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GEORGE GOSS LETTERS Chili Camp, November 23, 1851 Southern Diggings, Cal.

I have already written to you 4 times which I hope you have rec'd. My last to
Levi in a letter to James K Remich was from the Castilia rapinds on the
San Juan (Rio San Juan) river (where I told you I was well and I am well now). 
We were delayed there 2 days for the boat to crofs the Lake (Lago de Nicaragua). 
We were 36 hours crofsing to Virgin Bay where we expected to find mules to carry 
us and our baggage over the land, which is 12 miles to San Wan del sud 
(San Juan del Sur), but there was not a single mule to be found and the road was 
so bad that we were told it was almost impossible to get acrofs. after waiting 
some time the mules began to come in and Saturday night, Oct 25, I got my baggage 
started but Sam'l could not his. Sunday I started on foot with Mr Carrick & 
Hawkins from Danville to go acrofs and after wading through mud and water of 7 in 
the morning till 5 at Night we reached the harbor on the Pacific and found the 
Steamer Independence had landed her passengers an run back up to Realito about 70 
miles for coal. On Wednesday Sam'! got over with his baggage which the company hired 2
natives to carry. Here we had to pay two dollars per day for board, and
sleepe on the floor or in a hammock which was not much better on Thursday
we mad such a rumpus that the Agent of Co. allowed u 2 dollars per
day for board from that morning. The Independence got back Thursday night and
about 4 oclock Friday Night we went aboard of her and sailed
about sun sett. from this time till Nov 5th nothing of importance
hapened when we entered the harbor of Acapulco in Mexico wher we
stoped for coal and water. We all went ashore and spent the day in the
citty but I have not got time to 

page 2 describe it here. We left the 8th when nothing more happened till the 16th 
when we began to enter the harbor of San Francisco and anchored at the wharf about 
lO A.M. We went to the Pacific House and got dinner for $100 (no decimal point but 
probably should be $1.OO) Thus you see that insted of going through in 26 or 28 days 
as we expected we have been almost 40 but are at last safe and sound in California 
which is better that all can say who came with us as some are sick & as I wrote 
before one is dead but I hope all of our Vermont Co. will get well which I think 
they will all except James Houghton he is sick with the disentary and Pannema feaver 
he is in the Hospital and we hope he will recover but it will be some time first and they
told us he would receive better care in the Hospitel than we could take of
him. We staid in San Francisco till 4 oclock Monday when most of our
Company started for the Northern mines by the way of Sacremento but Sam'l, John
Wilson, Abner Morse, John Clifford, Loren Winslow, Capt John Gilkerson &
myself started for the southern mines by way of Stockton in company with some
others we got acquinted with on the road. We paid 50 cts (usual fare
$5.00) for our passage up to Stockton where we arrived next morning about 4 o
clock got our breakfast and with 2 more making I hired a team to carry us out
to the Horse Shoe bend on the Merceay where we expected to find Mr Chamberlin 
from Waterford. We reached French Camp where we got dinner and as we
started from there Mr Atwood from CT (one of the owners of the House who had
been home to get his wife and 2 children came up and called me back and wanted
to hire me to go back to Stockton and take care of his brother in law who came
out with us and

page 3 was sick with a feaver. I had waited upon him some on the boat and he liked
me very well. so I told Sam' I and the others when I overtook them and they
thought I had better go back and stop with him till he got well and till I
herd from them whic might be 2 weeks. So I took my baggage and went
back to French Camp where I stoped till morning. Mr Atwood went out to
stay with Mr Crocker but found him dead when he got there. I went out with him
on Tuesday when we buried him about 2 P.M. after which I went back with him to
French Camp and stoped all night Mr Stevens being with us he is cousin to
one of Atwoods partners Thursday morning after thinking matters over I did not
want to accept Mr Atwoods offer which was to stop with him as long a I
wished and he would pay what he could afford for what he wanted done about the
house so Mr Stevens and I thought best to start after those who went to Horse
Shoe Bend so we took some of our things in a bag and Mr Atwood giving us what
provision we can carry told us that we might come and find a home with him
whenever we want one if we were sick or wanted a home. we then bade them goodby
and started on foot and traveled about 12 miles to the Time House owned by
the Atwood Co. here we staid free of expense and left with a teamster who
went on the same way to the Stanislaus up which we then started and traveled
about 15 miles where we staid all night at the Owen House. There I made
some inquiry about the bend and Mr Chamberlin when I found a man who knew him
on the bend and said he left there 6 weeks ago and is now on a ranchero 18
miles from Stockton for he had some one from him 2 days before and that the

