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GEORGE GOSS LETTERS Piomeatheus Oct 8th [1851]

Dear Parents
As there is an opportunity to send you a line I shall have to write in a hurry. we
are all well in our company and enjoy ourselves well. Last we sailed about 3
yeterday amid the cheeres of thousands on the shore I do not know the
exact number on board but should judg from 3 to 4 hundred with some 20 ladies and about a
dozen children Last night the walking beam to one of the engines
broke which took some twelve hours to repair and about 10 this morning one of
our passengers was wounded in the calf of his leg by a pistol in the hands of
one of our boys who do not know enough to shoot nice. He will be landed at
Jamestown who gives us chance to send home a word I think this will stop such
work as the Captain says he will put in irons the first man who shows his

page 2 There is one child sick on board but he is now better. we have been delayed one day
by the two circustances I have mentioned I have not felt any pain in my
lungs since yesterday and am not sea sick in the least neither is Sam'l it is
very calm today scarce a wave or ripple but we shall no doubt find enough
before we get to California. we are sorry to have our wounded shipmate return
he has a brother & 2 sisters who return with him I am writing on my valise
and if you can read it I shall be glad for I have not time to try but you may
study away on this let Mrs Goodall know yet how we are geting along
I shall write again when I have a chance. we are all in good spirits

Goodby all
Geo Gofs