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Dear Brother
I rec'd your letter of date June 2d and answer it as soon as I can get time. My
health is first rate but I have to work like mad not time rest no time to write
but work, work. I am now in the lumber yard and it is pile this, pack that load
and measure from Monday morning to Saturday night. we are over head & ears
in business now and have hardly time think. we run the mill only days as yet
but expect we will have to run it night and day soon we sell all the lumber we
saw now and have some 40 or 50 thousand now engaged most of it to go in 2 or 3
week and not 1/4 of it sawed now besides we have now bill for lumber almost
every day we saw about 3 thousand per day now but if business keeps good we
will have to keep it hot night and day. when I wrote last we were rather in the
fog lumber sold very dull and opposition was strong on all sides. it began
about the time we started the mill and every mill searned bound to under
sell & break down the rest. but at one time good lumber could be bought in
Sonora for $45.00 per 1000 ft and very dull at that it is now gradually on the
rise and is selling from 60.00 to 75.00 per 1000

page2 Some of the mills have stoped fairly brock dow for it cost them from 20 to 30 
dollars to get their lumber hauled to market but we are near town and get ours 
drawn for about 10 dollars besid we do our own work so that we can stand all the 
opposition there is and laugh at it too & they begin to find it so for we have had it 
proposed more than once of late to combine with the other mills to rais the price 
again but we are in no hurry about it and are willing to leat things work awhile as
they are but I am writing too much about my business here & I think it
cannot be very interesting to you we have very hot weather now & it is
geting very dry here but we have pleanty of water the Tuolumne Water
Co run the water from the river in the creek by us which is very handy their
ditch has cost them about $250,000.00 quite a pile but it will pay no matter I
have not rec'd any letter from Mr Goodell for some time but heard from him not
long since by way of a friend he was well. I saw Cloud Miller in Sonora a few
week since. Well and glad to meet the first one of my acquaintance at home that
I have seen since last winter. I have not heard a word from Cousins Mortimer or
Willard except in your letters this is no place for friends or acquaintance to
find each other in fact Sam'l & Miller are almost the only ones I have herd(
sic) from in Cal every one here is looking out for no 1 and the gold which all
are seeking & many seek in vain

page3 I am glad to receive your letters & wish you would write more as well as all 
the reast I think you get along first rate with the farming so that if I should not 
come home this two or three years I think you can get along as well as if I was 
there but dont work to hard. go and see the Cousins as often as you can. I suppose 
you are haying now I have tried it here a day or two but it is not much like haying 
to home how I should like to healp yoa few days but, (poko tempe) I will write more
soon to Francis Good by 

Dear Mother 
I am glad to hear in every letter that your health is good but much I fear that
you have to much to do and will work to heard. I hope you go up to see Aunt Esther 
ofte. from your letter I shall probably neave see her in life again. I can herdly
bear to think so but it is another of the many sad chainges that will meet
me at home and among all our friend. how different from the home and circle I left 
some are gone & all will have grown older & myself perhaps more than the reast for in 
this country every one grows old fast and few years make a greater different than many at home

page4 I shall not be able to send you any money at present but think I shall this fall if we
are as lucky as we have been of late I dont know wheather there is any thing I ought
to write about the business at home as far as I know every thing is done as
well as I can wish. I expect there is no nead of anyone to take
care of my interests except you as you know all that was due me as well as what
I have sent since I cam here If you should finish settling up the
estat and find it necessary for anyone else to act for me let it be Uncle
David or some one nearer home Give my best wishes to all the friends. do not forget 
Grandmother I do not get any letters from any of the Cousins 2 days since I rec'd a
letter from James K Remich Jr for firs I have heard from him since he
left home I shall send letters to him in my letters to you as he requested me to he is teaching in Penn'
a write as often as you can and I will do the same Your