have
stoped the Mill because it was so wet they could not draw logs they kept
it runing till New Years since then I have not done much I come up here
two days since and expect to stay here some time. I am about two miles and half
from Sonora with a Company of men who have worked at the Mill this Summer we
have got a Cabin about built and are then going to choping trees and geting out 
timber for a Saw Mill which we shall try to get runing as soon as the roads get 
dried up so that we can get our Engines & Machinery there are eight men 

page2 in the company and they furnish five hundred dollars each which we think will
be enough to get a good mill to going. there are five of us at work now and the 
others will come when we want them but if it keepes on raining as it has for the 
last five weeks it is going to be hard geting provision to the mines and many 
articles are now very high flour is 50 cts per lb potatoes 25 cts pork 45 and 
almost every thing in about the same proportion we have had a great deal of rain 
since the middle of Nov it has rained-a1most all the time and it still raines some 
but not so steady there has been more rain so far, then ther was in the same time 
for any year since' 49 the teams cannot get to Stockton but have to boat their freight
to French Camp about 5 miles if the rains keepe on we shall have to all go below where 
we can get provision for I dont mean to stay here to starve I had rather go down and 
make Mr Goodell a visit You see by what I have writen that I do not expect to come home 
next Spring. I hope you will get along  well till I do come You & Francis must try 
and go to school all you can. if you dont let out the farm I hope you will go to school 
and hire some one to work on the farm you must take good care of those apple trees and 
not let the mice eat them up if you make Sugar in the Spring you must remember me when 
you are eating it and get time to write as often as you can direct your letters to Sonora 
good by for the present

page3 Dear Mother

I hope you will not be disappointed when you read this to learn that I think of staying 
here another year I would gladly come home now but my health is good, much better 
than it has been I think that by staying another year I shall be able to get enough so 
that we can all live more comfortably then we could if I should come now the businefs 
I am going into is about the best in the country and the men who are in the Company
are well acquainted with the businefs we are all able and willing to work so that we 
shall not have to hire much and I think we shall get along well. we have elected 
officers for the Co and I am Treasarer, Bookkeeper, and one of the directors. I mention 
this not because I am proud of the offices but to let you see that I have the confidence 
of the Co and I think I can truly say that this country has made no difference with me 
in regard to honesty or made me forget those principles of virtue and sobriety which 
you were always so kind in teaching by you example By Levis letter I learn the amount 
of the debts and what the property was prized at you have probably received the money 
which I sent by Mr Goodwillie to San Francisco to send to you I wrote to you about it 
in the last letter but did not see him till after he sent the second check but if you
have got the first one the other is of no use. if you did not get the first check draw 
the money one the second in either case write to me the exact amount of the check as

page4 Mr Goodwillie has lost his bill so that he cannot tell the exact amount of the
check and I let him have some more money we cannot settle up till I find out
how much the check is but it is nearly four hundred dollars you will expect me
to send some more soon and may perhaps be disappointed to find that I cannot
send it at present. I hope to be able to send it to you in the Spring but do not
want to send it now so as to get short before we get the mill up if you should
have to use it before I can send it I wish you would try to get it of Uncle
David if he can let you have it or of some one that will I think you can get it
at least by giving good security on the farm which I had rather would be done
then to spare the money here at present but if you do no think best to hire
money let me know and perhaps I can send you a part at least early in the
spring. you can do as you think best about leting out the farm. I think it
best to let it out or else hire so that the boys can go to school for I want
they should have a good chance for schooling and I hope when I get home I can
help them some. You must not work too hard Mother but go to see
Grandmother often tell her I often think of her as well as all the Uncles Aunts
and Cousins I should like to write to them all and shall be very glad to
receive letters from any of them give my best wishes to them all as well as all
the neighbors and friend and now Mother hopeing you are well I must bid
you good by 

Your Son George