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GEORGE GOSS LETTERS Sonora Cal October 9th 1854

Brother Francis
It has been some time since I have received any letter from you. last Saturday I 
rec'd one from Levi which is the only I have had from home for about two month 
I began to think you had stoped writing for I have writen home every month and 
some times oftener My health is very good. much better that it was in the summer. 
I had to be very carefull for a while through the hot weather but now it is quite 
cool and I feel first rate I am very glad Mothers health is good I was affraid 
her health was poor why you did not write. I have been expecting to hear of the 
death of Aunt Esther for some time her health was failing when I came from home 
but the death of Aunt Knapp was unexpected I can hardly realiz that they are both 
gone it seemed almost impossible to believe the sad truth. I am thankfull Mother
was with Aunt Polly the day she died it must be a 

page2 great lofs to Uncle & family as well as all the rest of the relatives &
friends you and Mother I hope go up there as often as possible I wish I could be
where I could see them. and I hope it will not be many months before I shall be 
able to leave this place and come home. I have lived among heathens & rogues 
long enough & the longer I stay the more I hate the country. We have had one 
rain before and it is raining a little now but it is too early to have much rain 
yet though most of the miners are looking for another wet Winter but I really hope 
they may be disappointed. we had more of it two winters ago than I wanted without 
wishing to see such times again. We have not sold out the mill yet but I think we 
shall before winter & then go to mineing till we get settled up which we are now 
doing as fast as we can but you must not expect me home will Spring and I dont 
think Mr Goodell will get started this fall. There is a lot of us that will come 
in the Spring and I guess he will wait I have not seen him this summer

page3 but Mr Moulton who used to work for Loren Kinnie was here to see me a few 
days ago he has been in company with Orewel Chaimberlin from Waterford on a ranch 
near Sam' I he said Sam'l has sold his hogs but does not get all his pay till 
winter & that he was takeing care of cattle and said he was a good mind to wait 
till he gets the rest of his money but Maj' how is it that you have let somebody 
else get the start of you and get Percis. I thought you was smart enough to look 
out and not loos her but I see they have got the better of you and I see in the 
paper that Jerome Butler is married too Levi what are you doing? shall I hear some 
day that you are married & that I must dance in the hogs trough if you have any sick 
notion just give me a hint & ~rha!>s I will send the weding ring
or come and bring it myself if you only wait a short time as for you Maj' I
guess there is no dainger now Percis is gone if you only keep away from Mr
Felch what do you say 

Page4 is Lydia as prety as ever? take care or I shall heer something about you yet. 
Are you or Levi going to School this Fall? I hope so try and go if you can. at least 
one of you. next year I hope it will be so you can both go. have you been over to
Lower Waterford lately? What are all the friends doing there I have never
herd a word from any of them do you know what Merrill J Hazeltine is doing
I wrote to him more that a year ago I have never got any answer from him if you see him
ask him if he ever rec'd my letter in which I sent him some money to pay my dues to the Division at St
Johnsbury Write as often as you and I will
Your Brother