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GEORGE GOSS LETTERS Saw Mill Ranch near Chili Tuoloumne County Cal June 8th 1852

Dear Brother
Your Letter of date April 15 came to hand last Thursday. I was very glad to hear
that you were all well and that you do not give way to our affliction but bear
with submision that which is ordered by a wise hand, and which is no
dobt for our good though we cannot so see it at present. You must be very
lonesom there and I wish I could be with you but cannot well leave at
present. in my last Letter I wrote that I thought I should send a check for
$300.00 but I think now that I shall be comeing home soon and shall keep
it till I come. by so doing I can save five dollars on a hundred and as you
will not need it to pay the debts at present I think this is the best way. if I
sent it I should want to receive an answer from you before I left here and that
will take nearly three months. I may stay here that length of time but it is
very unceartain my health is not so good as I wish since writing last I
have had three days with more pain in my lungs than I have had before since I
came to this country. I went to taking the oil which I had kept and apply in
wet towel on my chest which soon relieved me and I am now about as well as
usual. if it was not so warm and unhealthy I think I should start for home soon
but I want to stay now till it will be cooler and then if my health is no better
I shall come though I would like to get more monney to fetch home which I
can do if I am well. I have a very good place where I am now stoping I
have to cook for 10 or 12 men. over one stove which is not very convenient for
bakeing bread but I get along very well for the chance I have. told the Co
that I ought to go

page2 home but they wish to have me stay & advise me not to go till
fall at any rate they pay me fair wages for cooking and if I wish to work out doors
they say I shall have a chance to work for the same they pay the other men but I shall not
try it at present if I do at all You wanted to know what I think of the
arraingments you have made about setling Fathers estate and
carrying on the farm. I like the most of them very well. I think Mr Gould will
be a very good AdminiStrator and think you have chosen good Commissioners they
will probably find Fathers businefs not very well arrainged but I
dont think of any thing now that I can assist them about geting it as you
have one year for paying the debts I think you had better not settle them till
I come home if I come this fall as I think I shall. I do not think it is best
to sell the farm at present nor any part of it unlefs it is 50 acres on
the hill next to Mr Adams. I think you might sell that if there is a chance for
what it is worth which I think is between $450.00 and $500.00 I think you would
do well to sell a part of the stock. if the sheep get fat and will fetch a good
price sell them and we can get some more by winter if we want. I dont think it
is best to keep all the Cows. you know which are the best! sell the two year
olds if they get good for beef & sell Charley if you can get what he is
worth but dont give him away if he is well. If you and Francis carry on the
faml alone you ought to have some oxen for I dont think you ought to try to
work Charley you might work him with old John but I dont think it safe. he
might get the uper hand of you. I dont know but your idea about carrying on the farm
is the best but I do not think so. I think it would have been better to have hired a
good hand Six months You & Francis no doubt will do all you can but you are
young and not used to working without some one to tell you what to do and then
there is as much again work as you can possibly do and a great many things to
see to which will leave a great deel more care for Mother than if she had
some good trusty hand in whom she had confidence

page3 I wish you had hired Coz Leonard (if you could) but you mut hire what you need by
the day. get Pottr Carr when you can. he will do as well as anyone that I
think of now. get a good hand in haying & sell what hay you can spare when
you cut it if there is a chance. You must write me how much corn & potatoes
you have planted how much grain you have sowed and how things all look at home 
if the grass is good and how those young apple trees get along take good care of 
them and of all the things. keepe the fences good and see to the cattle on the hill 
dont try to do all the hard work but hire when you need. get the hay well and dont let 
the work get behind hand. Francis you must help Levi all you can but be carefull and 
not do to much hard work. be carefull when you work with the team not to get into 
trouble and take good care of the sheep & Lambs, keep the garden : well hoed. 
take care of the wagons, harnefses, ploughs, harrow etc dont leave them round but
when you get done useing them put them in their places. if there is a school at the
village one of you ought to go this fall you must go with Mother when she can
leave home it will be better for you all then to stay there all the time and
work. You were doing very well making sugar when you wrote. I am glad of it and
hope you will get along as well with the farming. I think you will do as well
as you can but you will find it very different from having some one to see to
things You want to know how much my account is against Father. I wrote the
amount in the other letter but as you may not get that I will put it down again.
he gave me his note for $100.00 the night before I left home that is all that
he owed me as fast as you find out I want to know the amount of the debts and
what the property is prized at you & Levi must write to me as often as you
can and I will do the same. tell all the friends to write and that I would like
to write to them if I had time but my time is mostly occupied with my work and
I write by spells when I find a chance remember and write every mail 

Your Brother Geo Gofs

page4 Dear Mother

You must not feel uneasy about me for my health is prety good and I think if I am 
carefull it will continue so but I wish I knew how yours is. I am afraid you will have 
too much to see to & will get sick. dont try to do too much I entreat you. take 
care of your own health first. it must be very lonely there now but dont stay at home
all the time. it will do you good to go out often take one of the boys and go when 
you can I am glad that Cozen Tirza stays with you some & hope she will be with 
you most of the time. and I wish you had Cozen Leonard on the farm. the neighbors are 
very kind you say. give them my thanks for their kindness and be shure to give them to
James for his very kind and affectionate maner of communicating the sad news of Fathers 
death and for his kindnefs in staying with you. how I wish I could have been at home 
when Father died! little did I think it was the last time I should see him in life but 
so it is and we must bow in submission (however heavy the blow) to One Who knows better 
than we can know. and Who will do all things right. When I think of you I want to come home
at once but shall not come if my health is good till the hot weather is over and then I 
think I shall come though I can do better here than at home if my health is good but 
I think by coming home I can relieve you of much of your anxiety about the farm & 
some about me You need not feel anxious about my geting home for I have money enough to 
come with when I think best and if I stay till spring shall send some home but not at 
present. now Mother you must write to me as often as you can and be shure to take care 
of you own health give my respects to all, and now good by for the present