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GEORGE GOSS' LETTERS New York Oct 6th 1851

Dear Parents

I arrived here safe about 8 0 clock in the evening after a
very pleasant ride and I enjoyed it first-rate comeing dow the
Connectticut which we followed to Springfield where we dined and remained
about one hour when we continued down the River to New Haven where we chainged
cars for the 4th and last time. Here we first came in sight of the Salt
water which we saw several times between there and New York. It was a grand
sight to see the ships and boats of all descriptions moving along and I kept
stareing just like any Great, long, green Yankee. it was dark when we
got here so that I did not have much chance to see how things looked when we
left the carrs we started for the Eastern Pearl Street House with our
baggage in our hand Mr Rip{Rifs?) taking the leede we started wrong
in the outsett and had to travell some more than a mile to get to our
Hotel which gave us quite a sweat but we all got in safe and here we are a
saucy lot of fellows in all about 40 bound for California [Neck?] or nothing.
On Sunday we all went down to see the Prometheus in which we shall go
I presume as the Peacham boys had engaged 28 tickets at
$180.00 each in the stereage which is the very lowest they will take and
the bearths are all taken at that so that ife we go with them We
must take our blankets under the open deck or else a cabin passage which is 250
dollars. the company all want us to go with them and they with Sam'l say if I
will take the 2 cabin which they all advise me to do they will stick by me at
all event & some have offered to give me 10 dollars rather than have me
stay behind. but I shant be a beggar yet nor take their monney untill 
mine is gone. So they say if I will take a cabin passage we will use it for
the one who is the worst off and all pay accordingly. but at the time I am now
writing Monday Eve I have not secured my ticket a I think there is not
many cabin passengers & the fare may be reduced in the morning.

page 2 but I suppose you want to here how I am and what I have scene?  Well I am
tough & hearty fealing better than when I started I do not cough much
not so much as when I started & not much pain in my Lungs. I think I shall
stand it very well. I have been runing round all over this part of
citty to the Battery, Castle Garden, through Broadway seen the fountain
the citty Hall, the Aston House etc Last night I went over to Brooklyn
on the ferry boat. Today we have been out looking for blanketts etc all
the other articles we want in my rambles today I found Joseph Woods! we were
glad to meet each other here. he came with me to our Hotel and stoped a
while. he says that Fraklin left for Philidelphia today so that I
cannot see him but Joseph will come down to the wharf tomorrow to see us start
so I shall have the pleasure of takeing the hand of one of our Waterford
boys on leaving for Cal.
I am now in John Blanchards room while Sam'l is out
after some thing he is well & wanted I should write for him too. So just
tell Mrs Goodell that we should like to see you all again before we start but
you will think of us often and we shall no doubt often wish we might see you but
you are in Vt and we shall soon bee on the wide Atlantic and though far
distant our thoughts will often fly to our green hills and the pleasant homes
and dear ones wait too hear from us and gladly hear each word which
we may send and write to us as often as possible. if we were at home we should
not take the same things we have got now but get some of your blankets pillows
& some dried beef to eat on the Istmus. but we must let them go till
next time
Tuesday 7th We shall probably sail about 3 this afternoon in the
Promeatheus via Nicaraugway rout we can go much cheaper on the
old line by Panama, but we shall go with the rest if we take stearage we
shall have a chance to go into the cabin by paying the difference at any time
John Clifford & Winslow are here and talk of stoping till the 13th. I
shall send this if we sail today if not you will hear from us again before we
go give our respects to all our friends and tell them to remember us often we
shall write as soon as we get to San Francisco. dont worry about us but look on
the bright side of the picture all will be well in the end I trust so Goodby
one and all 

Yours etc

Geo Gofs

Sam'l wants you should let his wife see this Excuse my carelefs writing. remember
us goodby
G Gofs