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GEORGE GOSS LETTERS Sonora June 5th 1853

Well Major
I have received your letter of date March 31 and was very glad to hear that you
were all well & hope you will long continue so My health is first rate and
I work all the time except Sundays and then I have to wash and fix my clothes.
I never worked so hard at home & hope I shall not heere a great while
for I began to get the home feaver. how I should like to come home this
Summer to work with you & Levi though I dont think I shoud do much if
I was there for it seem as though it would be small businefs to work for
10 or 15 dollars per month though that is better than some do here &
perhaps better than I shall do but still keep trying we run the mill days and
sell some lumber and pile up the rest. it is not the time for using lumber now
as it is in the fall just before the rainy season begins. there is some
competition in the lumber businefs and it is geting down as well as
every thing else but we can make it as cheep as any body for we dont hire much
helpe but do our own work

But how do you get along with the work? get the corn potatoes & pumpkins all 
planted & growing nice I guefs! well take good care of them for I shall 

page2 want a big pumpkin pie when I get home and shall expect to find every thing 
looking nice & slick and see you grown so tall I shall hardly know you & perhaps 
find out you know more about the gir1s than you are willing to write. never mind them 
yet but go to school when you can & learn all you can. but I suppose you & Levi 
think you ought to stay on the farm till I come home but you must try to hire some & get
along as well as you can about that. I am glad to hear that Old John look well
for I shall want a good horse when I come you know for what. though I guefs you or Levi 
try him a little to see that he dont forget

I find more news in you letter that I have got before in a long time about the Cousins. 
I hope Cozen George will do well in his furniture businefs I wrote him a letter last 
winter but have not received an answer yet. when you go up to St Johnsbury you must make 
them all a good visit for me tell them I should like to see them all first rate and want 
to have them write when they can You & Mother must go up to see Aunt Ester as often 
as possible it is not very likely she will be living when I return. it will be another 
sad chainge which I can hardly look upon as real. even now in looking forward to the time 
when I hope again to see home I can not make it seem as real that Father will not be there 
to welcome me again 

page3 but how many others will I miss, it seems as though there is not a family but 
what is called to mourn the lofs of some dear face & I often ask myself will home appear 
the same? no Father to council. but his vacant place to every day & hour reminde us of our
lofs. home cannot be the same as when I left but I hope to find you all
the same. the same kind Mother and brothers that I left 

June 8 Since begining this I received Levi's letter of May 1st. it is the greatest pleasure 
I can enjoy here to receive letters from home and learn that you are all well. I think you get 
along first rate with the farm without me but dont try to work to much I think Levi ought to 
go to school & if Mother thinks he can go I hope he will perhaps I shall send him some 
money to go with. I have writen before about geting some apple trees & hope you have got 
them I have not heard any thing obut John Clifford yet nor any thing from Goodwille since he 
left. Mr Crosby of Barnet starts for home today he sent me word he was going but I could not 
get time to go down& see him before he started, Mr White will know him. it makes me feel 
home sick every time I hear of any ones going home but my turn hasn't come yet though I hope 
it will soon! I have not time to write more this time.