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GEORGE GOSS LETTERS Sonora July 12th 1854

Dear Brother
I have but a few minutes to write my health is not quite as good as it was when I
wrote last I have had a lame side and some pain in my lungs for a few weeks it
is not very bad but so that I have not done much lifting for some time though I
have been very busy in the yard sending off lumber we are selling a great
deal of lwnber now and about the same price at the mill as last year
the time for which we formed our company ran out the first of this month but we
still keep on running the mill and most of the company want to do so till the
rainy season sets in and then get our business closed up to get off home Early
in the Spring If my health is good I may stay till then but if not I shall try
and come home this Fall. If I dont get so as to feel well soon I shall quit the
yard altogether and go to sawing in the mill when I do any thing It is very hot
weather now we have had no rain for some time Last Sunday night Columbia was
burnt down there was but few houses escaped the

page2 fire. it contained about 1500 inhabitants and was a flourishing place. in a 
good mining country about 3 miles from Sonora I have not heard from you by the two 
last mails but hope to hear by the next and that you are all well. the last time 
you wrot Mother was some better. I hope she will not go to work and get down again 
but will will keep Coz Tirza with her if she can I suppose you are about the haying 
now I should rather be mowing with you than to be measuring boards but I cant get away 
yet hope I can soon I saw Mason Sterns last Sunday well have not heard from Sam'l Goodell 
for some time had a Letter from Coz Mortimer Butler last night well his wife
has just reached San Francisco I want you to write as often as you can I will write again 
soon and hope to get more time to write next time. Mother must not wory about me for I 
shall be carefull and not work as hard as I did Last year My best wishes to all and 
hope to be with you in a few months

The fire in Columbia, California did one thing. When they rebuilt the buildings, bricks were used.