GEORGE GOSS LETTERS Saw Mill Ranch California July 10th 1852

Dear Brother

I have looked in vain for Letters from home in the two last mails, why have you
not writen? I hope you are all well but I fear you are not. I did not
write home the last mail for the reason that I was then sick in my bunk with
what some called an Euruptive feaver and others a mild form of Small
Pox I do not know which it was but I was quite sick for a few days and there
were some euruptions on my face, hands & body which were like the
Small Pox & which leave some marks as yet though I have now gone to work
again & though I am not quite so strong yet I feel better now than I did
before I was sick though I do not wish to be sick here again. it is a hard place
& made me think of home and the kind care you all would have taken of me
but how do you get along? are you all well? I hope so but fear you are not, how
do you get along with the work does the corn & potatoes & oats look
well. have you got the hay well and how much is there, do you keep the garden
hoed out and the fences all up. have you sold any of the cattle or sheep
yet? do you keep old John & Charley & how does Charley look is there a
chance to sell part of the hill? if there is a good chance sell it & sell
all the stock you can spare as well as the hay and grain. take good care of the
grain. I think you had best get the grain threshed as soon as 

page2 as you can after you get it in the barn. you & Francis must not work too hard but
get some one to help you when you need if there is a School at the Village this
Fall I hope one of you will be able to go. I cannot tell when I shall come
home. but mean to sent some monney soon if I conclude to stay long I have
writen to before about Sonora it was quite a large place containing some 5
or 8,000 inhabitants it was almost entirely burnt to the ground some 10 days
since the fire commenced at one end and swept every thing almost the entire
length of principle Street which was nearly a mile but it has again risen from
its ashes as if by magic; the ruins are removed and the ground covered with
canvafs buildings or more substantial ones are far advanced in their
erection. now Levi & Francis you must take good care of things & do the
best you can till I come home but be carefull & do not work too hard.
go with Mother when you can get her started. if you keep John you have a good
safe horse to drive, but I dont think you ought to try to do any thing with
Charley unlefs you have some good hand with you. who helps you in haying
& harvesting. have you had good weather for things to grow & for haying
or has it been cold & wet. we have had some very warm weather here the
thermometer has been 126 degrees above zero & it is very dry & dusty
now. I do not like the warm weather but shall stay awhile yet you must write to
me often. and remember me as your Brother

page3 Dear Mother

How much I have looked for Letters from home & how I fear you are not all well 
but still I hope you are. but I wait anxiously to hear from you the time seems long 
since I received the last Letter it more that a month since I herd from home & 
it seems a great while longer but I hope to hear from you soon & that you are 
Mother do take care of your health! do not let sorrow wear you out. I know it 
must be a very . lonely home to you now, but we must remember there is One wiser 
that we & though Father is called sudinly yet our lofs is I trust his infinite 
gain. this should be our comfort & in some degree reconcile us to bear our great 
loss I want to come home to assist you but do not think best to come till it is cooler 
& perhaps I may not come till next March it will depend much upon my health which 
I hope will now be good though I do not think I shall try the mines any more & 
when I leave here shall come home I think Mr O. T. White started from here two weeks ago
for San Francisco & I think probable will come home if he does he can tell you 
about me and what kind of a chance I have got. I hope you have some one with you keep 
Cousin Tirza all you can tell her to write to me another good long letter. & tell 
all the other cousins to write. I remember them all. I would write more had I time but 
you must write to me often and remember me as ever

your Son