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GEORGE GOSS LETTERS Saw Mill Oct 23d 1852

Dear Brother

I have received your letter of date August 17th & also one from Coz Tirza
since I wrote to you last I am as well as usual except some days when I have a
slight pain in my lungs but not bad I still keepe cooking but have got
about sick of it though it is the best I can do at present there are many here
out of work & some no dout out of monney waiting for rain &
how long they will have to wait no one knows there has been no rain here for
the last 5 months and every thing looks dry & dead, no grafs, no
flowers, nothing but barren sands and home-sick gold hunters. the company
have fed their team for the last 4 months & will have to feed it 3 or 4
longer & just think of the price of hay 75 dollars per ton. dont start! this is
nothing compared to flour which is from 40 to 45 dollars per barrel & pork is
from 80 to 100 dollars per bbl in the mines. dont you think it cost something 
to live here how would you like to sell things like that at home potatoes 12 
dollars per bushel green corn 12 1/2 cts per ear onions 40 cts per lb though the
last are much lower now but at the best it takes a pile of gold to live here and
I often think about comeing home though I can do well here at cooking I have been 
offered a chance in a boarding house where they are paying 125 dollars per month 
but am affraid the work will be too hard. I had rather keepe my health and
get lefs money 

page2 When you wrote you had finished haying, I think you got along well not to
hire any more than you did and now I suppose you are about done harvesting and got the
apples all picked well! Francis, eat some for me and a big piece of pumpkin
pie & then take good care of all the things, dont leave the farm tools out
in the snow! dont let the water get froze up take good care of all the stock
you keep over Winter. you must go to school this winter and get some one to
chop some wood. do you keep old John? You say Mr Gould has sold Rob & Charley 
perhaps it was all Charley was worth if he was not well but he ought to have been 
worth more. I think he sold the lambs well & hope he will sell all the stock he
can for what it is worth & what hay & grain there is to spair but
I would not sell any of the farm at present unless you can sell on the hill
next to Mr Adams, if you can get a fair price for that I think you had better
sell it. I am glad that is paid to Clou Lawrence and hope you will write me
about the rest as soon as you can, I hope you will keep on writing till I write
when I am coming home and I dont think that will be before March or April &
perhaps not then. Tell Coz Tirza that I rec'd her very good letter and will answer
it soon in the mean time she must take care and not sew to hard but get time to 
write me a good long letter every mail & Coz Levi must take care of that sore hand,
this is a great country for sores. tell all the Coz's to write and now good by

page3 Dear Mother
I wish I could come home now so as to be with you to thanksgiving but I hope you
will not think I am staying too long I should come this Fall but dread the cold
winter and wish to make something too before I come. it is now more that a year
since I left home and how many chainges have we all met since then I have
seen many even in my wanderings among strangers but can hardly realize those at
home that I shall not meet a Fathers welcome and that you may even now be
sinking under the weight of grief which bears so heavily upon us all. Oh!
Mother try to be resigned to His will. I would gladly be with you to aid you
but as I think best to stay I have sent 400 dollars by Mr Goodwillie to San
Francisco to send a check for to Levi. he will send it this mail you can get
the money on the check at the bank or perhaps of Mr Parks. write to me as soon
as you get the money as I have another check to send if the first one gets
lost. I have been waitting to get some more to send with this but a few
nights since my purse was stolen from my pants on the head of my bunk. the
rogue no dout expected to get more but fortunately most of my money was in another
place and he only got about 15 dollars in coin & some specimens of gold which I
prized more than the coin as I wanted to bring them home. I thought best to make
shure of rest and send it to you, pay up that note of Fathers to John Wilson and 
that to Mr Parks if there is enough & keepe them with the one I had against
Father till I come home perhaps I shall send some more soon as I can get it of
the Co but it is so dry

page 4 that gold is very scarce just now as there is no water to 
wash it out with but it will be plenty as soon as rain comes & I dont know
but I shall try the mineing again this winter have you found out how much the
debts are? if so write and when they will all have to be paid and when all the
businefs will have to be settled up 

Saturday Eve One of our boys has just come from the Post Office and brings Levi's 
letter of date Sept 15 I was glad to hear you were all well and that the boys get 
along so well with the farming; think they have got a nice lot of beans wish they 
was here they are worth 20 cts per pound here. When you find out where Cozen Mortimer 
is write to me. I rec'd a letter from Alex Miller. he is well and all the boys from our 
way I am sorry to hear that Henry Hazeltine's health is so bad but hope his journey will do
him good. but what has become of James K. Remick Miller writes he was out South
has he got home yet. I wrote him some time ago tell Coz Leonard not to get the
gold feaver very hard unlefs he want to work in mud and water sleep on board and perhaps 
get a pile or perhaps get nothing I would like to write more but it is geting late so I 
will stop Write often and let me know how you and all the friends are and now good by.
George Gofs