page 4 Bend is the very worst place to go too in the mines and that they will not be
very likely to stop there long so we have come to Chili Camp where I have found
Mr Seneca Ladd & sons with 5 others who came out in the steamer with me Mr
Ladd thinks we had better stop here as they are doing very well and he says we
can hire out or he has showed us a place where he advised us to go to work for
ourselvs and I shall stop here and write to Mr Goodell where I am and we
shall soon be together again. Tell his wife that he was well when I left him
and that I think his health will be good as well as the rest of our boys and
now for myself I am well that is I am better than when I left home I have no cough 
and no pain in my lungs in short I am better than when I left home but you no dout 
want to know how I like things in California well I can not say much about it but 
from what I have seen I think it is a very good country it has been so dry the plains 
look parched but two little rains have begun to start the grafs and things will soon
look very different. But I want to know what you are all doing to home! I hope
you have all been well since I left and that you will be untill I get back
home. dont work to hard Mother but remember you have one the lefs to cook
and wash for. oh how I want some of your butter and brown bread as I have not had
any that tasts right since I left hom but we get good Potatoes and
meet flour bread, Apple sauce etc. and our living is better here than it
was on the vessel. how do you get along Father? I suppose you have got you
com all husked ploughing all done and perhaps have got some snow so that you
can begin to think about drawing wood well I hope you will keep on cuting
out the hill where I shall want to make sugar when I get home. take care of
those apple trees wont you and dont let the mice eat them up but what have you
done with old John? kept him to work I suppose and Charley to do you keep him
to work or have you sold him or got that match for him I hope you do something
with him but be carefull and dont get hurt but how is Rob how long was he
lame or have you sold him If I had them here the 3 would fetch 1,000 dollars
Oxen are worth 200 per yock but how does that big stear grow have you got all 
the cattle and sheep in the yard and have you got ready for winter. Levi have 
you got done going to school? did you learn well and write compositions and have 
you gone to work And now Maj' what have you done since I came away have you shot 
all the squirels dug all the potatoes husked all the corn picked all the apples and
eat them all up. I hope you eat some for me! but dont eat them all up too quick perhaps 
I shall be back to help you! if I get gold enough in a few days 

page 5 do you ride the colts any? have you got the wood all choped or do you play all
the time with watch! I wish he was out here to stay in the tent. But when are
you going to have you Thanksgiving I suppos Mother you will make a good chicken Pie 
and plum puding and all the good things you can but I shant be there to help eat them! 
never mind have a good one and I hope I shall try to have one our Thanksgiving comes 
the 27th and we shall have somthing perhaps some venson or something else that is good. 
I have eate some nice fresh Salmon and today we had a plumb puding and Mr Ladd has a
fine deer which he killed yesterday the deer are very plenty but not very fat
and they say that soon there will be plenty of Salmon up the river. provisions
are very plenty and I can get boarded for 8 dollars per week or they say that
we can board ourselvs for about $4.00 which I think we shall do as soon as
I can get things so that I can. But I suppose some of my friends will expect a
word from me tell Uncle & Aunt Wheaton that I should like to have had another good visit 
over there but I could not find time after I concluded to come here & tell Coz Tirzah 
that I could not wait for her to go to Providence as we talked but I hope we shall hear 
from each other and I think she had best come out here for she will find hundreds here 
that want a good wife and I should like a Coz to visit once in a while and if she dont 
come her I hope to have some good visits when I some home with her and some Gent. I dont 
know who she must write and tell me who it is

page 6 Tell Coz Levi & Leonard that I should like to see them out here but I have not
been here long enough yet to know how to advise them but if they should think best to come 
they must look for things quite different from what they get to home and some hard times if 
they come out in the stearage and when they get here the cant pick up the gold
without labor but I think if anyone is healthy and steady they have a fair
chance of geting money faster than they can in Vermont and they have got to
look out and not believe all that is told in regard to California either good
or bad and you can say the same to the rest of the Coz's & friends who may
ask you what I think of things here. Tell all the Coz's that I shall expect to
see them all enjoying themselvs when I come back and they must excuse me
for not seeing them all before I left home which I should have done if I could
possibly have found time. Tell Grandmother that I shall try to get a lump for
her and hope she will enjoy good health till I come back and I hope all the
Uncles Aunts & Coz's will write to me and let me know how they get along
and you mus all do your part of visiting and some for me and I will try
to make up for all neglected and lost time.

Tell Merrill J Hazeltine that I wish he would pay my dues to the Division and call
on you for the money which will be 60 cts per quarter besides the dues for
Brothers who may die which will be 50 cts each and that I want him to write how
they get along and I shall write to him as soon as I can get time 

page7 I want you to send me the Caledonien from the time I left home send them 2 
at a time after you have sent all the back numbers which you can send in one bundle. 
you had better pay the Postage on the paper a quarter in advance for papers cannot 
be sent here without the postage is paid. on Letters it is 6 cts pre paid and 10 cts 
if not paid till received send your letters & papers so that they will get to 
New York before the 1st and middle of each month. Tell all my friends to write to me 
and I shall write to them when I get time and have seen more of the country. Send all 
your letters to (Chili Camp Souther Mines California 

Tuesday Night Nov 25th I have been diging in a place with Mr Ladd and two other 
and I send you the result of what I washed from five pans which is worth about $1.50 
we are now throwing of the top dirt and tomorrow we shall fin a place to wash
and we hope to get something from the place where we are at work but we do not
expect a great haul and if I cannot get along on my own hook I shall go to work
by the day. good hands can get $5.00 per day and boarded but I think I should
go to farming if I had $2000.00 dollars to start with or I could take land to
cultivate the owner finding team and Farming tools and seed and giving 1/2 the
crops. write to me as soon as you get this and give my respects to all my
friends tell them to write to me and where to send their letters. Tell James to
answer mine and that I shall write to him again when I 

page8 receive one from him. It seems a long time since I saw you but I have not been 
homesick and am not discouraged I think if you were all here and we had a farm that I
should like hear first rate. at least as long a my health is as good
as it is now and if you could all be well but I do not think you would do well
to come here and I shall come back when I get homesick if I am rich enough you
must scrach your heads and read this the best way you can and all write
me a good long letter and send it as I have directed be shure to send the
paper and try to get along as well as you can and now hoping this will find you
well I must say good by to one and all. and sending my respects to all my
friends hopein they are all well and that all will remember me. and prove
the same by writing to one who loves you all 
George Gofs