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GEORGE GOSS LETTERS Saw Mill near Chili Camp July 27th 1852

Dear Brother

I still look in vain for Letters from home it is a long time since I have rec' d
any from you and I cannot imagine the reason. Is it because you do not write? I
cannot believe that you have neglected writing so long unlefs you are sick
& if you are you ought to write and let me know it for untill I hear
from you I cannot helpe feeling uneasy about you & fearing you are not
all well but still I must hope you are & that by some means your Letters
have been delayed or miscarried. My health is now as good as usual & I am
sill in the same place cooking but I dont know how long I shall stay here!
if I could think of staying in this Country another year I should leave here at
once & start a boarding house in a place ten miles from here where
I could get boarders at ten dollars per week but I dont want to stay long
enough & unlefs I hear from you soon I think I shall start for home. I
like my place to work but want more wages for the work is harder there is from
10-15 men to 

page2 one sick man to take care of besides others that are here occasionally & all my
cooking is over one old stove added to this I have to get my wood take care of
a small garden & some hens & pigs & it all keeps me busy about all
the time so that I have not found a chance to write till now and this is only a
short time after dinner when I ought to be making bread but I could not help
writing a few lines though I think it will plague you to read them you must all
be carefull and not work too hard but take good care of your health I dont
know as I can write anything more than I have already writen before
about the affairs at home you must all do the best you can till I come which may
be soon & it may be that I shall stay till Spring or perhaps longer it all
depends on my health and the chances for businefs. I dont like to work out
very well in the country & I dont like the country neither! all that keeps
me here is the gold and that will not keepe me long after I get about a
thousand dollars unless I think more is coming prety fast & without as
much toil (privation) as it has cost to get what little I have already saved
which I wish was at home but I shall not send any yet and now I want you to
write to me if you are in need of any before next January or February. I have
400-$500.00 which I can spare if I stay here but if I come home soon I can save
$25.00 which I should have to pay the exprefs and save as much on the
dust besides how

page3 ever you must not think of that if you need the monney but write at once & 
I will send it to you or else come with it for I want to see you all & I often think 
that the gold of Cal. is but a poor recompens for the friends & comforts of home 
& worthlefs when I think that while I remain here death may again enter that home 
from which it has already taken our dear Father. I would gladly write more but have not 
time give my best wishes to all! write to me often you cannot think how anxious I am 
to receive a Letter from home. direct your Letters as usual to Wood Digings and now 
hoping you are well & will write often I must bid you all good by for the present

Your Brother George