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GEORGE GOSS LETTERS Saw Mill Nov 27th 1852

Dear Mother
I rec' d your letter of date Oct 15th night before last and was very glad to hear
that you were well at that time. but it is a long time since you wrote and when
I think that you even since then may have been sick I cannot feel content but
still hope for the best My health is very good. and I get along well where I am
but dont think I shall stay here this winter as I have herd the Co means
to cut down the wages soon and when they do that I shall go to mineing if
there is water and we have the prospect of it sooner then last year. it has
rained twice for the last two weeks and it looks like rain now. I think you and
the boys have done all you could this summer and am glad you feal willing
to have me stay here if I think best but if I stay it will be in hopes of being
able to get something to pay the debts and enable us to live more comfortable
when I get back. often do I think of you and the comforts of home though we
have a very good house here now we moved into the new house this week and it
seems quite odd to get onto a floor after living on the ground so long. the
house is 16 by 20 feet two storys high with a kitchen 12 square back in
which I have got my bed 

page2 and find it very convenient and if the Co will pay me 100.00 per month perhaps I
may stay till spring and cook. You want to know what I think about leting out the
farm another year. I dont think it is best to let it yet. if I come home in the
spring I shall come early so I can help the boys and if I dont come then I
shall write so that you can know and then you will do as you think best but I
would not let it unless it was to some very good man. I should rather hire some
one and let the boys go to school. I have sent home a check for some monney which I 
suppose you must get about this time. use it to pay the debts as I wrote then and I 
shall send some more soon. I think you had better sell that piece on the hill if 
Mr Adams will buy it for what it is worth. I dont think of any thing to write now 
about the affairs. the debts are rather more than I had expected but if I am well 
we can pay them and keep all the farm. I have not found time yet to answer Cousin 
Tirzas letter yet but think I shall not have to work so hard soon as some of the men 
will leave soon. I am very glad that the Cousins write as often as they do but wish 
they would write ten times where they do once now. I would write to them more if I 
could get time but they must not wait for me for I have to work and not much of a 
chance to write here with 16 or twenty round you did not write about any ones in 
particular how is Granmother 

page3 I have not herd from Mortimer yet but hope he will let me know where he is, 
have they herd from Cousin Willard yet. if so where is he, do you go up to Bowmans 
often? you must not stay to home all the time take one of the boys and go as often 
as you can for I suppose you keep old John yet though you have not writen. I have 
seen one of Wm Lawrences sons here. they all got here well. I have not been to see 
Mr Goodell yet but herd from him by way of one who saw him in Stockton. he was then 
well and said he had sent home for George but did not know wheather he would come.
Levi if Geo does come you must not get the Cal feaver for I should not wish to have 
you come here though if you was lucky you might make money but many hardly get enough 
to get home with it a great risk to run especially for one as young as you or George. 
I should like to fill up this letter but it is geting quite late and the mail goes 
in the morning. but will do better next time you must all write good by