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GEORGE GOSS LETTERS Sonora Nov 12th 1853

Dear Brother
You may think it straing you do not get letters from me oftener but you must
not think it is because I think less of home or are less anxious to returne
on the contrary each day only make me think that at its close I am one day
nearer the time when I can see you all again and feel that I am in the society
of those who care for me.

When I wrote you last I was just geting so as to work again after being sick a 
few weeks I worked two days and was taken again with the feavor & such a 
headache as I neve had befor It seemed as though I should go crazy when awak and 
when sleeping I was piling board & making & setling bills and doing a 
thousand things that make me on waking look and wonder where I was. As soon as I 
got so that I could ride I took the Stage for Stockton on the way down they tiped over
and for a few minutes there were 17 of us piled every which way but fortunately
no one was hurt beyond a few bruises & scratches. we picked up our things
& turned the coach back again when we found the reach & draw irons
broak so that we could not use it with horses but there 

page2 was an oxe team going the same way so we hitched on behind & rode 12 miles
behind it till they got another coach when we began to moove again and
reached Stocton at 11 oclock at night tired but not hungry for I found plenty
of milk & Oh how good it tasted. this was quit a days work for me then
& I was afraid that it would be too hard but next morning I was very glad
to fmd I was better with the exception offealing rather stif &
sore I staid at Stockton about a week seeing all I could find to look at
and gaining every day no dout from eating apples, Pears, grapes &
mellons of which there is pleanty and I improved the chance after I
found they did not hurt me. here I found John & Henry Wilson Henry was
making brick & looked well & hearty he likes here very well, but in
Vermont better but does not think he will go back to live with his wife he has
herd bad stories about her, but I told him to wait till he is certain and
not believe all he hears Sunday Night I rode out to French Camp on the way to Mr
Goodells on Monday who should I see but Sam drive up with a horse and wagon on
his way to town after groceries So I went back with him and next day went out
wher he lives & I rather think we lived for the next week on
wild geese

page3 ducks, Chickens & fish as many as we could eat. & I enjoyed
myself first rate for Sam'l was on hand and felt well & kept things
lively he has got a first rate place & is doing well I think. we went down
the river about 3 miles to See Mr Chaimberlin of Waterford. found him well
though he has been sick this Sumer a good deal. after spending a week with
Sant'l I went back to Stockton & not fealing quite satisfied with my first
Stage ride thought I would try it again and so went to Sacrimento where I
staid two days. perhaps you will expect me to give some description of the
place but you have heard about it before how the Sacrimento river every
year flows all around it and in every street the main part of the City is built
on two streets runing back from the river between one and two miles there is nothing
plasing or interesting about it or any other place I have yet seen in
California. I had rather have one glimps of the hills of Vermont than see
all of this country I have yet seen or expect to see after thus runing
about for 3 weeks I came back to the Old Saw Mill again and have now been back
two week and have worked most of the time and feal very well though not quite so 
strong as usual. business is very good with us we sell all the lumber we can saw 
and get a good price for it today I have loaded 

page4 and sent off about 350 dollars worth of lumber and some days we send of more 
but many days less I am glad you are going to School and do not wait for me to come 
home you write you board at Coz Georgie tell him I have writen to him but get no 
answer. I hope he is well & will find time to write as often as I do. my best 
wishes for Cousin Frances and all the others you must write often and not wait for 

Well Maj' I suppose you are head farmer and Cheif man now Levi is at school I
should like to come and see how you manage thing alone though I think you and Watch
can keep the squirrels away from the apples. & perhaps eat some while you
are after the Cows but I think you will want some help to husk the com &
dig the potatoes. dont work too hard but take Old John and ride out with
Mother when she can go which I hope is often.

Mother you must not worry about my health I wish I could know yours is as good as 
mine but it is a long ways between here and home how gladly would I be there & 
see you all again and I sometimes think if Mr Goodell goes next Spring I will sell 
out and come with him but cannot tell yet. You must not expect me then