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GEORGE GOSS LETTERS Chili Camp S.M. California May 8th 1852

Dear Parents

I rec'd your Letter of date Feb but have delayed to answer it till now for the
very good reason that I have not found time to writ as much as I wished
but I have not herd from you by the two last mails; what is the reason? do
you wait for me? you must not look for letters every mail as I to write to many
others but I always write for them to tell you how I am geting along My
health is not as good as it was a few weeks ago I have had some cough and pain
in my lungs caused by a cold which I caught some time ago and working in the
water keeps my feet wet so that I have not got over it and have thought best to
leve of mining for a while and I dont think I shall try it again not for a
while at any rate. I am now working for Latimer (the one I worked for when I
came here first,) at haying on a ranche about two miles from where I have
been mining he pays me at the rate of one hundred dollars per month and boards me
I came here last Monday and have worked since the grass is very thin and the
ground is trod up by cattle some but I get along very well I have worked alone
but expect to have help this week. I dont know how long it will take us but I can get work
about a mill 

page2 which they are now building for sawing lumber on the place if I want but that
will depend upon my health if that continues to fail I shall not stay here long but 
go down and see Sam'l and then do what I think is best but I dont mean to stay here 
and be sick long though I hope my lung will be better soon for I dont mean to work 
so hard as I have any longer. I have done well of late and got money enough to get 
home with when I want to come and would send home some if I knew I should not want it but
I think you had rather I would keep it so that I can come home if my health
continues to fail then to be here without the means of geting home I have
been to work with Mr White till I came here he is now haying for another man
not far off. we have sold our Cabin and have two claims left but he dont like
mineing very well and we shall sell them & our tools if we can and
then leave the mines for good and when we start I don't know where we shall
stop perhaps not till we get home though I shant come home yet if I can have my
health here and get into a place where I can stand it but I am satisfied that 
mining is not the right businefs for me and I think when you get this letter that 
I shall be down with Sam'l or about Stockton at any rate you may direct your Letters 
there! you have seen Mr Houghton no dout and he has told you what I wrote to him 
about sending to Stockton I have not rec'd a Letter from Coz George Butler yet tell 
him to write as often as he can and tell all the Coz that I want to write but cant 
find time & that I want

page3 they should all excuse me and think how they would like to hear from home if they
was here and I am shure they will not fail to write! but what are you doing? ploughing 
sowing planting etc I supose have you mad any Sugar Maj' (and saved any for me) do 
you drive the colts to harrow? do they work well is Charley fat and slick? do you 
ride him any? Levi did you go to School this spring or have you been at home all the 
time do you do the ploughing or let Father do it all? have you let the mice eat up those
apple trees and the nursrey? take good care of them Father is your health good? I hope 
so! have you sowed a good lot of grain and planted a heep of corn & potatoes; have you 
ploughed up any grass ground? if so where & how much you must not try to work to hard 
or get money to fast Mother what are you doing? is your health good? if it is I suppose 
you are at work as hard as ever; but be careful as you told me & I will do the same if 
I can! have you knit me any feetings some of these are about worn out and my coat is 
all gone as well as my green pants which I wore till last week. I dont like to mend 
very well but have to do many things I dont want to! does Tirze come over and stay 
with you any I want to fill out my sheet but they are waiting for me and we
have to go three miles to Post office so I must stop! tell all my friends to write often
and you must write every mail if you can. I hope my health will be good when I write 
again but dont wony about me, I cant write more so good by 

Geo Gofs