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GEORGE GOSS LETTERS Chili Camp March 23/52 1852

Dear Father

I received your Letter of Feb 1 Last Sunday and I was glad to hear from you again
it is the third Letter I have recieved; the one you sent by H Wilson has
not got here yet. he did not get to California till a short time ago. we
herd that he & the others with him were detained at Acapulco some time
but I think he brough a leter for Mr White. he received one from his
wife mailed at San Francisco a few days ago and we think he brought it to there
and the reason he did not send yours to me is he did not know that I was here.
I dont know where to begin to anwer your Letter but guefs I will
start where you left off and take it backwards leaving the Turkey story which I
have not forgoten and do not have any thing to do with either of the ones
you mentioned I enjoy as you wished a good degree of health and dont mean to
work to hard (Think you need not caution me about it) this hot weather. I
dont know but it will be too hot for me! if it is I shall be carefull and
not work in the middle of the day What kind of a story does David Peabody tell
you about California (dont believe all the big things you hear) perhaps I shall
tell some big ones some time

page2 How did Lorenzo Kendall like do yo know what place Wallace Kendall is at? if you
do write you have probably seen Merrill Haseltine before this time and done as
I wished you to I herd of the death of his Father a few weeks ago and that
he had gone to this place If Francis thinks Charley is the tallest team
let him drive him. I dont believe-he can drive a mule any way. Maj' could you
sing of Hop-ah Mule-ah? tell Mr Houghton that his respects are very acceptable
and I will answer his inquiry soon and perhaps make some of my own I am glad
that you work the colts togather. if you like them I think you had better
sell old John and get some oxen. has Charley got so that Mother will ride after
him I suppose you have got your wood all drawed and are making sugar now! well
I wish I had some of it to go with my bread You want to know how far it is from
San Francisco to Stockton it is about miles and 65 from Stockton to Chili Camp
and I think it is about 35 miles to Horse Shoe bend You say that Mrs Goodell had
not recieved any Letters from Sam'l that is very strange and I cannot
account for it! I rec'd one some after he found out where I was and answered it
and wanted him to write imediately but have not herd from him again I
have write to him again and also to Sam'l Gofs at Stockton (where he wrote
he was 14 miles from there with C Chamberlin) to know where he is and what he
is doing I shall probably get an answer soon Tell Mrs Goodell to keep up

page3 good courage and not be alarmed till she hears something about him about my 
clothes they are geting a prety good striping the Boot that Mr Lawrence mad have had 
holes in them this 2 months and I have got another ($7.00 pair) prety well begun. 
(tell him they want the things for this Country) I wore the coton shirt that I put
on when I started till it got dirty and then took my flanel ones and have
worn them ever since the sleeves are geting worn out some that old coat is
about all to shivers but the other is a good one and I like it first rate
those green pants I have got one now here stop & let me count the
holes! 6 on one leg prety good yet! Mother I dont care if you mend then a
The others I have not worn much but have bought one pair (price $3.00) and wore
them about out. I get along well about washing and think I look prety slick
I have already writen about our cabin and way of living so I shall leave
that to write a word about the visit you had at Coz Georges. I wish you could have
had that same visit here in our Cabin! Stop; I dont wish so! for I dont want
you here not in the mines at any rate and I dont believe any of you would like
California if you was here though I dont know how it is in the Farming district
I want to go and see and if I should like there I should be glad to have as
many Coz and friend with me as possible but I dont advise anyone
to come & especialy to leave a good home and good society for the
troubles & vexation of geting here the toils trials &

page4 dangers of living here and the worst of pandamoneums in the society that
exists here, you get only the bright side of the picture they present the gold 
as it glitters to your eye but they hide the knife that to often leys but half 
concealed at it side and the seas of drunkennefs polution & profanity that exist
though the entire country you may think that I am doing as others and cursing
the country because I have not had as good luck as some have had! well I have not
but I have had better than many. there are many who would be glad to get
monney enough to get them to their homes. and many many who have ruined
their health & character in this land if you could but see the intemperance
that exist here you would all be cold water same as everyone but stop I can
smooth it of a little the counny is well enough the climate pleasant we
have had very Little cold weath and now it is as warm as June or July
there is gold here and it can be got faster than among the hills of Vermont.
the most who get home have not that amount that we suppose and I am told that
there are as many who have lefs than one thousand as there is that have more You 
want to know what my prospects are I have made something though not much I am in 
Co with Mr White! we are geting fair wages now but dont know how long it will last. I think
we shall not stay here more than 2 or 3 months as the water will fail by that
time when we start I dont know where we shall stop perhaps not till we get home
though I think we shall not come yet. I have much more that I want to write to
you and all the rest but have not room so good by

Geo Gofs